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Warning Issued After Attempted Dog Snatch

Thursday March 13 2014

Rocky and Rambo Rocky and Rambo

A DOG owner has issued a warning after a man tried to steal his two German Shepherds.

James Whiteley, 28, of Allendale, Worsbrough, let Rocky and Rambo out into the garden as usual on Wednesday morning.

"They started going berserk at something but I just thought it was the postman," James said. "It was going on for a while though so I went out to see what was going off."

James found Rocky still in the garden, but Rambo was nowhere to be seen. He also found an opened pack of dog treats on his driveway.

After searching the surrounding area, a passer-by mentioned he had seen a man with a German Shepherd further down the road, but when James got there, he found his dog alone.

"It was lucky that I found him," James added. "I think whoever is responsible for this coaxed Rambo out of the garden with the treats and only stopped because the dog is powerful.

"I have heard rumours of this happening nearby but I never thought it would happen to me, so I would like others to be alert."

Anyone with any information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 490 of Wednesday, March 12.