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MP Calls On Government To Reimburse Residents After Passport Chaos

Thursday June 19 2014

A BARNSLEY MP has called on the government to reimburse residents after the ongoing passport chaos is rectified.

Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey has received about 20 enquiries within the last week and new problems are being raised with him every day.

He said: "Most people are just a few days from their travel date and they're worried they won’t receive their passport in time.

"People are anxious about missing big family holidays they have looked forward to for months, school trips and in one case a funeral.

"I have helped several thankful families negotiate their way through the system and receive their passports in time.

"But sometimes they have had to drive for hours to Durham to collect their passport, or the passport has arrived just hours before they have to set off.

"One mum told me she’s spent £60 on phone calls chasing her son’s passport, another woman said she daren’t leave the house in case she misses a phone call.

"It's totally unfair that hard-working people are panicked and distressed when they have saved hard for a well-earned break."

Mr Healey has written to Theresa May calling on her to clear up the mess and explain what will be done to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

He also said she should apologise for the stress, worry and inconvenience people are being put through, and said the government should recompense those who have had to pay an extra £55 to fast track their applications.

Have you had trouble with getting your passport?

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Reply Posted by amazed on Thursday June 19 2014 at 15:00
What planet is this mp from.why should they reimburse .yes if theyve sent them months ago.but cmon most people book there holidays then apply for their passports. .I know so many people who've done this..and if you stood in mcDs and there was a bus load of oaps infront of you is it they're fault your on your lunch? And they can't serve you quick eonough. Jesus its getting like the states.claim for everything..
Well maybe that local councillor should tell the concil to reimburse locals for all the petrol they're using doing dumpit trips because of the change to refuse collections..maybe just maybe these mps/councillors should think before coming out with all this INANE drivell point/vote scoring tactics.

Reply Posted by True red on Thursday June 19 2014 at 21:01
Amazed as you well know the back log is not a few weeks in arrears it's months if it was mac d the bread would have been stale and the burger meat would have been off by the time you got served this government department have known about the back log for a long time but decides to stick their head in the sand as usual

Reply Posted by anol on Thursday June 19 2014 at 21:15
Can he get the council to reimburse the residents council tax for not getting there bins emptied. .

Reply Posted by rainbow on Saturday June 21 2014 at 10:01
Apply for a Hungarian passport they still get you admitted across Europe and they are handing them out like confetti at the moment.!!

Reply Posted by anon on Sunday June 22 2014 at 01:31
Im confused I sent off for mine and my sons first passports last week got a holiday booked in September dose this back log thing mean I may not have the passports in time? I did the check and send service at the post office they said because I did that it would come back quicker and take up to 6 weeks ?

Reply Posted by rainbow on Monday June 23 2014 at 10:05
ANON. I reckon you should have got your passport before booking a holiday. Furthermore the best time to apply for a passport is in the winter months when demand is low not a few weeks before your due to go.??