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Is The Six-Week Summer Holiday From School Too Long?

Thursday July 10 2014

TEACHERS are split in opinion over whether a shorter summer break would benefit children's education.

Provide Education, a Barnsley-based recruitment agency, conducted a survey to ask the teachers it works with what they think about proposals being mooted to shorten the traditional six-week holiday.

A majority of 54 per cent said reducing the length of the summer break would do nothing to benefit children's education, while 46 per cent said they thought it could help.

A similar narrow majority of 58 per cent thought the whole school calendar should be left as it is, while 42 per cent thought there was room for improvement and it could be time to reform the length of school terms and the timing of breaks.

Barry Simmons, director of Provide Education, said: "Our end-of-term survey shows that the teaching profession can see both sides of the argument when it comes to the idea of reforming the school calendar."

What do you think? Is six weeks too long? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by MB on Thursday July 10 2014 at 11:05
Nope, as a kid it wasn't long enough! and I've still graduated from University with a first class degree! Why change something that isn't broken?

Reply Posted by PJ on Thursday July 10 2014 at 11:36
I completely agree MB. Many of my happiest memories come from the long carefree summers that I spent as a child - and now, as a parent, I love the wonderful time spent with my children - free from timetables and school runs, spellings and homework. There's so much more about learning than going to school. Also, it gives our amazing teachers chance to recover and revitalise - after all, they have the most important job of all - educating our future!!

Reply Posted by Lmao on Thursday July 10 2014 at 11:43
More important than saving lifes PJ? I have never laughed so much, "recover and vevitalise" I wish a Doctor or Nurse had time for that. it's no wonder teaching standards are low, you just can't get the staff these days?

You can tell they are on strike today....... AGAIN!!

Reply Posted by MB on Thursday July 10 2014 at 11:48
'Educating' addresses your concern on 'saving lives'.
'Educating' to become a doctor, paramedic, nurse etc to save peoples lives. Swings and roundabouts LMAO. ;)

Reply Posted by diane on Thursday July 10 2014 at 12:10
I think they should have 4 weeks in august.
And then the other 2 weeks parents could book thier holidays in term time... This would help everyone .

Reply Posted by J on Thursday July 10 2014 at 16:01
They should do like everyone else in a job - have 4 weeks off a year
get them ready for "real" life

Reply Posted by Terry on Sunday July 13 2014 at 21:09
Kids already have much more pressure put on them nowadays. Let them enjoy childhood as we did. I loved school holidays but

Reply Posted by rainbow on Thursday July 10 2014 at 16:40
Why not let parents vote on school holidays instead of all schools having the same weeks. Exam weeks would have to stay of course but schools having different weeks would allow holidays at cheaper times.??

Reply Posted by PJ on Thursday July 10 2014 at 19:40
Clearly I'm confused 'lmao' - I thought this was an article about teachers & school holidays!

Reply Posted by lauren on Friday July 11 2014 at 11:23
As a teaching assistant with two children who are in full time education. I personally think it's far too long, my opinion is that the 6 weeks should be shared out within the school year. Children only get two weeks off at Christmas so make that three weeks off at Christmas then children only get a week off at Easter so make that tell weeks and your left with four weeks for the summer holidays which I think is perfectly long enough for kids and teachers to have a break, relax and to have well deserved rest but this is just my opinion.

Reply Posted by lauren on Friday July 11 2014 at 11:25
Bloody predictive text ment to say three weeks at easter

Reply Posted by Jake on Friday July 11 2014 at 13:24
As a former student, I felt that the 6 week holidays were far too long and boring. I tried so hard to get a part time job to help pass time and prepare me for when I left school but no-one would take me on due to 'health & safety regulations'

Reply Posted by Sandra on Friday July 11 2014 at 17:41
Can't they take a couple of weeks off and give an extra week at spring bank and a week extra in October.

Reply Posted by Steve on Monday July 21 2014 at 23:50
As a teacher I couldn't agree more. The autumn term lasts 16 weeks and having 2 weeks for October half term would allow kids and teachers to have a proper break. an extra week at spring bank and only 4 weeks in summer is a much better idea.

Reply Posted by Mick on Sunday July 13 2014 at 18:52
Have one week at Easter - a busy time getting the projects done. Cancel Spring bank week as it's right in the middle of exams - blitz the revision. Add two weeks to the summer to make it 8 weeks.

Reply Posted by ...... on Sunday July 13 2014 at 21:51
Reduce school holidays and allow people to apply for holidays throughout the summer like work. Maybe that would reduce the cost of summer holidays from the greedy tour operators.

Reply Posted by chris on Monday July 14 2014 at 00:01
We have shorter school holidays and longer school days than almost all countries in the world. In Europe, schools close for 10 weeks in the summer. These countries have much higher educational attainment than England, so no, I do not think that there is any educational benefit to shortening the holidays. If anything, it would appear that the European system of shorter days and longer holidays needs to be implemented. That assumes the debate is about educational attainment of course, rather than schools as free child care facilities which appears to be what the current government is aiming for.

Reply Posted by sue on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 14:27
I firmly believe they should shorten summer holidays by 2 weeks but add them weeks in around winter time. I would prefer my kids to be home in winter where I know they are safe warm and possibly cut down on amount of infections, colds passed around in winter time.

Reply Posted by Kerry on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 14:33
I agree with Diane I think 4 weeks summer hol & a 2 week allowance where we can take kids on hol without paying silly prices maybe with no hols during important months of school

Reply Posted by lisa on Thursday July 17 2014 at 22:05
I think six weeks is too long four would be better in the summer then have extra in the Winter mths as most of the time they shut schools due to bad weather

Reply Posted by Yes on Friday July 18 2014 at 00:08
Parents moaning about the six week holidays is a joke to be honest. Remember we were all kids once upon a time and the feeling of those holidays and that freedom was great. Yes things change, we have jobs but am sorry teachers are not your child's responsibility. Yes they are in school but my days teachers have your children probably more than some of you have your own kids, yet still have time to criticise them. Either put up with it or shut it and keep legs closed. End of.

Reply Posted by Stevenhorsley on Friday July 18 2014 at 14:15
Comment from 'yes'. Absolutely brilliant !! Couldn't have expressed my feelings any better myself !!!

Reply Posted by sarah on Friday July 18 2014 at 18:54
Children have to go to school if we educated them ať home teachers wouldnt have jobs so the free childcare argument is just daft. Also when we had our holidays the world was so much different, we actually had summers, we could go out early and come back in ať teatime the streets were a much safer place we got told not to talk to strangers so we didnt, we hung round in gangs but didnt bother anyone as we knew wed get a good hiding, take 2 weeks off put oné ať christmas and oné ať easter thats what my 2 want.

Reply Posted by Posh_Tory on Wednesday July 23 2014 at 12:38
Of course teachers want to keep the long holidays they enjoy. This isn't about the children's education standard, or parents and the 'free childcare' argument above. Teachers enjoy some of the most generous holiday entitlement in full time employment and will fight to keep it that way. All you wasters spending my tax money on Jeremy Kyle while your 12 children are running riot in the holidays need to open your eyes and see that.

Reply Posted by Zoey on Friday October 3 2014 at 14:46
There should be no school at all we should all stay at home and read text books and answer questions that's what we basically do at all u know

Reply Posted by Zoey on Friday October 3 2014 at 14:46
There should be no school at all we should all stay at home and read text books and answer questions that's what we basically do at all u know