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Plans For £80m Energy Park Submitted

Tuesday June 10 2014

PLANS have now been submitted for an £80 million regeneration of the former Houghton Main Colliery site.

Following a public consultation earlier in the year, Peel Environmental has been taking residents' comments on board which have helped to shape their plans for a proposed renewable energy park.

The plans - which could create up to 230 jobs from start to finish - will generate enough energy to power up to 55,000 homes.

Public feedback has influenced the approach taken to the design of the buildings, including using a 'camouflage' colour palette and screening to minimise its visual impact.

A number of artist impressions have also been released by Peel, following requests for the public.

Jane Gaston, development manager at Peel Environmental, said: "We have been pleased to see a number of local people support the proposals, including local MP Michael Dugher, and we hope to provide a lasting legacy for the local area by bringing energy generation back to Houghton Main."

If built, the energy park will use materials such as waste wood and leftover food products to generate its power.

What do you think? Would you like to see the project being built? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by mick on Tuesday June 10 2014 at 13:04
Instead of spending 80 million on this project why don't we get ourselves out of debt . Funny isn't it when the doctors are ordered not to give sick notes to people who need them this government is ridiculous its not gonna get any better either that's the sad thing

Reply Posted by Observer on Tuesday June 10 2014 at 13:19
I have to reiterate thats a lot of jobs. Which is great. But are they good jobs. Well
Paid jobs. With good holidays and pension schemes ? And who will take these jobs. British people. Or our eastern eauropean conterparts with better work ethics ( work longer hours for less

Reply Posted by deano on Tuesday June 10 2014 at 14:40
good news for jobs..it should be stipulated that wherever possible local people get set on.I would have thought this type of project would pay wages in line with what we earned in the coal industry,something that retail and call centres could never do.

Reply Posted by chris marrison on Tuesday June 10 2014 at 15:03
It will be great for new jobs coming to this area but who will get the jobs 80% foreign people 20% English But it shouldn't be like that should be 95% English 5% foreign

Reply Posted by rainbow on Tuesday June 10 2014 at 17:45
Perhaps Michael Dugher will put his name down, he's never had a real job.!!!

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Tuesday June 10 2014 at 19:41
Didn't the original article say there were going to be less than 30 jobs once the plant is completed and the rest would be during the construction stages?

Reply Posted by Nic on Tuesday June 10 2014 at 21:23
Got to be a more attractive option that ARSOS, surely??

Reply Posted by ada on Tuesday June 10 2014 at 23:56
its great news if it goes ahead for the area, but I be a bit cheesed off if we get more bloody foreign ***** that carnt speak English into the area, its bad enough working at asos its spot the English man

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday June 11 2014 at 12:11
Good news & should be good be good long term jobs too (although most of the number quoted will be the temporary construction jobs). Hope the company make an effort to give locals first chance of the jobs.