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Council Houses Given New Lease Of Life

Tuesday June 17 2014

TENANTS have begun moving into 'new' council houses made available through a scheme to bring long-term empty properties back into use.

Berneslai Homes has bought and refurbished three unloved homes and refurbished them using funding through the Empty Homes Community Grant, with apprentices from Barnsley College carrying out the work.

Work on a fourth house will begin soon, and Berneslai Homes hopes to buy another seven before the end of the scheme next March.

Investment and regeneration manager John Lythe said: "There are many empty homes in Barnsley and there’s a great demand for housing.

"The grant helps to bring properties back into the housing supply to meet local needs and helps tackle homelessness, prevent neighbourhood decline and regenerate areas."

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Reply Posted by Amy on Wednesday June 18 2014 at 01:04
Council want to concerntrate on the council houses they have and make them DECENT homes to live in and do there REPAIRS before splashing cash on other properties!!!!!

Reply Posted by Gee on Wednesday June 18 2014 at 12:05
So they're supposed to refuse the extra money are they, and let some other town have it? Genius!

Reply Posted by dick on Saturday June 21 2014 at 11:59
I agree used to live in a lovely Victorian house that was converted into 3 flats (council) and it was a shame to see the way it was maintained hence to say it is now standing empty on Huddersfield road

Reply Posted by Mick on Saturday June 21 2014 at 13:06
think you will find Dick that it is having a massive amount of work done to it so it can be rented again.

Reply Posted by Sarah on Friday June 20 2014 at 18:03
Erm since when was there a empty homes grant?!? My friends dad 8yrs ago applied to claim a house had no owners he went to the land registry etc did all the right things he had to, the house he was after gettin had been stood 10-20 yrs empty previously before he thought he could make that a nice house for some one and once he did everything he was told to contact the council who deal with it an empty property manager but there wasnt a person in the field employed nor had even heard of a person for that postition but low and behold after all his hard work etc afew mths of getting nowhere with the council the council claimed it there selves and sold it to a business so a perfectly good house is now an office in the middle of a street with terraced houses :/

Reply Posted by Tom on Saturday June 21 2014 at 19:31
Good news I suppose, as long as the council are paying below market value for properties to ensure a good deal for the public, instead of subsidising idle property owners.

Reply Posted by Paul on Monday June 23 2014 at 20:48
Berneslai council homes ...yeah we will tap into some European funding ....don't tell anybody how much funding tho...
An there's a housing waiting list as long as traffic jam from Wombwell to stairfoot ....but there's over a thousand rental properties for rent and thousands more already rented that need renovation ..we have a problem ..

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