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Housing Estate Plan For Colliery Site Refused

Monday February 20 2012

A PLAN to build a housing estate on the site of the former Houghton Main Colliery has been refused by Barnsley Council.

Harworth Estates wanted to develop the site on Middlecliffe Lane, Little Houghton - near the Asos factory - into employment and residential use.

Developers first asked for permission for the scheme in 2009 and have been negotiating ever since - Haworth Estates wanted to build 72 houses and use the remainder for employment land.

But several objections were raised to the residential portion, claiming the land should only be used for employment.

The plan was refused.

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Reply Posted by Charles hemingway on Monday February 20 2012 at 17:43
When Houghton Main was closed by Maggi Thatcher there was still a good thirty years of coaling to do, we had just started to head out the roadways in the Thorncliff seam, this was top quality coal with a low sulpher content ideal for the power stations. Just now all there is, is two pipes sticking out of the ground where the shafts were, tap into these there would be plenty of gas to sell.When we capped the shafts 150 metres below the surface I joked and said that houses would be built over them and when the girders rot in a hundred or so years the cap will fall the other 800 metres, I was told "dont worry over that, we wont be here.

Reply Posted by frank whittaker No 770 on Monday February 20 2012 at 20:27

Reply Posted by Charles hemingway on Tuesday February 21 2012 at 05:13
They filled in number one shaft completly all the way from the Barnsley bed seam to the surface, hence no pipe was left in this one.

Reply Posted by Kathy-1964 on Wednesday February 22 2012 at 13:34
Typical Thatcher cronies - leave the mess for the future!!! Maybe its right then not to build the houses - just a thought..... They built houses at Smithies and 20 years later the methane started to come out - cost a fortune to the LA Housing Dept as they had to re-home people but really sad thing is that people had to move from their homes (some that had bought their houses too) and be put into the rougher areas as that is the only place they had housing as no one would choose to live there.  

Reply Posted by MEH on Friday February 24 2012 at 10:40
In an economic climate where no one can afford bills ,taxes and morgages the only idea's the goverment and industrial companys have these days is build more houses that no one can afford.
Its stupid soon there will be no greenland as it will all be filled with bleeding houses. 

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