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Council Cuts Start To Show

Thursday April 17 2014

THE council has warned play area items subjected to vandalism will no longer be replaced as cuts to its budget begin to take hold.

Cuts to some of the services provided by the council's neighbourhood services department started at the beginning of the month.

Grass cutting, litter collection, street cleaning and maintaining flower beds have all been reduced in a bid to reduce its expenditure.

Coun Roy Miller, cabinet spokesperson for development, environment and culture, said: "It was very difficult to make a decision where cuts to services occur but we have had to change the way we do things.

"In some cases that has meant reducing or stopping services that residents have been used to for a number of years.

"I hope that communities will take pride in their own areas to keep them clean. I urge people to consider the environment."

What do you think to these cuts? Have you noticed a difference? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by sally on Thursday April 17 2014 at 17:41
Well as far as I am concerned council do cut grass at at the front of my home. I can get a lawnmower and get family to do it for me. If people are decent they can get together and help those that cannot. Its nice to see frontage tidy and pleasant. Such cutbacks cannot be helped. The money is needed in other areas. So if locals can keep an eye on there local play area etc and perhaps keep it tidy etc be a good idea and perhaps bring locals closer together.

Reply Posted by Fred on Monday April 21 2014 at 22:54
The council cut the grass in front of your house? - You are so lucky, on our estate every resident has to pay a £100 fee every year for a private company to cut ours

Reply Posted by minnie me on Thursday April 17 2014 at 17:54
I live in an area that we look after and lately we Ave had nothing but vandalism

Reply Posted by True tyke on Thursday April 17 2014 at 19:00
There's been too much council money put into areas which don't deserve it. It's a pity the coucil didn't realise this years ago. They've spent £100's of thousands in athersley on recreational facilities for it to get vandalised and graffitied. Good on you bmbc it's about time you took a stance on them low life scumbags who don't appreciate it,

Reply Posted by blue sky on Thursday April 17 2014 at 20:28
Which areas are deserving then in your opinion and why? Likewise which not and why?

Reply Posted by Me on Friday April 18 2014 at 12:51
Have you cut back on the bin men because ours should have been emptied on Wed it's now Friday and we are still waiting for them to come, explanation please. ( if you've got one )

Reply Posted by murk on Friday April 18 2014 at 12:59
Do you really expect a reply on here? I can imagine the uproar if BMBC paid someone to reply to each inquiry or whinge on here.

Reply Posted by Me on Friday April 18 2014 at 13:43
Murk, no it don't expect a reply on here but I do expect my bin being emptied on the day that it states.

Reply Posted by me on Saturday April 19 2014 at 13:22
Dont they have insurance to cover vandilism?
Agree with flower bed cuts, last xr sa em digging up perfectly good flowering plants (which a 2 of council workers made some into bunches for themselves) just to replace with more flowers complete waste.

Reply Posted by Harry on Thursday April 24 2014 at 12:02
Local councils do have insurance cover, but due to the fact that they are subject to many many claims, their excesses are usually in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. This means that they are effectively self insured in all but the most high value instances.

Reply Posted by baz on Saturday April 19 2014 at 17:19
how much extra council tax would we have needed to pay to keep all the services would have been nice to find out and even have the vote on paying to keep them.

Reply Posted by dave on Saturday April 19 2014 at 17:47
Bet they not making any cuts when it comes to there pensions?

Reply Posted by Fred on Monday April 21 2014 at 22:56
I think you mean THEIR pensions

Reply Posted by a on Saturday April 19 2014 at 18:08
bet there rehab money is ring fenced i grew up in a **** area,offered drugs but said no,thescum who dont should be left to dig themselfs out of the pit they have dug,either that or give them free drugs laced with poison

Reply Posted by Fred on Monday April 21 2014 at 22:56
I think you mean THEIR rehab money

Reply Posted by Chantelle on Saturday April 19 2014 at 19:10
Y not take a cut in your salaries rather than cutting yet more essential services wha5 u going to do when the budget is slashed yet again next yr? Hmmmm I really dread to think. Its time we all stood together n said enough n refuse to pay council tax cos we get sweet fa for it

Reply Posted by X on Sunday April 20 2014 at 01:44
But they have money for a dumb cat sculpture

Reply Posted by Fred on Monday April 21 2014 at 21:51
@chantelle. ... Great idea that's really going to help!!!

In my household we are limited to spending the same monthly outgoings as in comings... It's called living within your means.... When I was young and foolish I got a credit card and spent loads of money on all sorts if fancy things I didn't really need, but they were nice and impressed my mates, it took me nearly five years to pay the credit card bill off..

That's simply what this government are trying to do! I'm not saying it's necessarily right but one things for sure we can't carry on overspending money we simply don't have.
Our government, which ever party they happen to be wastes BILLIONS of pounds every year on things we can do without. Overseas aid to countries with space program's! wars no one wants, masses and masses of officials no one what they do ! Allowing mass tax evasion from companies making huge profits. These are the issues to sort, not who cuts my grass verge !!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Tuesday April 22 2014 at 09:42
Fred, agree with most of that post but, again the rot started during the Thatcher years and this country simply has never recovered.

Reply Posted by Kfc on Monday April 21 2014 at 22:15
@fred surely one thing for sure people of all generation have learned from the boom and bust and Latest government cuts.

Let's teach our children financial lessons with immediate effect. We owe our children this education from our mistakes of the past.

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Tuesday April 22 2014 at 18:46
do we realy need a nuclear deterent which were never going to use that would save billions ,what would you have better teachers more efficent n.h.s or a weapon you aint never going to use.

Reply Posted by Kfc on Tuesday April 22 2014 at 20:14
Why has my post been removed about illegal tipping in Wombwell. Please stop censoring WAB members comments against BMBC. You make your self look stupid and you prevent people from reporting facts

Reply Posted by Joe Bloggs on Wednesday April 23 2014 at 00:27
Answer to Kfc: This is why I never contribute to this site. What's the point when censorship exists? Readers only get to see what someone else wants them to see, not the true viewpoints of contributors.

Reply Posted by Kfc on Wednesday April 23 2014 at 20:19

@Joe Bloggs and fellow WABERS. I've decided I will no longer be posting on this site. I am fed up with having posts removed by the WAB POLICE and in particulate constructive debates over BMBC and Co.

This site is so censorshiped you would think we live in North Korea. Thank you to the many friends I have made and I have seen a decline in very activate debaters in the last few months.

As to The WAB Police you would not reconige Freedom of Speach "if it hit thee in Gob"

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Saturday April 26 2014 at 20:40
Yup, getting a bit fed up with it too Kfc, as soon as anyone dare say anything that could be deemed "derogatory or risqué" against any current serving councillor / council leader / Members of parliament for Barnsley or Asos then the post either disappears or is "locked".

What happened to the right to free speech?

Reply Posted by sid on Wednesday April 23 2014 at 20:29
Hi kfc, you can't stop posting! I've enjoyed our banter and so will many others. I know you have the skill to get your points across in a way that won't be censored. Your points are valid and should be aired. Be a shame to lose you matey!

Reply Posted by Chris on Saturday June 18 2016 at 19:37
For many years now I have paid my council tax, and was told I would get certain services in return, Thats the reason to pay council tax right ?

Now, in the meantime, it seems that certain Council leaders has been over spending, and borrowing large amounts of money to continue funding various projects that were not needed, and could not afford.

When are the people responsible going to be held accountable for the years of what must amount to criminal fraud. I , and many others pay a fee to receive a service. If this were a private company, lack of service would result in lack of payment, But as usual, the council and the government are able to do what they like, when they like with no recourse whatsoever.

Personally I believe that this "financial issue/crisis" is on the whole made up, Why?? So that councils and government can cut funding to essential services, and of course there is no uproar because its "austerity measures"

Time to come clean Mr Council. Where has our money gone ? What have you been spending it on ? Its going somewhere, who knows where, all we have is your word that these cuts are needed.

Just another step towards a police state of dependant minions at your beck and call.