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Firefighters Tackle Four-Day Fire

Wednesday April 30 2014

FIREFIGHTERS have for the last four days been tackling a fire involving a large pile of wood chippings in Barnsley.

Fire crews were first called to the incident, near Whams Road, Crow Edge, at 4.45am on Saturday morning.

Four fire crews from Stocksbridge, Penistone, Barnsley and Cudworth stations initially attended.

Firefighters have been using hose reel jets to extinguish the fire and have made fire breaks within the chippings to prevent the fire spreading.

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Reply Posted by Julie on Wednesday April 30 2014 at 12:33
It's taking all these highly skilled Firemen all this time to put out this fire snd according to the powers that be we can manage with less Firemen and fewer Fire Engines and mess with their pay and their pensions. If you ask me this is one incident which is as plain as the nose in your face that they should never cut back on public services. What would happen if while they are tied up with something like this a major incident happened.

Reply Posted by tinker on Wednesday April 30 2014 at 14:08
Must be terrible for these firemen having to record all the soaps while they do some work!

Reply Posted by John on Wednesday April 30 2014 at 15:47
The 2 cloased roads are a nightmare when trying to get to work at holmfirth

Reply Posted by kilkenny on Thursday May 1 2014 at 11:02
Hello Sid

Advice not Advise, you dim knobber. I am allowed my own opinion. A vile post was made by tinker, who insinuates that all firemen do is watch soap operas all day.

Maybe you should stop stalking me on here. You are actually a weirdo that is obsessed with transexuals and London life. .