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Library To Close Its Doors

Thursday March 20 2014

Library Library

BARNSLEY Central Library will close its doors on Friday (March 21.)

The Shambles Street library will close at 5.30pm and reopen eight weeks later in its new home at Wellington House on May 15.

The temporary relocation - which has been marred with controversy - will allow a new £16 million sixth form college to be built on the site.

A new library, costing £4m, will be built in the town centre within the next three years.

A mobile library service will be making additional stops on Kendray Street during the moving process from 9.30am - 4.30pm every Wednesday from April 2.

There will also be drop off boxes at Barnsley Town Hall for people who are unable to return their books to one of the borough's 16 other libraries.

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Reply Posted by sarah on Friday March 21 2014 at 08:34
Where is the change for life group .....cos i start it next week

Reply Posted by not surprised on Friday March 21 2014 at 12:48
with the internet .did anyone really not expect this !!!!
I am for ever telling my kids to read books for revision rather than use the internet.you learn more 'proven fact 'and you remember more detail.And doesnt surprise me in the least that the council prepared to spend 4 million building a new one.Give builders jobs.building all these new houses Very few can afford .and all these new buildings.yet they cutting down on council staff .by the thousands. affecting who ..Yep the working classes and the not so well off.you dont have to knock down to upgrade.....why not spend some of the money building New council homes. to replace the ones the Thatcherites sold off. thay complain about all the thousands they spending on the welfare system.then get someone with half an ounce of common sense in government .and instead of making the rich even more money."" ie landlords and builders" put it back into council coffers and stop wasting millions of pounds paying extortionate ammounts of money to landlords .SIMPLES

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Friday March 21 2014 at 22:02
not surprised have you been reading my posts .thatcher said there is no such thing as society boy did she no how to kick the crap out of it .as i have said before once a council house goes the council looses an asset in other words revenue .so if you bought your council house you helpt put people out of work made your grandkids unable to get a roof over there heads rather selfish of you wasnt it for the sake of bricks and mortar.

Reply Posted by kerry on Friday March 21 2014 at 13:56
The internet has nothing to do with the closure of the library! Libraries are about so much more than books. This is purely down to Barnsley Council thinking they know best, when in actual fact the majority of Barnsley people are against this closure. NEWS FLASH BARNSLEY COUNCIL-YOU REPRESENT US!!!! A very sad day.

Reply Posted by hoyland red on Friday March 21 2014 at 14:23
Kerry -Newsflash the majority of people in Barnsley aren't bothered that the library is relocating. That could be seen by the call to arms for people to make a chain around the town hall - only covering 2 sides of the town hall gives a real representation of how most people feel. My view is that the right decision has been made for the long term prosperity and education of the residents of Barnsley. Time moves on.

Reply Posted by Ray on Friday March 21 2014 at 15:13
Someone talking sense, I never signed the petition because upon reading into it, the demolition is for the good of the area as a whole. All those derelict units are getting knocked down and the whole are is being redeveloped at no further cost to the Barnsley rate payer, being most of the funding is coming from central government and the rest by the college.

I would like to point out to Kerry that you do not know the majority of people are against the demolition. All you know is that a small percentage signed a petition, without being given the whole picture or facts.

Not heard a peep out of Dave Gibson lately, he is probably busy working on his political manifesto, or found another protest to attend.

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Friday March 21 2014 at 22:09
kerry do you have electric and running water in your cave.

Reply Posted by Kerry on Friday March 21 2014 at 23:28
Actually an awful lot of people are bothered about the library closing! you may not be, but so what?? Can you explain why you think that closing a well used public library, is the right decision for the people of Barnsley?

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Saturday March 22 2014 at 09:20
for a start never built in the right place,times change can you remember beta max yes and when blackpool was the only seaside you saw yes and when a mobile phone was like a stairfoot double pressed brick yes the same has happened to the book the birth of computer technology came through the door from atari to the i box even computers will go further the day of the surgeon is numbered please open your eyes

Reply Posted by hoyland red on Sunday March 23 2014 at 18:53
Kerry, I'm sure there are many people, that feel strongly about this but there far far more that don't. The issue is that the library is NOT closing it is merely relocating. Therefore you are making a stand about a building. That building has no architectural merit to save it. As libraries go, it is too big and is not in a central location. The council are taking an opportunity working with the college to remove a row of empty shops, to redevelop the area and provide state of the art education facilities for the next generation.
The same books and same staff will I'm sure be in the temporary and new (when built) library so what is the problem?

Reply Posted by sid on Friday March 21 2014 at 13:59
See what you're saying Kerry,but I'm afraid internet has effected libraries. I read from kindle now. Funnily enough I enjoy reading much more too,didn't think I would,but I do.

Reply Posted by Kerry on Sunday March 23 2014 at 09:33
I'm afraid you are missing the point

Reply Posted by guy fawkes on Sunday March 23 2014 at 13:18
dear kerry you have spoken with vermont ferocity in the defence of barnsley libary people have read what you have written and commented they have like myself said what they think there are always two sides to any debate .i am going to barnsley tommorrow and expect to see you chained to the libary doors as someone with such recourse needs actions to go with the words.

Reply Posted by Rosie on Sunday March 23 2014 at 19:13
Its end of an era i have used the library for over 30 years it will not be the same i was part of the campaign save our library and i was there on friday protesting have you seen the two pictures what the new library will look like nowt near or like central library only small i ve used computers and borrowed books and spent some happy times in the central library end of era