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Chip Pan Fire At Barnsley Home

Wednesday June 11 2014

THREE people suffered smoke inhalation after a chip pan caught fire at a house in Barnsley.

Firefighters were called to Emley View, Smithies, at 10.30pm on Wednesday. The kitchen had suffered fire damage and three occupants required medical treatment.

A woman in her 40s and a male and female in their 20s all received treatment for smoke inhalation but did not need to attend hospital.

A fire spokesperson said: "Chip pans are a very real danger. Throwing away chip pans will help to prevent one of the main causes of serious house fires and injuries.

"We would recommend that people either use oven chips or buy a thermostat-controlled deep fat fryer."

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Reply Posted by Kayleigh on Wednesday June 11 2014 at 17:19
Or people could use common sense and not leave the chip pan unattended, not even for a second, my mum always used a proper chip pan and never left the kitchen while it was on, I use a proper one and I never leave it unattended!

Reply Posted by emma on Thursday June 12 2014 at 07:05
I use a proper chip pan n I agree with kayleigh use ur head dont leave a chip pan when its on

Reply Posted by JLH on Thursday June 12 2014 at 12:25
There are two sides to this. You could just stand staring at the chip pan making sure it doesn't get too hot but what happens if you need the toilet or a family member is in trouble so you need to rush off and help them forgetting about the pan. However it would be safer to use a deep fat fryer so you are minimizing the chance of a fire. Even if you only turn your back for a few minutes a chip pan could catch fire. It's a personal preference really. If you don't want to watch a chip pan then get a fryer.

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