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Barnsley Takeaway Fined Almost £8,000

Thursday June 19 2014

Barnsley Magistrates' Court Barnsley Magistrates' Court

A BARNSLEY takeaway faces a fine and costs of almost £8,000 for tricking its customers with wrong meat and a false hygiene rating.

Asim Tanvir, 25, trading as Haseebs, on Barnsley Road, Cudworth, bought the business in November 2011, but failed to register as the food business operator.

When council food officers visited in September 2013 he pretended he was not the owner. Although the business was downgraded to a rating of three during that inspection, and Mr Tanvir was warned to remove all reference to a higher rating, he continued to promote his business with a rating of five on advertisement material.

After receiving a complaint from a customer who had ordered a lamb meal from Haseebs and was worried that the meat was not lamb, council officers visited the business and took a further sample of a lamb curry.

Both the consumer’s sample and the officer's sample was found to consist entirely of beef meat.

Barnsley Magistrates' Court told Tanvir that this was a serious case of food fraud and that in addition to the financial gain to the defendant, he had taken away the choice from consumers, who may wish to avoid certain meats from personal choice or on religious grounds.

He submitted a guilty plea and was fined £5,000 plus full prosecution costs of £2,696.72 and a £120 victim surcharge, totalling £7,816.72.

Coun Roy Miller said: "Consumers should have complete faith in the food they buy. It is hoped that this case will send out a clear message to businesses that misleading consumers will not be tolerated."

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Reply Posted by debbie on Thursday June 19 2014 at 12:26
you can tell that this as changed hands and its not the original owners.The food arrives cold the curry is just like water ,ordered once and never again

Reply Posted by bananas on Thursday June 19 2014 at 12:36
Barnsley council. do the r8 thing and board the place up. and they should never trade again.

Reply Posted by Paul on Thursday June 19 2014 at 12:48
Can't believe people are saying they don't use right ingredients, I went last week and had a lovely vegetarian meat feast pizza

Reply Posted by T on Thursday June 19 2014 at 12:56
Do you de-liver?
Nope we do lamb chicken and fish. Well sort of.

** Next Joke **

Reply Posted by sid on Thursday June 19 2014 at 13:33
its the religeous grounds bit that gets me. They could well be muslims and they kick up a right old fuss about the hallal meat thing.
Saying that,if anyone thinks the chicken in currys etc is actually chicken,then theyre daft. The stuff takeaways use as chicken,s never seen a feather. open your eyes, but better still cook at home. I rather have a jam sarny than any kind of takeaway. tried them,theyre horrible. Stick to the chippy,theres not much you can do to disguise battered fish. Pizza ok, but not a meat one.

Reply Posted by maximus on Thursday June 19 2014 at 23:46
you don't have a clue whats in your snap from takeaways...half of the time we have been on **** or thez a match on.i bet we have have all have been lifted ............rename takeaways to keepaways....

Reply Posted by sally on Saturday June 21 2014 at 12:43
I admit I have used takeaways in the past. I DO NOT ANYMORE. Because you never know whats in the food. Better to make your own. I do now.

Reply Posted by kay on Monday June 23 2014 at 08:40
I alwayd order frm 2 that av always ordered from s dnt av problems wi them, if a ordered frm this place to find art ot wasnt wt it was saying i wud a tuk it bk throw it in ther face while it was hot n tuk mi money back,art of till

Reply Posted by not in barnsley on Monday June 23 2014 at 09:31
I dont live in barnsley area anymore but someone aught to do this with faisals take away in wath upon dearne too. They have a score up from 2011 with a 4 star rating but earlier this year scored a 1 star as I found looking on scores on the doors website. Safe to say I dont eat there anymore x

Reply Posted by Bill on Monday June 23 2014 at 12:58
Kay stop spending money on takeaways and enroll into some sort of adult education. I couldn't tell if that was English or hieroglyphics.

Reply Posted by bananas on Thursday December 4 2014 at 21:02
takeaway food tastes great, who cares wot guz init so long as it tastes or8.