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Dog Put To Sleep After Fatal Attack

Friday May 9 2014

Pip Pip

A MUCH-LOVED pet dog had to be put to sleep after it was attacked in a park.

Pip, an eight-year-old miniature Yorkshire Terrier, was being walked by owner Emma Lax in Wilthorpe Park last Tuesday when she said a dog similar to a pitbull ran at it.

Emma, 21, of Granville Street, said: "I picked Pip up and the dog just took her out of my arms. It had her in her mouth around her middle and was shaking her.

"I was kicking the other dog but the woman with it just stood there and didn't do anything. It went on for a few minutes and then it finally let go of Pip."

Emma said the dog responsible was brown with a white chest.

She asked the woman for her name and number, which subsquently turned out to be false, before running to a nearby vet for help but was told Pip had broken ribs and a torn lung and probably wouldn't survive the operation, so she chose to have her put to sleep.

"It was a difficult decision because she was my baby and I'm going to miss her - I'd had her since she was a puppy."

Emma reported the attack to the police but has been told there is nothing they can do except advise the owner of the other dog to ensure it is put on a lead.

After Emma's story was posted on We Are Barnsley's Facebook page, other dog lovers have come forward to say a dog of the same description had been involved in other attacks.

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Reply Posted by Dr Debate on Friday May 9 2014 at 21:40
First of all my heart goes out to the poor dog and it's family. Secondly it's now come to a time to bring dog law up to date. I think dogs should be on a lead at all times in a public place. However if you exercise you dog in open space then the dog should wear a muzzle. Seems straight forward to me.

Then we've got Mickey Mouse Condems and Labour Party Leader Ed sillyband agree this week that people that carries Knives for the SECOND time should go to prison. I will leave it up to you to make your own minds up what real chance to we have to be protected from Dangerous Dogs and Arsehole owners.

Reply Posted by doglover on Saturday May 10 2014 at 10:42
Does your comment stand for all dogs or just the so called dangerous dogs group????

Reply Posted by doggy on Saturday May 10 2014 at 10:44
All dogs can be dangerous some responsibility has to be with the owners and the way they treat their dogs

Reply Posted by emma on Monday May 12 2014 at 13:03
I think it should b all dogs, any dog can go for other animal and people don't matter what bread the dog i, feel for the family

Reply Posted by Mike on Saturday May 10 2014 at 14:21
It's a horrible story, but the idea of making sure all dogs are on leads or wearing muzzles isn't entirely fair.
Not EVERY dog is violent. Just the ones with bad owners who can't train them.
The dog hasn't been trained NOT to act like this. We can't just point fingers at ALL dogs because bad things happen when a few minority morons are involved.

Reply Posted by meme on Saturday May 10 2014 at 14:30
I have a do called dangerous dog (staffie) and to be quite honest he his the biggest daftest dog I know. Runs frm anything and everything but to be honest all dogs can't be trusted round other dogs or humans it is to do with the way they are treated and trained.

Reply Posted by mama4 on Monday May 12 2014 at 11:33
Some responsibility does lie with bad owners but at the end of the day what we need to remember is that they are animals...FACT...any animal can turn at anypoint its their nature....If they are out in public on playing fields etc I do agree they should be muzzled to cut the risk also dog licencing needs to be brought back into force. Pets are pets not babies or weapons or a social statement !!!!

Reply Posted by DDB OWNER on Monday May 12 2014 at 11:41
I am the owner of 4 big soft dogs, when i walk them they are always on leads mainly for other peoples peace of mind as with them being big people find them intimidating, the amount of times other peoples dogs have run over to us to have a go nastily is unreal, ALL DOGS SHOULD BE ON A LEAD, to me this would make all dog owners responsible owners and owners in total control of there dogs, let them run free on your own property but on a lead otherwise.

Reply Posted by nurse aux on Monday May 12 2014 at 12:05
If a dog is found to be aggressive or unsociable it should be on a lead in public if found to have injured a person or dog not adhereing to this the dog should be taken away from them the owner given to a capable family and the owner prosecuted. Dogs aren't born nasty, some breeds can be temper mental but harm shouldn't come to the dog just the ignorant owner. I've seen too many dogs put to sleep because of owners not knowing how to deal with a breed of dog or simply not giving a s***

Reply Posted by LCM on Monday May 12 2014 at 12:07
I agree that dogs should be on leads when around people and other dogs. We take our 3 labs on a field near our home but as soon as we see someone with or without a dog we put them back on as I think its respectful to the other people who more than likely don't want dogs running up to them. Any dog can be the 'softest dog in the world' but if they feel intimidated any dog will turn. It doesn't hurt to be considerate to others.

Reply Posted by Stacie on Monday May 12 2014 at 12:35
Bless little pip :( owners who know there dogs are aggressive to other dogs should have them leashed at all times. I have an akita and he was bitten badly by a jack russel when he was 14 weeks old and since then he hasnt taken very well to other dogs he doesnt know, he does not come off the leash at all now. I cant because I know what he will do if he sees another dog. Owners are stupid sometimes and not very responsible at all x

Reply Posted by Kim on Monday May 12 2014 at 13:32
So so sorry for your loss. You must be devastated. This is disgusting. Whoever it is should be reading these comments and do the right thing and hand their dog in before it does it again!!

Reply Posted by dedatodd on Monday May 12 2014 at 13:36
Time to being back the dog license, having to pay to keep a dog every year will deter most if not all irresponsible owners. And as far as I am concerned larger fines for these owners, and I hate to say it that destruction for the dogs whether the victim is a person or a dog!

Reply Posted by Ryan Fleming on Monday May 12 2014 at 13:50
How would paying a licience deter irresponsible dog owners? They already don't care why would they care about having a licience ? It would be myself and other responsible people who will basically end up with another stealth tax to pay

Reply Posted by alex on Monday May 12 2014 at 14:16
So sorry for your loss, surely someone has information about this dangerous dog, and for the woman - come forward you coward

Reply Posted by sunshinegirl on Monday May 12 2014 at 14:40
This incident is so sad I wud b mortified if this happened to my dog. So sorry for your loss! :-(
to the person or people that the other dog belongs to- you may think you got away with it because the police wont get involved, however I believe even the most cold and uncaring people dwell on things that have happened in their life. Please come forward and try to apoligise for your actions its the least you can do for allowing your dog to cause such unnecessary pain to another dog !!

Reply Posted by diane coway on Monday May 12 2014 at 15:18
If that woman feels any guilt about what that dog had done she would come forward and take responsibility, what if that had been a child. Its disgusting to think she can get away with this.

Reply Posted by Dog owner on Monday May 12 2014 at 15:26
The minority of irresponsible dog owners should not spoil things for those who dogs are friendly, it's extreme to say all dogs on leads how are you meant to give them a good exercise, play ball etc? Really sorry about pip, rest in peace little one x

Reply Posted by Funkymunky on Monday May 12 2014 at 15:29
Disgusting!!!!! It's time to re-instate dog licences at a more realistic cost, which would deter the dog owners who don't give a s--t about other law abiding citizens of this country. Just thank God it wasn't a child.

Reply Posted by anon on Monday May 12 2014 at 15:37
What good will a dog license do? A bit of expensive paper won't do a thing! Don't include the police,don't you think they have enough to do without stopping people asking to see dog license,s? There will always be some nasty sod thinking they're billy big balls just cos they have a nasty dog. Hideous woman whoever she is! Poor little dog,what a shamefully thing to happen.

Reply Posted by Rumplestiltskin on Monday May 12 2014 at 16:22
I have a 3yrs old "Staffie" girl that has been labelled a "DANGEROUS BREED" ............... if anyone were to meet my pet they would form a completely different opinion.
Unfortunately this type of dog seem to be obtained by young idiots who then chose to make them aggressive because they think it gives them "Street Cred."
Any kind of animal is naturally passive in nature and it is the nurture that turns them into what they eventually become ............. in short you treat them with love and tenderness and you will have a dog that is totally loyal and hangs on your every word !
As I have previously stated my little Staffie is 3yrs old, she will walk at my side without a lead, she will allow the pet cat to eat from her dish (while she is herself eating), she will roll on her back if approached by another dog (which is a show of being submissive), will retrieve balls/stones/sticks to hand, will sit/stay not touch her dinner until told to do so and above all will ALWAYS do as she is asked/told/instructed/commanded - call it what you will. This is down purely down to her being raised in a loving manner and NOT through cruelty or chastisement.

Reply Posted by janice on Monday May 12 2014 at 16:50
I feel for that lady who lost her little baby .i had a dog alsation x rotwieler.he got on fine with my yorkies. But hated other dogs .i took him out one day and he had hold of a sheepdog.he did terrable injuries to that dog ( which is still alive) I had mine put to sleep because I know he did wrong that was 9 years ago .

Reply Posted by anon on Monday May 12 2014 at 16:58
I'm not sure why anyone would want a dog that's on the list? There are enough breeds to choose from. It just seems silly to take the risk,even more so if kids are around. I will own a dog shortly,but I will choose wisely my grandkids presence will determine which breeds I,ll look at. The risks need to be as low as possible in my book.

Reply Posted by dog lover on Monday May 12 2014 at 19:41
So sad poor dog
I'd have pulled the woman's head off and kicked it round park.
it would be safe to say neither would I be responsible for my actions if owt like this happened to my dogs garenteed.

Reply Posted by Fao anon on Monday May 12 2014 at 20:10
Anon I would recommend a cavalier King Charles temperament wise

Reply Posted by anon on Monday May 12 2014 at 20:26
Thanks for that FAO anon. I really love terriers,but they have a reputation for being snappy so they're out. I,ll read up on the king Charles. They are beautiful.

Reply Posted by Rumplestiltskin on Tuesday May 13 2014 at 00:34
Please read my post above regards "Staffies"
It is so wrong for people to label certain breeds when it is quite clear that it is NOT the actual dog but the dog handler who makes the dog what he (she) becomes.
Any responsible owner who has kept "Staffies" will confirm they are one of the most loyal and trustworthy pets when raised from a pup and treated with love and kindness.
I can confirm I have kept the breed MANY years (and have also rescued them) and have NEVER had one minutes trouble with them .............. it is the idiots who obtain them and encourage them to be aggressive thinking they are gaining "Street Cred" or Kudos if they have an aggressive dog.
Choose whatever type of breed you please ensure you treat it with respect, train it well and you will end up with a "true friend" for life.

Reply Posted by anon on Tuesday May 13 2014 at 09:00
All I know is that any dog on the dangerous list won't be a choice for me. I just think the label has come for some reason and I'm not willing to take the gamble, the warnings are out and I would never forgive myself if the unimaginable happened. I will forgo my choice for the sake of precaution. I would feel selfish and why have the worry of anything going bad? It would take away some of the
pleasure of owning a dog. Enjoy you staffies Rumple,but I don't see the point.

Reply Posted by jack on Tuesday May 13 2014 at 12:11
The point is anon that staffies are not on the dangerous dogs list. Far too many people associate them with American Pit Bulls. My Son/Daughter in law got a 18 month old staffy about 4 years ago. This staffy had never been around children and her youngest then was barely 2 years old. The dogs bed was under the breakfast bar which was next to a large kitchen table. My Grandson suddenly disappeared under the table before anyone could stop him and decided to climb into the dogs bed whilst the dog was chewing a bone. They had only had this dog for 2 days and my grandson decided it was a good idea to take his bone out of his mouth and poke him in the eyes with his other hand. I panicked. The dog just laid there cos he wanted just to play. No harm done. Softest staffy that I have ever seen.

Reply Posted by Mark Lang on Monday May 12 2014 at 20:49
Let's just clarify one thing , you are fully responsible for your dog , I have a boxer dog that absolutely cannot be trusted around other dogs (apart from families dogs)so he's on a lead and has to be restrained when other dog walkers are nearby ,let's not pussyfoot around anymore and bring the owners to justice .

Reply Posted by sharon on Tuesday May 13 2014 at 08:58
Well my i first offer my sympathy to the poor girl that had to wittness her beloved dog suffer such an horrific attack....
Secondly thank you to everyone deffending staffies..... and to all of you who are quick to judge them, mine was attacked whilst on a lead in the park by a german shepard who was not leashed up... came running up and started to attack her..... because she was on a lead i managed to scoop her into my arms..... all i got from the owner was an apology...... my other dog is very nasty and although i dont muzzle him..... i never let him off the lead and always let people pass with their dog first...... and he is only a jack russel ha ha...... its time the law clamped down on dogs out in public

Reply Posted by anon on Tuesday May 13 2014 at 09:08
After reading some of these comments,I'm not sure I will enter the world of dog ownership. It seems that some owners see it as acceptable that their dogs are unsociable and prone to attacking other dogs or humans. I can't get my head round the logic of some. If your dog is vicious, get rid.Sharon,if your nasty little jack Russell attacks some one else's dog or child what will you do? Just apologies? Don't get it.

Reply Posted by danny on Tuesday May 13 2014 at 10:43
Why does everything have to be determined and ruined by a minority of people? I used to have a staffie and he was the softest dog ever around people and he was just a funny character. But he hated other dogs. So in public, he stayed on the lead and was muzzled and I let him run his steam off around the garden instead. I now have a cocker spaniel who is even dafter and loves nothing more than to run around a field and let me throw something for her. I always check my surroundings and if I see a dog on a lead, I presume there is a reason and I keep my dog on the lead. Personally I think I am a responsible owner and if everybody was like this and acted more cautious, things like this wouldn't happen. I think it's moronic to say that all dogs should be kept on a lead and muzzled. Why spoil it for everyone with dogs that just want to to run around and play. Dogs are animals and need to to let steam off and there is no better way to do that than let them go nuts running around a field. I think it's unfair to brand all Dogs and their
owners with the same label. And nothing winds me up than people who don't own dogs saying they should be muzzled. I'll tell you what why don't we muzzle every person that walks around in case they attack or mug someone? Soon we won't be able to do anything due to all of the do gooders.

Reply Posted by bananas on Tuesday May 13 2014 at 11:12
ALL DOGS should be wearing muzzles. if a dog is seen without a muzzle then it must be destroyed. owners would eventually get the message.

Reply Posted by anon on Tuesday May 13 2014 at 11:25
wind up merchant. lol.

Reply Posted by Pj on Tuesday May 13 2014 at 14:06
We have a dog and she's very soft and gentle ! But they all have their off days and I think in public should be on a lead then this awful situation what happened to pip would never happen

Reply Posted by diane on Tuesday May 13 2014 at 16:31
So sorry for the owner of the poor terrier it is shocking.my three jack russell yorkshire terrier cross are the most loving dogs in the world but i will never underestimate what they are capable of doing all the young members in our family know they are not toys and that they need their space as much as we do all our pets can be tempremental but only good dog owners know this and would never put any other animal or human in danger but on rare and i am glad it is only rare even the best owners can get it wrong it is the really bad and stupid dog owners that spoil it for the real and responsible dog owners so so sorry to yet another family that as lost a much loved pet its disgusting and the police should beable to do something if they can find the owner of the dog.

Reply Posted by Dr Debate on Tuesday May 13 2014 at 18:01
So sorry to hear the poor dog has died. Sadly they will be another and another very soon.

A few weeks ago our friend was walking on a lead a little jack Russell. Three yes three Alsatians allowed to get free from three home and just dragged and half killed this dog.

Luckily a man stuck his fist on one nose they ran off. These dogs have regularly left loose even jumped through house window on one attack.

Police have been informed also RSPCA. PDSA saved the dogs life. Two days later before the Authorities visited the house they had left and took there dogs with them.

You may well have these dogs now living next to you god help you.

So I say again ALL dogs should be on a lead in a public Place and Muzzled in open spaces. If you are exercising. You may be the best loving dog owner out there I'm sure they are lots.

But you to could the next victim. There's no other way.

Reply Posted by Beth on Wednesday May 14 2014 at 14:19
a dog went for my sisters westie the other day which she thankfully picked up and put on her shoulder in time. this resulted in my sister being attacked by the dog and a couple driving past had to drag her in their car to safety! she called the police and their reply was "you shouldn't have picked your dog up then" I don't know of anyone that wouldn't have tried to protect their pet!!

Reply Posted by emma on Wednesday May 14 2014 at 19:48
My little yorkie was attacked in march by a border collie while my dog was on his lead the other dog wasnt luckly the vets managed to stitch my little dogs side back up! I really feel for the young girl whos dog was tragically killed I hope she manages to find out who the owner of the dog involved is

Reply Posted by Kelly on Thursday May 15 2014 at 09:28
It's sad what's happened, but if this had been another breed it wouldn't have even hit the news. And it's pitbull because it has a brown and white chest that's ridiculous. I own 4 staffies and I wouldn't trust anything else. I think it's time they start treating every dog same with media. It's always bulls and other big dogs

Reply Posted by N on Thursday May 15 2014 at 14:33
Never trust any dog as far as I'm aware it's an animal and it can turn and attack at any time.

Reply Posted by Observer on Friday May 16 2014 at 07:04
Some good points above. There will always be debates on such issues. I do feel formthe owner and the suffering of the little dog. Now. Meme. A staffie is caled so because of just that. A staffordshire bull terrier. These dogs used to hang kn to a bulls throat with the jaws locked till it killed the bull. Simpuls. It is within the animal to kill. They are devil dogs. Along with pitbulls. Rottweillers and the likes. For me they should be banned kn this country. Just my opinion.

Reply Posted by anon on Friday May 16 2014 at 08:33
Bet,like me @observer,not many people knew that! Your post says it all. No matter how loving the dog is with the owners,the killing instinct is there in the background. Won't have one in my family. Its a silly risk,just pick another breed. The big picture is that we can't always get what we want,and have to consider dangers. Bit selfish buying one of these dogs in my mind,put your kids safety first.

Reply Posted by Rumplestiltskin on Wednesday May 21 2014 at 17:17
"Observer" ............. if you were as educated in the Staffie breed as you wish to portray yourself you would know that ALL Hunting Dogs have to be TRAINED TO ATTACK.
It is complete nonsense to assume that ALL the dogs you mention are the same and to quote you "It is within the animal to kill" .............. we Humans are ALL descendants of Cavemen who had to kill just to survive, does that therefore make all Humans savage killers, no.
Nurture will always overcome nature !
It is narrow minded imbeciles who jump on the bandwagon, spout a load of rubbish and rev up the general public into making rash decisions and laws - have you ever though of becoming a POLITICIAN !

Reply Posted by ed balls on Wednesday May 21 2014 at 18:45
You may be right @rumple, observer might be right, who knows? The thing is observers kids are not under threat of being mauled by a dog are yours?

Reply Posted by GSD on Friday May 23 2014 at 08:13
I disagree with the all dogs should be on a lead in public and all dogs should be muzzled if off the lead in public. A dog needs exersize, some more than others. Im the owner of a german shepherd and having to keep him on a lead wouldnt provide him with the exersize needed to keep him fit and healthy. If a muzzle was used how would he fetch his ball back to me? Any dog given the right amount of training attention and socialisation would come back to you when called regardless of any distraction. Any dog which is aggressive towards people and/or other dogs is the fault of the owner and has either suffered abuse at the hands of the owner or previous owner(s) or is trained to be this way. A guard/attack dog with the right training shouldnt attack unless told to do so or sences the owner to be in danger. So these idiots are creating dangerous untrained dogs that they are uncapable of controlling theirselves. Banning such people from owning pets for a period of time should be the route to take. Not punishing innocent dog by taking away its daily exersize routine for the sake of the minority of irresponsible dog owners

Reply Posted by Rumplestiltskin on Friday May 23 2014 at 15:26
GSD ......... I think this "debate" could go on forever and a day and the majority of the people who wish to ridicule and preach about "Dangerous Dogs" are the very people who have never even owned a Dog.
Ed Balls ........... As you quite rightly state "Observers" kids are not under the threat of being mauled - primarily due to the fact he (or she) has already formed an opinion based on the FALSE information and propaganda of other, uneducated parties.
In answer to your question "Are my kids under the threat of being mauled" I can assure you that in ALL the years I have kept Staffies (a breed wrongly labelled as being dangerous) I wish there was a facility on this Forum to upload photo's .............. I would then upload pics of the Staffy I have now performing in an Agility and Obedience Trial ! I can also confirm (again) that I have also been involved in the "Rescue" of Staffies and after having trained them they have ALL gone on to prove themselves as very loyal and trustworthy FAMILY members.
As GSD has correctly stated above EVERY Dogs behaviour is directly linked to the Owners behaviour - poor husbandry of ANY animal will lead to that animal becoming what it is.
If we do not send our Children off to school when they are young what do you think would become of them ??? , they would turn out unruly and this is why it is the Law to send our kids to school !
In my opinion the problem with so called "Dangerous Dogs" could be completely eradicated if was made LAW for any person intending to keep Dogs that they should be "Educated" in the correct manner in how to train them !