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Alarming Rise In Council Tax Arrears

Monday June 23 2014

THE number of people seeking help for council tax arrears in Barnsley has increased by 71 per cent in three years.

Figures released by the Citizens' Advice Bureau show in 2011/12 it was contacted by 877 households for help with council tax issues.

In 2012/13 this jumped by 35 per cent to 1,182 households, peaking at 1,504 in 2013/14.

Pat Heath, the chief executive of the advice service, now based at Wellington House, said one reason was the changes to council tax benefit, introduced as part of the government's welfare reforms in April 2013.

It means some households now receive less council tax support because of a ten per cent reduction in funding nationally.

"It shows people are having a really hard time in the community and the need for advice is as great as ever amongst advice agencies," Mr Heath added.

He said CAB has an agreement with Barnsley Council's benefits and taxation department that those who do seek help from the advice service can negotiate a way of paying their arrears in order to avoid expensive court action.

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Reply Posted by True red on Monday June 23 2014 at 20:08
When people are on zero contracts and minimum wages its hard for them keeping a family in food paying the mortgage paying there council tax I am surprised there is not more, house repo up bankruptcy up food stores on the increase child poverty, suicides up, but never mind we are all in this together until the bailiffs come knocking

Reply Posted by tru blu on Monday June 23 2014 at 20:14
Yes Red. How can anyone manage their outgoings when they have unreliable wages. 2 days? 5days of work, its impossible I should think.
I feel sorry for some.

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Tuesday June 24 2014 at 08:24
Mii if you receive working tax credit your on a benefit that helps the fat cats make more money ,pay low wages,and the government your taxes help fund this crazy isn't it .surely its govrment no benefit fat cats pay a real liveable wage.

Reply Posted by time bomb on Wednesday June 25 2014 at 13:13
The problem is not going to get better anytime soon since the last lot i.e. Gordon Brown said he found the end to boom and bust (really) he found that if he borrowed money and told everyone they could have all the benefits and pensions pay rises that they wanted and they loved them for it but they left us with a massive debt that will end us all and continues to rise even though they are cutting everything shows you, in the words of Stan Laura "this is another fine mess were in" www.debtbombshell.com

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Wednesday June 25 2014 at 17:13
Don't forget the pension time bomb that's going to be a beauty isn't it crap wages no pension I can see the mush room cloud now.the young UN's will be working till the day there 100 and the letter comes from willies young un.god bless the political system in Britain a few prosper and the rest can go to hell.

Reply Posted by Blue sky on Wednesday June 25 2014 at 14:54
I am guessing that the majority are those who are on benefits and up to last year they paid nothing. Now they pay a ninth of their council tax bill which is an avaerage of about a tenner or two pound fifty a week. It would not be hard to pay that would it? Afterall some of us pay a lot more.

Reply Posted by Joanne fitzakerley on Sunday June 29 2014 at 09:47
Might be because you have changed phone number to a 0845 Robin Hood in reverse springs to mind !

Reply Posted by Pissed of worker on Sunday June 29 2014 at 22:48
No wonder people r behind they took 3 months to sort my new council tax bill out and sent it straight to recoveries I have been calling every time I am off work n they are open which is not very often and even wrote and emailed them still no reply ! I get through to normal council tax and get told they can't deal with it has it's on recoveries so answer me this barnsley council how the hell am I ment to sort my bill out and pay it !