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Covert Camera Catches Criminals In The Act

Wednesday April 16 2014

A SECRET camera in Barnsley town centre has helped to tackle fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour for the last six months.

The camera, which is being used in a partnership between Barnsley Council’s community safety and town centre services teams, has had a successful trial.

This has resulted in the successful identification of fly-tippers and the case is currently in the process of prosecution.

Cameras have also recently captured criminal damage offences, drug-related offences and anti-social behaviour within the central ward.

Do you think this is a good idea? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by Ian on Wednesday April 16 2014 at 11:40
A great idea until it was broadcast on the local news website. :)

Reply Posted by John on Wednesday April 16 2014 at 12:11
Think about it. It's broadcast to act as a deterrent.

Reply Posted by Stan on Wednesday April 16 2014 at 11:40
great idea but you can bet those who do it and other idiots will say a bad idea

Reply Posted by me on Wednesday April 16 2014 at 11:42
fly tipping. im no expert but try catching them young pikeys that's running round the streets in there pickup trucks intimidating people.

Reply Posted by John Doe on Wednesday April 16 2014 at 11:50
BMBC would be better placed sorting the bin collections out and removing the ban on vans in the dump it site, there would be less need to fly tip then!

Reply Posted by king louis on Wednesday April 16 2014 at 11:54
what fly tipping?... that happens on country lanes on dark nights not in a town that has pubs and Greggs open 24/7. We are being fed a story so as not to object to being fined in the future for dropping a bus ticket. Cameras in towns when not there for policing duties become just like the road cameras and will be all about revenue streams for £millions in fines

Reply Posted by baz on Wednesday April 16 2014 at 15:04
you get fined for fly tipping and fag ends on the floor what about fining the gum spitters we keep walking all over

Reply Posted by zzzzzz on Wednesday April 16 2014 at 16:43
Yeah that should be high on everyones agenda, it's the cause of sleepless nights for me.

Reply Posted by PikeyMan on Wednesday April 16 2014 at 20:08
Where's the hell will us Pikeys take's a dump now?..It comes to sum'ting when we's are getting watched doing what comes natural like takin' a ***** in Gods green pastures!(Mayday Green)... You'se lot should leave the traveling community alone's b,jeezus!

Reply Posted by Wishbone music on Sunday April 20 2014 at 11:51
It's hardly surprising that fly tipping is on the increase. I went to Wosborogh recycling a few weeks ago with some bags of plaster I had pulled off the walls of a room I'm renovating myself. I was met by an over avaritious bully of a council worker, he was also very rude too, who delighted in telling I could not return now within the next six months as I had "had your lot know" and "I'm taking your registration number just to make sure". I'm not saying that it's right to dump or I agree with it but until the council get there heads pulled back out of there own backsides and realise THEY are creating this problem what with monthly bin collections nod limited access to the tip then they deserve all they get.

Reply Posted by Sue on Sunday April 20 2014 at 14:19
Smithies depot allow the gypsies to empty their wheelie bins there
only the other week we say 2 young lads from the site wheel the bin in empty in and come back out
no one stopped them
But yet there is s sign up saying that pedestrians arn,t allowed in ..
one law for one and another for us

Reply Posted by KFc on Sunday April 20 2014 at 14:40
On Tuesday 15th April I was driving along The road that runs along Highfield Court Wombwell . This is a private residential area. my colleague stopped me in the road and said " Kids had been smashing Beer bottles on the Road" they was glass everywhere. Being a Good Samaritan and not wanting myself or other people having to buy new tyres.

I got a sweeping brush and spent 30 mins clearing the paths and road as this is also a senior citizen residential area.

The is a park area that is part of the residential area.to my surprise I witnessed 3 large black bin liners full of some ones personal waste including loads of more bottles and items I believe could have helped the council identify the illegal tippers.

The next morning Wednesday 15th 9am prompt, I telephoned the the Council Hot Line for illegal tipping. The council official having taken 20 mins on my time on the telephone given her a full explanation of the situation.

She said the would get there team out straight away has it appears they could be evidence for a successful prosecution.

Today is Sunday and the rubbish is still there.

So the next time I witness illegal rubbish Barnsley Council FOR GET IT. BMBC are so incompetent.