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Barnsley Needs To Toughen Up Air Pollution Measures

Thursday May 15 2014

TOUGHER measures are needed to tackle the causes of air pollution - after it was revealed 124 people have died because of it in Barnsley.

A new report, published by Public Health England, revealed the alarming number of people had died in 2010 because of air pollution, which is linked to heart and lung diseases.

Much outdoor air pollution comes from burning fuels to generate heat and electricity, and from vehicles.

Simon Bowens, Friends of the Earth campaigner, said: "It is a scandal that thousands of people die prematurely in our region every year because of polluted air. Ending this disgrace should be a top priority for politicians.

"Tougher measures are needed to tackle the causes of our dirty air, especially traffic pollution."

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Reply Posted by anon on Thursday May 15 2014 at 17:01
I find it hard to believe that air pollution is singled out to be so bad in Barnsley. What about Sheffield/Donny/Leeds/Wakey. Anyway what would be the point of tackling the problem in Barnsley only? The air dosnt stay here,it moves around. If things are so bad it needs tackling worldwise not just flipping Barnsley.

Reply Posted by Observer on Monday May 19 2014 at 08:37
I agree with you anon. What a silly statement. Especially as the pits. And the coking plants have gone ? Most steelworks have also gone in sheffield. The air has got to be a greater quality at present ?

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday May 22 2014 at 12:22
quote "Much outdoor air pollution comes from burning fuels to generate heat and electricity"

No S*it Sherlock!

Obviously there is a correlation with diminishing standards of air quality and people having to return to fossil fuels to heat their homes isn't there?

Is it also by pure chance that sales of log and multi fuel burners have exploded by 10,000 % over the last ten years?

Why do you think this is?

Gas prices isn't it!

Gas companies that constantly put prices up year on year are directly to blame for declining air quality as people will always use the cheapest option to heat their homes rather than paying exorbitant amounts for gas.
People are fed up of having to pay these ridiculous prices year on year and its about time that the shareholders shouldered some of the costs rather than sitting back and waiting on their bumper dividend cheques.

That's my two'penneth anyway...

Reply Posted by Mick on Friday June 6 2014 at 14:31
Looks like its back to horse and cart now

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