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Absentee Landlords To Face Tougher Rules

Thursday April 3 2014

ABSENTEE landlords will be dealt with more severely in an attempt to improve Goldthorpe's appearance.

Dearne councillors have grown tired of paying for the removal of rubbish which piles up in the now notorious gardens on Beever, Victoria, Cross, Co-Operative and Frederick Streets.

Section 92 orders - which force landlords to pay to have waste removed - have been handed out over the last fortnight and landlords have been given a set amount of time to deal with rubbish outside their properties.

Allan Sneddon, from South Yorkshire Police, said: "Once a noticed is issued they have a month to sort the problem. After that the council will remove the rubbish, but the landlord will be billed."

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Reply Posted by blue sky on Thursday April 3 2014 at 13:56
Its about time. Areas like this are being ruined by absentee landlords letting to scum and allowing their properties fall down and become dumps. Goldthorpe has some nice hard working people who live in private homes but they are surrounded by unemploed dross who live in filth. Disgusting. Fine them and throw the scrubbers out.

Reply Posted by kerry on Thursday April 3 2014 at 14:00
Good. it's a start. But this should apply to every area in Barnsley. This is a widespread problem, especially in the town centre.

Reply Posted by cheryl on Thursday April 3 2014 at 14:00
If the landlords are absentee how can they be more severely dealt with. Looking round Goldthorpe today noticed all sorts of rubbish in gardens in Frederick/Princess/Wellington/Poplar & Albert Rd areas that has been there months so Dearne councillors seems your tiredness has not awakened any actions you must be in a dream

Reply Posted by sarah on Thursday April 3 2014 at 16:40
I've lived round here for nearly 20 years and ( bad girl in my last life), and the area has gone from bad to worse, another thing I have noticed is the promises these councillors keep making, they have done nothing for the area they opposed aldi because it would spoil the views of people around it even though it is only going where industrial units already are, as long as they keep pocketing their expenses theyre happy sod the village

Reply Posted by kath on Thursday April 3 2014 at 16:58
Can't you tell the local elections are coming up....

Reply Posted by SALLY on Thursday April 3 2014 at 18:29
The councillors promise all kinds before elections. Then after there is nothing. There is always someone above them that will refuse what is proposed or asked for. Central government are to blame for it lack of funding. BUT YET THEY HAVE GOT BILLIONS TO SEND OVERSEAS IN AID. WE NEED AID HERE WE NEED THAT MONEY FOR OUR OWN PEOPLE. This country has sent money to a country that can afford to send rockets into space. How can they JUSTIFY that. All overseas aid should stop now. That money would build a lot of homes for our people.

Reply Posted by True red on Thursday April 3 2014 at 20:15
This will not be the end of the absentee landlords as more and more people try to down size from the hated bedroom tax and not enough social housing absentee landlords will buy more affordable properties with the likely hood of high rents and big profits they are not interested in the area after all they don't live here.

Reply Posted by Red Optimist on Sunday April 6 2014 at 14:40
Hated Bedroom tax? It's not hated by me.

Reply Posted by Goldthorpe76 on Sunday April 6 2014 at 10:21
You can't and the unemployed for everything ! How do you it's the unemployed that have left the rubbish come on ! The council should pay to clean it up it's their area and their job I've lived in goldthorpe from birth 37 years and it's disgusting that they build more eyesore factories and private homes no one can afford yet leave the so called poorer areas to rot !!

Reply Posted by blue sky on Sunday April 6 2014 at 11:07
It is the unemployed who live like that. The nice estates that people supposedly cant afford but which are full and in demand are clean and tidy. I have worked in Goldthorpe and similar areas with the public and in their homes and yes it is the unemployed who live in squalor.
Your attitude is typical and defensive. I agree about the factories but as this area has more unemployed than any other, the jobs are needed. People from these areas need jobs cloe by as they will or can not travel for work.

Reply Posted by sarah on Sunday April 6 2014 at 14:51
It's not just the councils area its the people who live here that should take responsibility for their own rubbish these people don't pay council tax why should us that do have to keep coughing up to get it cleaned up. I live near one of the new estates and some houses are private rented but are still very well kept,I also live near a street where most people don't work and their gardens are over run with rats and mice because the rubbish. I also happen to look out onto the factories they are not an eyesore goldthorpe is.

Reply Posted by blue sky on Sunday April 6 2014 at 20:22
I agree 100%
If you see the gardens of council estates they look like crap unless the council do all the work or they have been purchased. How can the unemployed not have time to clean windows, mow grass, take dogs out insteaf of letting them mess inthe so called gardens? After all they find the time to smoke outside the job centre and sit outside the pubs....

Reply Posted by anon on Sunday April 6 2014 at 20:28
Hey blue sky, I thought it was just me that thought that. Lots of time on their hands and yet they can't be bothered. Mind you, not all of them
I hope.

Reply Posted by blue sky on Sunday April 6 2014 at 21:21
No doubt I will be slated now as most of the WAB ers seem to be of the unemployed thick bigoted types

Reply Posted by anon12 on Tuesday April 8 2014 at 12:35
love the comments on here really makes me chuckle yea everyone has the right to their opinion but if your going to open your mouths then do please get things right unemployed ppl do have to pay council tax its housing benefits they get help with. I agree with goldthorpe76 why build more private rented homes all that's wrong with the old ones is, some of the landlords dnt give a flying f*** what their houses r like as long as they are getting their rent paid to them and they don't bother to go out and do repairs on the houses which is why the houses are like that do a check on the tenants before they move in its simple if landlords did more n made more of an effort then the homes wouldn't be like that

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