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Vast Area Sold Off For Housing

Monday July 14 2014

A VAST swathe of land which covers 30 acres is being sold off for housing.

The land - which covers the former Darton Primary School site - is described as a 'prime residential site' in a sales pack produced by Barnsley Council and Wilbys, who are acting as joint agents for a consortium of landowners.

The area borders Station Road, Darton Lane, Woolley Colliery Road and Bloomhouse Lane at Darton and includes the former school site, scrubland and grazing paddocks.

Coun Roy Miller, who represents the Darton East ward, said: "There is a planning application which is imminent, as I understand."

The sales pack says about 21 acres would be used for housing - equivalent to around 190 homes - and the remaining land used to create a link to Woolley Colliery Road with access to the housing development being via the former school site.

Coun Miller added: "As it stands at the moment I am in favour of these proposals. From what I've seen it will improve the traffic situation in that area.

"It will slow traffic coming down Darton Lane and create a safer crossing for children. It will also take pressure off the two existing bad bends driving up to Woolley Grange."

He said it would also improve parking for residents living near the new school.

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Reply Posted by Kirsty on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 11:18
I can't see how this will improve traffic, surely it will make it worse? It's already busy, very difficult to get out of Sackup Lane in the mornings and afternoons. It frequently queues from the school right down to the Rose and Crown. So will actually make it less safe for children, especially if access is at the old school site as there will be an increase in traffic volume. Shame to build on greenery too. What about developing the other side of Barnsley where it's not so nice and would benefit more from development? With the proposals for Barugh Green too, I think it's too much in one area. I would doubt the existing roads and schools could tolerate this amount of expansion/development this end of Barnsley.

Reply Posted by Jayne on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 12:10
Kirsty, you may have a valid comment about traffic congestion, but it doesn't matter where you travel or live congestion is only going to get worse. Gone at the days of a one car family, it's common for families to have 2 - 3 cars now. As for building at the other side of Barnsley where you feel "it's not so nice", the majority of these areas have been developed already, still have the same concerns. Maybe we should be asking for affordable housing around Barnsley so that our young people today and those which follow also get a chance to own their own home.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 14:25
That's the thing Jayne, the council should be DEMANDING that a proportion of houses in any development MUST be affordable if the developer is to get permission.
We have seen on numerous occasions where developers have promised a percentage of affordable housing and once the building work has started the developer goes back to the council stating that said percentage of affordable housing is "economically unviable" and the buffons @ BMBC let them get away with it!

This proposed development is less than half a mile from the former pit site at Woolley , namely Wooley Grange which is STILL unfinished because the houses HAVENT sold!

Reply Posted by Woolley Grange resident on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 23:42
I agree with your points about social/affordable housing Stevo, but you have to do your homework if you are to be believed . Please come down to Woolley Grange, I'll put the kettle on and you can show me all the houses that have't sold.....there ain't non.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 23:46
I was up there just last week as it happens, hmm there are STILL 4 ACRES that HAVENT BEEN BUILT ON and you are telling me they aren't selling?
NOT to mention the land where the old weighbridge was that STILL hasn't been built on despite full planning being granted over TEN YEARS AGO?
Hmmm you may be a resident but obviously have no idea about your surroundings.

Reply Posted by Woolley Grange Resident on Thursday July 17 2014 at 06:19
The Kettles boiled Stevo, I think you need a cuppa to calm down I suggest camomile.......anyway you said sold, not built it's quite difficult to sell houses that aren't built planned to be built, the reason I believe the builders would have to supply community buildings if anymore houses went on there.....take it easy Stevo.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday July 17 2014 at 09:51
OOH did you see me go past this morning on my bike?
There are a few that aren't sold, there are also quite a few up for sale that haven't sold, there are also vast tracts of land that haven't been built on.
Call me cynical but usually when a developer buys acres of land then they usually do it in phases.......
The current phase seems to be taking an awfully long time doesn't it?
Wonder why?

My cousin lives up there you may know her...

Just fyi , I nip through that estate every morning on my mountain bike, if you see me give me a wave.. Hahahah

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday July 17 2014 at 18:43
Walked through WG around 1 p.m this aft (hope you saw me!) and walked straight through the middle as per usual and counted at least 10-15 houses up for sale, they have been up for sale for quite a bit too...

Reply Posted by deadtodd on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 12:12
Do WAB have any details on the proposed development of the old Priory School site? It seems that the entire old school grounds will be built on (200+ houses), I was under the impression that under the 'Building schools for the Future' process that only the 'footprint' for the school could be built on and the 'green area' around the schools would be left due to using Green land for the new 'super' schools.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 12:30
What an absolute load of tosh!

Darton and the surrounding areas have had far more than the fair share of "development" and it is most definitely time that alternative sites were looked at.

Our roads in the village are already gridlocked and putting in a relief road up to Woolley Grange ISNT going to make the slightest bit of difference all it is going to do is move the traffic nearer to the bottom of Sackup Lane which is always absolute chaos!

I think that as Mr Miller is totally deluded if he thinks that by building on the former school site is going to improve traffic flow and improve parking for people on Darton Lane etc.

Yet another nail in the coffin for our area, all those fields that we used to roam in when we were kids soon to be built on with cardboard start a kit lego houses.

We DONT need these houses in an area which has massively been OVER developed in the last 20 years.
The road infrastructure is simply unworkable with these current plans, the water table is also extremely high in this area which heaps misery on the people that have to reside at the bottom of Sackup / Darton Lane.

But Miller and co couldn't give a monkeys as they don't live there!

Its not over yet...

Reply Posted by TONI on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 16:05
what about the homes at bottom redbrook hill sorry redflooding hill. ? I will tell you only a handful SOLD. why built more.

Reply Posted by Elizabeth on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 20:38
Barugh Green will so be New Barugh Grey. The developers must be getting some sort of funding from the government to build Industrial Estates and housing. There are units in existing industrial estates such as at Dodworth that are still empty.

Reply Posted by rainbow on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 12:44
The bottom line is that Darton is ideal for commuting to Leeds.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 14:27
So its alright that Darton should be developed to provide cheaper housing for people from surrounding cities then?

Reply Posted by Dartonian on Friday July 18 2014 at 12:01
Fully agree with Rainbow. I live in Darton and work in Leeds. We looked at that area specifically because of my work. My wife works in Barnsley so it's still easy for her to get to work, and to take the kids to school just down the road. Should we have moved to Leeds having always lived in Barnsley, albeit at the other side of town?

It's about supply and demand at the end of the day. There are lots more opportunities for work in Leeds than there are, or ever will be, in Barnsley, and it therefore makes sense for people who are prepared to commute to look for cheaper housing further away from the city if that is what they want and if it suits their needs.

I don't really object to new development in my area. I think there are other sites that should be used first, such as the one across from The Eastfield Arms on the A61, the old factory that was flattened, before using greenbelt. I also agree that there is land undeveloped at Woolley Edge, however, where are the facilities around there? Where is there a shop, a restaurant, a dentist, an optician, a bakers, somewhere to get a take away? Oh yeah, in Darton. Its therefore no surprise that house builders want to build nearer the existing facilities, it will make their product easier to sell. The fact that they cram as many tiny shoeboxes on as possible means I won't buy one, but others will no doubt.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Friday July 18 2014 at 13:11
Darton has changed massively over the last twenty odd years.
Many hectares of once farmland has been developed into housing, when there are vast swathes of brownfield sites that have been overlooked yet again.

The "developers" of Woolley Grange also promised a school and a community centre up there, guess what?

It is obvious that BMBC are getting some sort of grant or match funding from the government for allowing green belt to be built upon, you are spot on when you say that the former Suba - Seal site should have been built on but alas the idiotic council have granted permission to build a certain number of homes on green belt land on the opposite side of the very same road!

I'm surprised no one has accused me of being a NIMBY yet, yes I could be termed a nimby, the main reason I object to these ridiculous plans is loss of green space (obviously) and the traffic chaos that this development will bring to the residents of Sackup Lane, Darton Lane and the rest of the village in general.

Miller in his statement above just shows how idiotic and out of touch he is and couldn't give a monkeys chuff about the feelings of Darton residents by making ridiculous statements on how this development will improve traffic flow.

Again, he doesn't have to live here, he lives in a nice little cul de sac up Kexborough.

Reply Posted by anon on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 13:35
Mr Miller knows how bad the traffic at Darton primary is because a family member lived in the terrace houses at the bottom of Sackup lane so why on earth would he even suggest any kind of building work or new roads in that area its just a accident waiting to happen,the bus can't even get up Sackup lane safely near the bottom.
He should be strongly advising the council on the danger of selling off the land.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 14:31
Yes his daughter live on Darton lane for a few years so he should know EXACTLY what the traffic situation is like at peak times.

Also included in that plan is a small supermarket somewhere on the former school site and a mini roundabout at the bottom of Sackup.

The school is in close proximity to not only Sackup / Darton Lane but to propose a link road up to Woolley via Bloomhouse lane is absolute madness!

Another classic example of BMBC buffoonery..

"everyone gets what nobody wants"

What really cooks my goose is that Woolley Grange which is less than HALF a mile away from this proposed development is STILL not FINISHED as the houses simply HAVENT SOLD!

Reply Posted by Vote UKIP on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 15:55
What you have to ask yourselves is what Miller and Co is getting out of this

Reply Posted by Keep It Green 2014 on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 21:27
In the article by Cllr Miller, headed "School site to make way for housing". Cllr Miller draws attention to the SHLAA study, which was helpful. We've had a look at this and the sites in that study that Cllr Miller seems to be referring to are unique references 207 and 266.

If they are the correct references, then one of them, site 207, is still Green Belt. Is this another example of the council prejudging the outcome of the Green Belt Review and the Local Plan? If so, this is the second example in a week, the other being the proposed Strata development east of Junction 37 of the M1, where they propose to take away 124Ha of Green Belt and give us back 18Ha of green spaces and myriad traffic and pollution problems. What a bargain.

Reply Posted by Blue sky on Tuesday July 15 2014 at 22:17
Dont think that it is only Darton that will suffer these problems. There are several thousand new homes to be built along the Dearne on greenbelt. I am guessing it will happen all around Barnsley except Penistone, Cawthorne and other such villages. Get used to it.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 07:22
Yes I agree, I went to the planning "consultation" meeting at Mapplewell Village hall about 3 years ago and the proposed "housing" sites all across the borough included vast tracts of greenbelt land and surprisingly enough I cant recall any sites earmarked for housing in Silkstone, Cawthorne, Penistone, Hoylandswaine to name but a few.

Again to quote many previous posts I have put on this forum, BMBC "tell us" we "need" 27-30,000 "new homes" in the borough before 2030, the question is WHY?

Have we suffered an absolute cataclysmic population explosion the likes which have never been seen since the return of our heroes from the second world war?

OR, and not being cynical, but just EXACTLY what is "in it" for the council?

There's certainly nothing in it for the long standing residents of the communities whose green belt is going to disappear to be replaced with wafer thin lego start a kit houses is there?

As for the "get used to it" comment, WHY should we have to?
That's the problem with todays society, no one gives a toss any more and people just accept that everything that local and national government tell us.

I for one am not going to sit idly and moan about these houses and the large majority of the people that live in my area are also of the same opinion.

Again, may seem a cut and dried scenario but it isn't over yet....

Reply Posted by Brian on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 14:06
Just to put balance to your comments, David Wilson homes (owned by Barratt Developments) have been granted planning consent for the development of 72 properties in Hoylandswaine.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 20:15

Home many have been built in Darton / Mapplewell / Barugh / Barugh green / Higham over the last 20 odd years!

Reply Posted by Dave Radler on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 07:04
Based on conversations with people at the council about this up and coming local plan it sounds as if it's a done deal with building on green belt. There atitude is unless you can find some other land to build on close by then it's going to happen!!!! Not much public consultation there then?????? Sticks in the throat when you grew up round it and played on it with your mates building.
Once it's gone it's gone forever. They build ugly houses with rubbish roads, tiny drives and parking problems as standard!

Reply Posted by rjw on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 10:45
It will be a done deal. All of these developments that keep getting announced will be done deals. We no one to blame but ourselves, We keep voting the ***** in. I urge everyone in the next election to vote out Houghton and his mates. VOTE FOR A BETTER BARNSLEY

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 13:34
I can most definitely assure you that I haven't voted Labour for years and will continue NOT to vote for them whilst ever I have breath in my lungs.

Question - What are the viable alternative parties to vote for the next time the local elections are on?

Answer - NONE, and if anyone seriously thinks that UKIP is a viable alternative and seriously considers voting for them in the next round of elections, then they are seriously deluded individuals.

Reply Posted by ste on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 11:36
i agree with rjw, its your own fault,use your vote.

Reply Posted by rjw on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 13:00
Several generations of voter apathy have lead to this situation.

Reply Posted by Mally on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 18:51
Just to reiterate what
Miller is like, he doesn't care what we think as long as he and is cronies are getting something out of these building developments and I am sure that they are. At one of the last forum meetings which was held at the old Darton primary school I stood up and asked Miller a question regarding his favour on a subject and was told that my question would not be answered, to sit down then he declared the meeting closed. He is up for re election next May, vote for him at your peril.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 19:51
I wouldn't vote for him if he was the only candidate available, both him and Harry Spence (turncoat) will NEVER EVER get my vote whilst ever I am on this earth.
I have worked with Miller and he is only interested in one thing and one thing only:

Reply Posted by Fred on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 18:55
How can a councillor who was in control of the Wakefield Rd. Wicks, dangerous road fiasco ie. (2 motor accidents in 3 weeks) and years behind schedule be involved with this huge building plan that only some-- councillors seem to want.?? and totally ignoring the concerns of the people who voted them in.
This smells like a lot of modern elected councillors and MPs of whats in it for us . God please help us.

Reply Posted by Red Optimist on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 22:54
You've firstly got to help yourself. Make sure that at the next council elections Mr Miller is not re-elected.

Reply Posted by Strata House Owner on Thursday July 17 2014 at 16:40
Don't get us Strata house owners started on affordable/social/dossers housing. This is a huge con, we have ex prisoners, drug dealers living alongside us in these houses. Private owners who have paid £200k plus living alongside apparently "social housing" people. They should be living on council estates. We were told only a handful were going to be on our estate, we have over 50% and are currently locked in a legal battle with the house builders.

You work hard, study hard to buy your own home and want to live alongside similar people, not to share estates with dossers who have no intention of working but get themselves knocked up and a brand new £175k 4 bed home? How's that work?

Build this estate for ENTIRELY private housing and l'll buy one, we can't wait to get off ours. Strata have since built the Wombwell estate with NO social housing, maybe they've learnt their lesson?

Reply Posted by Lucy on Friday July 18 2014 at 10:48
Have to agree with the comment above. 'affordable housing' should mean new build 2/3 bedroom houses that are priced around £100-140K so that young, working couples and families can actually afford the get on the property ladder but what 'affordable' housing seems to mean is to let unemployed, career mums and dads get more of less given a house on an estate where the other residents have worked very hard to secure a mortgage and invest into the area.
Also for information the land to the rear of Woolley MWCC is still owned by CISWO and wasn't sold off so the various developers on Woolley Grange have actually built houses on every bit of land they could buy.

Reply Posted by Rosie on Friday July 18 2014 at 18:06
Stevo -b4 you start posting I suggest you get your facts correct the developer/a at woolley grange never promised a school or a community centre planning permission was granted by wmbc not bmbc as the land in question was under wakefield jurisdiction -as part of that granting of planing 106monies were set aside for various projects a community centre was one possibilty for further info check the planning portal on wmbc website. Regarding woolley grange estate it's self there are over 350dwellings -all completed and occupied approx 18for sell 4sold -you do the math -no different to other estates-

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Saturday July 19 2014 at 11:58
I think you will find that BMBC also had a say in the planning process as one of the two access roads is in BMBC jurisdiction.
There was also mention of a school an community centre in the chron, go and have a gander through the archive.

Reply Posted by Dixie on Friday July 18 2014 at 18:13
I think it's about time the people of Barnsley starting voting these utter muppets out!!!
These are more prime examples of the council railroading plans through on green belt land, taking greenbelt for new schools and not returning land where the old schools were to greenbelt for example
As many people have pointed out, who's pockets are being lined for these deals to go through and how much development has already been done that currently stands empty or unfinished??
Until these have been exhausted, No councillor Barnsley does not need however many 100s of new houses!!!!
They will not be satisfied until there is no green space left in Barnsley and along with it no nature!!

Reply Posted by wakfldr resident on Friday July 18 2014 at 22:11
Ere ere
After years of messing around and the cock-up’s made by Miller and this so called council (Labour) they are getting away with it again. Why build more houses when there are so many empty and for sale. We all know he will get his way and that’s when the issues start. If I remember with Wakefield road the cock-up the council made with Wicks. When will Barnsley people learn this council is not about the people it’s all about profits.

Reply Posted by Roaie on Saturday July 19 2014 at 13:18
The barnsley c may have reported it but it was not part of the planning consent whilst barnsley planning were consulted by wakefield planning dept that's all it was consultation -please get your facts factual

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Saturday July 19 2014 at 14:34
hahahahaha, only telling what I had read.

To also suggest that Wakey only "consulted" BMBC with regard to planning of WG is idiotic.
BMBC would have had to carry out traffic surveys, environmental impact surveys etc etc etc.

The Environment Agency would also been involved too.

I could look up the planning history but I cant really be arsed, i'm not interested in WG i'm only interested in Darton and the proposed development.

Reply Posted by Kathy on Saturday July 19 2014 at 13:22
I don't get why you confuse councillors with the people who work in planning - the owners can put in for planning and the planning department look at it - it has nothing to do with councillors - so if you were in a tory area or liberal area or whatever it wouldn't make any difference. You are not understanding that the councillors cannot do anything to stop it unless there is a legal reason.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Saturday July 19 2014 at 14:51
Never really said I didn't know the difference between the two in any of my posts did I?

If you read my posts again you will see that I was complaining about councillor Millers comments.

Just for your information, Miller was at the "planning consultation" at Mapplewell Village Hall a few years ago and soon buggered off when I asked him why this development on green belt land was allowed to go ahead but there was (still is) a brownfield site less than three quarters away from this proposed site.

Rather surprisingly the "head planner" wasn't in attendance on the particular evening concerned and sent a lackey that got some right hammer from local residents.

Legal reasons - Such as the Great Crested Newt colony that reside in a pond on the proposed site?

Councillors also have a vote on whether or not any proposed development is allowed or not and i'm tipping that Miller agreed to the proposals or wouldn't be spouting off or indeed attending the "planning consultation "meeting.

Reply Posted by Mike Newton on Saturday July 19 2014 at 19:04
Lets hope the council put enough conditions in that will stop someone buying the land and then sit on it for profit at a later day.

Reply Posted by Rosie on Sunday July 20 2014 at 18:31
Stevo all I will say is and I'm probably going to get shot done in flames -I was a planning officer at wakefield when all the woolley grange development/planning etc was happening so yes I am correct in what I say and you are not -simples

Reply Posted by Darton Resident on Monday July 21 2014 at 10:18
So YOU are the person responsible for all that extra traffic coming down from that new estate?

Since that estate was built traffic on our road has increased and our drains can no longer cope, our cellar floods up to 6 feet when it rains, not to mention the increase in Ochre water that is released into the river Dearne since the estate was built.

Good for the house owners of the new woolley estate but not good for us who live on station road that have to endure traffic madness at peak times since this new estate was built.

Shouldn't have been built as far as I am concerned!

Reply Posted by stevo on Monday July 21 2014 at 17:44
il think darton resident you will find it isn't just from the estate a lot of the traffic is from surrounding areas ie mapplwell and barugh green and kexbor and date I say darton because that estate is used as a daily rat run to and from the motoway

Reply Posted by stevo on Monday July 21 2014 at 17:45
also your drains are nothing and not linked to that estate so what are you on about?

Reply Posted by Darton Resident on Tuesday July 22 2014 at 12:41
Water table is higher now since they have built that estate.
Before it was built we may have got an inch in our cellar now it goes up to six foot!

All the properties on Station Road are now the same.

Reply Posted by Nat on Thursday October 30 2014 at 21:20
Does anyone know when the development will commence? And any clearer picture on what houses it will be?

Reply Posted by Mrs. A. Smith on Friday July 8 2016 at 12:52
I hope the local residents are offered parking spaces. Many had their garages
torn down which were situated to the rear of the even no. houses on Darton Lane. Only 9 parking places were supplied for residents. The evening before the building commenced of the new primary school there were 22 vehicles parked adjacent to the school. The problem with parking is caused by parents who also park in the 9 places mentioned above. We must be provided with more parking spaces when the new housing estate is built - surely the council have a duty to make sure vehicles can be parked in a safe place by residents who have had their parking areas taken away?
Also building a new housing estate will have an impact on more traffic in the area. Will the school be able to cope with more children or will the council be
encouraged by having a portable classroom offered? Where will the children cross the road having to deal with new roundabouts etc. Think the idea of having roundabouts adjacent to the school dangerous as Station Road and Darton Lane are choc-a-block at school times.

Reply Posted by Pam on Wednesday July 20 2016 at 00:24
I've just heard that a roundabout is going to be built on the site of the old junior schoolat the bottom of Sackup lane, to serve the new housing development planned for the area above Dearne street and extending to Woolley grange.
Darton will be gridlocked if these plans go ahead

Reply Posted by Brian Smith on Wednesday October 5 2016 at 18:58
Mr Miller you should come and try to get out from oaks farm drive onto darton lane between the hours of 8:30-9:15 it's no fun and will not be long before we have some accident s what will it be like if you build 300 more houses.???

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