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Breaking: Road Closed Following Accident

Wednesday April 23 2014

A ROAD has been closed following an accident.

A61 Upper Sheffield Road in Barnsley has been taped off and there is slow traffic in both directions at the Bank End Road junction.

We will update this when more information comes in.

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Reply Posted by Lucy Burton on Wednesday April 23 2014 at 14:29
Hello I do hope all is ok x

Reply Posted by Nannabeth on Wednesday April 23 2014 at 15:45
Passed this on the way home and just hope no-one was seriously injured.

Reply Posted by trisha on Wednesday April 23 2014 at 21:42
My daughter who was passenger in taxi was lucky enuff to escspe with whiplash & seat belt burns, thank goodness for seatnbelts, unfortunately taxi driver who was in no way what-so-ever to blame does seem to av come off worse, & so as the driver of the car who thort it was ok to speed streyt thru red lights &;cause accident, regardless of 2 passengers of elderly lady & very small girl he was carrying, as everyone needing to be cut out, will be checking on taxi driver & will provide updates, many thanks to barnsley fire brigade & ambulances x3 &local police for all help given & assistance, to both my daughter Toni & I think I can speak on behalf of taxi driver & his family,a HUGE THANKU to all concerned

Reply Posted by Duncan on Thursday April 24 2014 at 20:46
Hi Trisha,
So glad Toni is ok. And so sorry she was in my cab when that happened. We always try and do our best for our customers and when they are with us we are there to make sure they get to where they want to go as safely as possible, it's very distressing when that doesn't happen. I'm ok, just tired bruised and feeling a bit battered.
I agree with you totally, the emergency services were amazing and I cannot neither praise, nor ever thank them enough for their level of professionalism and genuine personal concern for our welfare, yeah it's their job and they did it brilliantly but they went much further.
Not forgetting the 'off duty' ambulance guy who kept my head and neck where it should be until the 'on duty' ambulance people got to us, thank you!
I'll never forget how safe and looked after they all made us feel in such a vulnerable situation. Massive thank you :-)
And yes Pete, the camera played an absolute blinder!

Reply Posted by trisha on Thursday April 24 2014 at 06:32
Just a short update on yesterdays accident, taxi driver has now been released from hospital, good news all way round,I m sure!

Reply Posted by Pete on Thursday April 24 2014 at 16:04
That god Blueline taxis have 360 degree coverted cameras in them