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Wombwell Charity Shop Burgled Again

Thursday March 13 2014

Wombwell by Susan Quinn Wombwell by Susan Quinn

A CHARITY shop was burgled almost a year to the day since it was first targeted.

The Age UK charity shop, on High Street, Wombwell, was broken into on March 3 with burglars getting in through the roof.

A year ago they got in the same way, but only managed to steal 10p from a donations box.

Hugh Forde, managing director of retail at Age UK, said: "Thankfully no-one was injured, however the takings were stolen and there was damage to the shop and stock.

"It is a terrible shame when things like this happen, as Age UK shops rely on donations to help raise vital funds to support older people."

Police are investigating.

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Reply Posted by Paula on Thursday March 13 2014 at 17:50
Stealing from a Charity shop!!.... words fail me!

Reply Posted by Collet on Thursday March 13 2014 at 19:52
Hope if they catch them, they don't send them to prison for us to keep just name en shame them en publish there ugly mugs,for the locals to deal with.?

Reply Posted by nobby on Thursday March 13 2014 at 19:55
they pinch from pound shops .

Reply Posted by Kfc on Thursday March 13 2014 at 20:50
What confuses me is the High Street had 10 tens of thousand of pounds worth of CCTV cameras fitted a few years ago it seems these cameras are monitored.

Can some one from BMBC or who works for the Police or indeed one of the highest paid Councillors that alleged represents Wombwell people Who claimed just short of £30000 last year for his volunteer services

Reply Posted by Rubydoo on Thursday March 13 2014 at 22:19
Set a man trap ( or scum trap ) , booby trap, or have a large hungry animal sleeping on the premises.............something to greet them as they get into the shop. Sorted. Simples.

Reply Posted by barnsley till i die on Friday March 14 2014 at 09:36
stealing from a charity shop is the lowest of low. Hope your proud you scum. You must be desperate !

Reply Posted by maud on Sunday March 16 2014 at 15:19
lower than a snakes belly

Reply Posted by anon on Monday March 17 2014 at 10:30
Name and shame