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Resident Calls For Action On Litter

Wednesday March 5 2014

AN ANGRY resident has called for more to be done about litter.

Alison Whitworth, 21, of Queensway, Hoyland, has urged Barnsley Council to clamp down on fly tippers because she says its become a dumping ground.

She said: "I have grown up here and it is becoming increasingly worse because people think they can get away with it.

"These woodlands, which are used by kids, are now dangerous as there is broken glass everywhere and masses of household waste.

"The council need to clamp down on this behaviour because it is ruining woodland and making them unsafe. People should pick up or pay up and be named and shamed."

Alison has called on the council to implement fines and introduce more bins to help address the issue.

Coun Roy Miller, cabinet spokesman for development, environment and culture, said: "Our enforcement officers will be investigating this area. There's no excuse for littering and we will be carrying out investigations to trace the culprits."

If you've witnessed incidents of littering, call 01226 772468.

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Reply Posted by Angela Swan on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 08:28
Yes litter in wombwell/Hoyland is a HUGE issue!! I'm a carer and visit elderley people around Stubbs Rd/Loxley Ave/Tune St wombwell and there is litter all over the place!What do we pay our council tax for????

Reply Posted by nobby on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 19:42
for the crownees to eat choccy biscuits its a bit like nero and rome but weve got stevo watching the tarn burn .

Reply Posted by Anon on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:14
Too right Angela, I live on that Wombwell Estate....it's an absolute disgrace, litter all over!

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday March 6 2014 at 20:38
If you are to use my name in vain, then its STEVEO old bean

Reply Posted by Michelle Waddoups on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 10:20
It's going to get worse before it gets better because of the ridiculous new bin/recycling cockup imposed on us by Barnsley Council. Everyone I know is still waiting on bin deliveries, (I don't have a blue bin at all, I ordered before Xmas, been told another 6 to 8 weeks) And to make matters worse a 2 weekly collection reduced to a 4 weekly collection for recycling. Fly tipping is on the up, I'm afraid.

Reply Posted by cp on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 10:20
I live in hoyland common and notice the big road sweeper but it only seems to do the car park behind our house not the road in front (seems silly to me) and when I have reported someone dumping several gas bottles on the grass banking the council took more than 2 weeks to collect. I realise budgets are being cut but I think the money is being spent recklessly and then essential services are being cut.

Reply Posted by Rita on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 10:23
I live in the town centre and I am disgusted by the amount of litter laying around. The council are putting up our Council Tax and yet they still talk about reducing our services. While I don't blame the council for the litter, its obviously members of the public who don't care about the state of our town, they surely have an obligation to do something about it. They could work with volunteers or probation to help with the problem, put up fines or talk to schools about educating kids. The problem won't just go away if they ignore it!

Reply Posted by nobby on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 19:45
lets make the kebab and pizzas and chippy shops carry a bit of this aswell colour code the trays and make em pay up for cleaning w for woodys ect .

Reply Posted by Collet on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 10:31
Councillor Miller knows all about litter,before all the cut backs and when Barnsley had bags of cash,we have had to endure the dirtiest streets in the country, Just check and see how many people have been fined for dropping litter and compare it with people who have been fined for driving a few miles per hour over the speed limit,and there isn't any excuse for that either.? Councillors are experts at blaming somebody else,time to get rid of them and put professional business men and women to run the place?.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 11:58
You are spot on Collet, not all councillors are useless....just the ones in charge at the moment.

Reply Posted by Picker on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 11:15
I am part of a litter pick voluntary group that cover Mapplewell, Staincross and Darton. If you would like to join us on the following litter picks feel free
All litter picks to start 9.30

15 Mar 14 meet Tin hat Litter pick around the following area :-Sparklane
5 Apr 14 meet Co-op car park Litter pick :- Park and surrounding area
26 Apr 14 meet Warren Lane Litter pick :-Staincross Common, Windhill, Sparklane.

We provide litter pickers, Hi-Vis bibs, bags if you could bring your own gloves and suitable footwear

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 11:29
Why not introduce two hours litter picking per week for people classified as long term unemployed and signing on? Here's your gloves and high vis jacket...make people earn their job seekers and do something useful giving back into the community that is paying them for otherwise not working!

I'm sure some will oppose this idea, but it will reduce the strain on the council purse and make the place a bit brighter for all to live in!

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 11:32
....plus they can then obtain a good reference from the council for their efforts. That's at least something positive to put on their CV!

Reply Posted by nobby on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:18
just read this comment ive got annother way of bringing more money in why not make blue badge holders pay half the fee to park say if its 1.40 they pay 70 pence and use this money to help young uns after all they pay at bdgh dont they how do you feel abut this idea richard.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:25
Young people do need assistance and drive and motivation, which is why so many new apprenticeships have been created around the country (approx. 1.5m in the last year or so) Giving kids money isn't always the answer, but putting it into services is a positive step.

Better education is needed to allow younger generations to compete in the open market. Currently Barnsley ranks very low down the league table and certainly behind many European counterparts (including Poland). It means us Brits need to try harder and work harder and be smarter and be better. We can do it, we just need to change the mind set and get them off their behinds and focused on making a good life for themselves. Benefits culture has been so damaging as I belive folk have simply got comfortable getting their benefit allowance, then complain to the high heavens when it gets reduced in some way (Bedroom Tax for example). This isn't a free life, we have to work and earn a living and give back to society.

Reply Posted by bananas on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 12:27
Richard why should anybody have to pick other peoples rubbish up. theres a pickup wagon goin around our village, moving peoples rubbish a dumpin it. yes gypsy are the culprits and the cops no it. but no action will ever b taken against them. because they are gypsys.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 12:39
@Bananas Its a way of reducing the council tax bill and improving the town and rid it of rubbish.

Should Jobseekers that are long term unemployed simply sit at home and get paid for doing nothing?

Of course in an ideal world nobody would drop litter, but this isn't an ideal world. In an ideal world everyone would already have a job and there wouldn't be a need for a benefits system.

Jobseekers shouldn't be a free lunch The benefits system should be for those in NEED, not those too lazy to work. If they have a spare couple of hours per week, then why not make them do something useful to help make their town a better place for all to live??

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 12:41
....and in return, they get their benefits payment.

Long term unemployed could also get a glowing reference from the council for their services to the community.

Reply Posted by nobby on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 19:51
richard get real with thee comments cos there is two sides firstly rent private landlords how much does that cost we sold all social housing of and now the ugly head of the money bleeding landlord was born then as regaurds young people on benefits thas seen to much on telly with that strret ***** and jeremy kyle the grey heads are a far greater burden on the benefits system than the youth that is now the product of maggie thatcher.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 20:08
What has any of my comments here got to do with private landlords or Maggie Thatcher? I'm saying long term unemployed could do a spot of litter picking for a couple of hours a week to get their jobseekers allowance.....thus reducing the council tax bill. The only ones I foresee complaining would be the ones having to get off their backsides to actually do some work for money!

Reply Posted by nobby on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 20:49
what about all the grey heads picking some for the winter heating allowance.the reason i mentioned maggie was that her phillosphy was sell it of or shut it up hence profit before folk thats why the younguns are sat at home.disalusioned and betrayed no wonder they take drugs it may be to escape the ***** were in.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:00
Maggie was 30 years ago. Have some pride nobby, everyone has to make the most of what we have, not keep looking back in anger. Everyone has a choice, they don't have to live with their heads down, feeling sorry for themselves and taking drugs etc, there is opportunity for all, just means we have to get our hands dirty sometimes. We can't have a go at the pensioners, they have lived their lives and paid their taxes and fought for our country etc and are less able to make further contributions. The younger generations need to pick themselves up and get on with it and make things good for themselves, those around them and future generations to come. If we don't, it will stay crap for years to come....and in 30 years time, everyone can still blame Thatcher, rather than take hold of their own lives. Thatcher is yesteryear, not our future.

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:02
Good post richard

Reply Posted by Brian on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 22:25
Nothing to do with Margaret Thatcher.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday March 6 2014 at 22:35
RE - Thatcher, double helix post... GDP NEVER recovered since the Thatcher years, in fact our country has NEVER recovered from the Thatcher years irrespective of who has been in charge...

You have to look back to look forward...

Reply Posted by Richard on Thursday March 6 2014 at 22:42
Geez its buzzword bingo with you STEVEO, its "Double Helix" this, "4th generation politics" that, "neo liberal" the other!

What hasn't recovered from Thatcher? the UK or just Barnsley?? Barnsley hasn't recovered because they are looking back in anger and still feeling miffed about the closure of the mines! Like I said many times, its 30 years ago and in that time Barnsley folk have continued to vote Labour.....that's why things are crap and they will continue to be crap if they continue voting Red. Surely even you can understand that one STEVEO?!

Reply Posted by Kilkenny on Thursday March 6 2014 at 22:46
Richard - your missing your buddies on Question Time.

Talk a lot of hot air like you.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday March 6 2014 at 22:47
Richard, and why exactly are the long term unemployed, erm, long term unemployed...

3 MILLION Unemployed but only 596,00 jobs available....

90% of the (meagre) jobs available in our town are minimum wage jobs...

Remember the Tory mantra " making work pay" it is evidently clear that being in FULL TIME work it simply doesn't pay the bills and BILLIONS have to be paid out in tax credits just to "top up" a minimum wage workers wage so why not just improve the minimum wage?

IN fact I have a better idea, why not improve the minimum wage the year BEFORE a general election....

OOps, sorry Tories / Coalition you have had it, the people have had enough of you even though you are trying to bribe (us) minimum wage workers with an increase in the minimum wage.

AND the Tory supporting and Tory party donators simply wouldn't have it would they?

Asos anyone?

As for the unemployed working for "nowt a yard" it is already happening and is called "work fare", remember the young lass stacking shelves for "nowt a yard " in the pound shop?

Sorry, I will rephrase that " remember the young lass stacking shelves for "multi million pound Tory donating company Pound LAND"

What does the young lass get out of it?

Works experience and at least the minimum wage?

No works experience, glorified tea girl and stacking shelves for "nowt a yard".

Workfare doesn't work for people wanting to get back into work, it only works for multi million pound Tory donating pound shops.

Reply Posted by Richard on Thursday March 6 2014 at 23:04
Probably because we've been spread too thin going to pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past decade!

Reply Posted by sid on Thursday March 6 2014 at 23:07
No,its down to money Richard. The French and Germans are the same. The Russians are better armed now than ever before. All from question time. Its quite worrying to me.

Reply Posted by sid on Thursday March 6 2014 at 23:08
Though I do agree with you about Iraq and afghan.

Reply Posted by Richard on Thursday March 6 2014 at 23:09
Yes Sid, and Labour spent £100 BILLION on Iraq and Afghanistan

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday March 6 2014 at 23:12
Ecomomics and GDP Richard.

P.S its fourth "division" politics BTW.

Reply Posted by steveo on Thursday March 6 2014 at 23:14

SEE sometimes it DOES happen, pointless pandering up to the yanks for any sort of war.

Reply Posted by sid on Thursday March 6 2014 at 23:17
I just can't get my head around the fact that our government give money to other country's and yet we can't defend our own country. I'm thinking the asylums are empty,the residents have moved into parliament.
God help us if the Russians get moving in.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Monday March 10 2014 at 11:11
The Tories are giving £2 BILLION to the Ukraine, but we are having to endure "austerity cuts" the likes of we haven't seen since the second world war.

That is what is wrong with this country, always happy to get its hand in its pockets to help out others but they wont help our own.

Reply Posted by Karen on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 12:31
WAB - didn't you just run a story on new enforcement people coming to Hoyland???????????????? Do you read your own stories???

Reply Posted by Nicky WAB on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 12:47
Karen, we ran a story saying that councillors wanted to recruit people for Hoyland. It isn't set in stone and it isn't something that has been given the go ahead yet. Yes, we read our own stories and are thrilled that you do too!

Reply Posted by Collet on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 13:49
Apart from disabled people no one should be aloud to sit at home waiting for state benefits to be popped through the letter box,but it's been going on for that long who is going to be brave enough to stop it,and it's not only the poor that's on the gravy train???.

Reply Posted by nobby on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 19:58
collet wake up lass tha walking round in a tory induced trance.read me comment to dicky.as rgaurds that gravy train them who are dodging pay there way have already got thee fighting the own fellow man havent they theyve won kidda think deep kid and dont believe all what the tories print or show thee on telly.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 20:11
Nobby, seems you need to take some of your own advice......don't believe all the Labour councillors tell you either, they've been caught lying and misleading their constituents on more occasions than I care to remember and they never learn. They've just put up council tax by the MAXIMUM they can without going to a referendum, the sly weasels.

Reply Posted by nobby on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 20:54
i never new that weasles were on the flag of these tax dodging havens flying above these super yachts moored up in t caymen isles truth is kidda no matter what thew rossette theres only one pot kid and theyall use it.

Reply Posted by jim on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:04
Richard@ you stated more than once :{ a way of reducing the council tax bill }

When have you ever seen a reduction in any bill ? your having a giraffe.

only thing that gets reduced is your knowledge. it is wearing thin day by day.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:09
@Jim, I notice Labour put council tax up by 1.9%, or the MAXIMUM they were allowed to before going to a referendum. Ever wonder why it doesn't go down when these guys are in charge?? Can anyone else see the common link yet??

Reply Posted by jim on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:11
I am only stating what you wrote.. and also the country is full and tories have also overspent. TRUE

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:16
@Jim, I'm curious how it is you believe our country is full? One thing however, that is TRUE is that during Labour's 13 years in power they were responsible for the highest influx of immigrants in living memory.

If you think Tories have overspent, ask yourself how much the Iraq and Afghanistan wars cost us, or the NHS IT system, or the Banking crisis followed by the mortgage crisis, which allowed the bankers to continue getting their bonuses. ALL Labour. If you want to compare figures, I'd be delighted.

I'm not a Tory supporter, but they've certainly not made the monumental gaffs that Labour have left us with to sort out.

Reply Posted by Brian on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 22:28
I agree with the majority of the comments that Richard makes.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday March 6 2014 at 21:23
Rich, yup I will always concede the immigration and Labour point, yes they got the "estimated" figure wrong...

However, the Tories told us that immigration would be in the "tens of thousands" but net migration last year was over 200K.... OOPS EPIC FAIL

Banks.... If Labour wouldn't have bailed out the banks then the UK WOULD have become bankrupt and we WOULD have needed a bail out from the EU

However, you mentioned the banks and bonuses, George "Gideon" Osbourne is currently at war with the EU as the EU member states have imposed a rule that any banker can only earn 10% of his annual salary as a bonus, of course this isn't nearly good enough for Giddy Poos who thinks that his millionaire economy roulette playing banker chums should get millions of pounds in bonuses for playing roulette with the UK economy.

Salaries for the FTSE 100 Executives + 98% , Average salary change for the man in the street -7.5%

I will also mention quantitative easing, when in opposition George "Giddy Poos" Osbourne said that quantitative easing wouldn't work and was wrong....

However, since the coalition was formed and George "giddy poos" Osbourne has been playing roulette with our economy (and epically failed by the way) we now find that George "giddy poos" Osbourne has introduced more money into the economy via quantitative easing THAN IN THE HISTORY OF OUR NATION.

As far as the country is full comment, 2 MILLION immigrants, up 900,000 since the coalition have been in power, statistically 40% more than under the last 3 years of Labour being in power...

However, and just to reiterate again the Tories promised us tens of thousands rather that hundreds of thousands, but three years in 300,000 a YEAR isn't exactly tens of thousands is it?

On the back of that, the Tories PROMISED to cut youth unemployment but alas AGAIN 900,000 immigrants have put paid to that.

Youth unemployment - Currently running at 1 MILLION 16-25 year olds, 900,000 MINUS 1 MILLION EQUALS?

No brainer....

3 MILLION Unemployed but only 596,000 jobs available, 300,000 immigrants last year leaves a net job availability total of 296,000.....

Welfare reforms...

"Flagship Tory Welfare reforms" - 900,000 people "sanctioned" and lose ALL benefits, the biggest rise since the inception of the welfare state.

Some 600,000 people sanctioned are of 16-25 years old, making an absolute MOCKERY of the Tory vow to lower the youth unemployment rate

Some 900,000 "Thrown" off disability benefits by the Tory "Work Capability assessment" via the Tory "murdering" arm Atos (a French I.T Firm)

10,000 P.A Deaths directly attributed to the Tory "welfare reforms" and Atos testing....

Universal "Job Match" ,900 MILLION ( AND STILL GOING UP!) to sort out a new I.T system to "make it easier for people to get a job or face benefit sanctions, estimated that for everyone that actually gets a job via universal job match (or face sanctions) it costs us the taxpayer £60,000.

Good value for money?

Erm no!





Reply Posted by Richard on Thursday March 6 2014 at 21:30
3 million unemployed, that's about the same number Labour let through our borders in such a short space of time....so 200,000 isn't so significant by comparison.

Reply Posted by Richard on Thursday March 6 2014 at 21:38
and why exactly did Labour need to bail out the banks? And then why exactly did Labour continue to allow the bankers enormous bonuses following their monumental foul up? This topic of banks in itself came to hundreds of BILLIONS! Then there is Iraq AND Afghanistan another 100 BILLION, that's without trying to fix the NHS (which incidentally they spent 10 BILLION on a failed IT system)......we could exchange comparisons all night, but one thing I think we can agree on, is that Labour cannot be trusted with our purse strings, Osbourne has needed to spend money and sell off some assets to get us out of this mess Labour left us in.

Reply Posted by Richard on Thursday March 6 2014 at 21:42
As for unemployment, do you think Labour would have created enough jobs for everyone? We both know the answer to that.

Tories didn't create all of the new jobs and apprenticeships, Lib Dems did, which is why unemployment has fallen. Not everyone is on a zero hours contract, but even these people's earnings ensures they pay little or no tax due to the Lib Dems ensuring the tax threshold has been raised.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday March 6 2014 at 21:59
Yup Labour cannot be trusted with the purse strings, but, again I refer you back to the double helix post - Re - The Thatcher years and loss of GDP from which we have NEVER recovered irrespective of who has been in charge.

Sometimes you have to look back to look forward, problem is many people only look back in nostalgic overtones and fail to see the wood for the trees....

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 13:56
Well its up to the people to vote for these things.....Labour are too weak to make those sorts of statements, they just expect huge handout grants from the government all the time and then waste the money when they get it.....then blame the government when they've run out of cash.

Reply Posted by sid on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 16:09
Keep your hats on, there are weighted bags coming to your area soon! They,ll be flying all over the countryside.

Reply Posted by blueber on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 19:12
Surely members of parliament and the house of lords are on benefits as they are paid from the public purse

Reply Posted by bananas on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 20:57
don't matter who you vote in they all **** in the same pot. nobody should be unemployed in this country. but they are and the country is full up.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:05
Of course it matters who you vote for. Vote for a genocidal maniac and you get a world war (I'm referring to Hitler) vote for a party that mismanages money and you get a financial crisis (I'm referring to Labour). This country is NOT full up, it just appears that way, the reality is much different to the perception of it all. Things are improving, but it doesn't happen over night, it takes years to heal from years of a party mismanaging our countries finances, but we are healing.

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:20
Some very good comments Richard

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Monday March 10 2014 at 11:32
Strange but true, but, said genocidal maniac actually cut the 4 Million unemployment figure in Germany to nigh on zero.

The Tories tell us that we ARE full up and that we need to artificially stimulate the economy by building ONE MILLION new homes on our green and pleasant land.

The Tories have also told BMBC that we "need" 19,000 new homes in our town , where are these houses going to go?

Yup you guessed it green belt land.

Vast swathes of green belt land paved over to artificially stimulate our economy for a short time, this is a typical example of Tory financial mismanagement.

Who are going to buy these houses?

Local people?

NO people from outside our area who will take advantage of the cheaper houses built in our town and they will commute back to Leeds / Sheffield / Wakefield / Huddersfield and other places.

You speak of parties mismanaging our countries finances, the Tories are the typical example of financial mismanagement as they once they get kicked into the gutter at the next general elections, will have spent £1 TRILLION pounds even though we are having to endure massive austerity cuts the likes of not seen since the second world war.

George "Gideon" Osbourne doesn't even have any qualifications to manage our nations finances but got his advantageous position by being a fully paid up member of the Bullingdon club.

Reply Posted by kilkenny on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:25
anon a clone of Richard.

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 21:39
Not tru Kilkenny. I'm giving credit where its due that's all!

Reply Posted by hunnybunnyblue on Thursday March 6 2014 at 22:25
Jealousy kilkenny?! STEVEO sometimes I do think that you have 'Senior Citizen' moments where one moment you are with us all and the next wandering through the neither region of lollipop land! And talking of Senior Citizens, God help you Nobby when you get old, you ungrateful cretin! After the lifetime service that the elderly have given to King and country, they were the generation that went out to work from the age of 12, they worked long days of 12 hours and they did this ALL of their lives. They went to War for us, they broke their backs to make Britain strong again with non of the modern comforts we lavish ourselves with today. We the younger generation have screwed things up yet you would deny the elderly to live whats left of their lives in freezing cold homes. Have you never been to the cemetery in the early months of the year and seen just how many elderly have been buried??! Shame on you.
Richard you bring a very valid argument to the table on many debates and I look forward to seeing many more of your view points in the future.

Reply Posted by Richard on Thursday March 6 2014 at 23:08
So saying POLAND is racist? Since when?

Old folk are 39% worse off under the Tories? They'd have already be dead under Labour, so which is worse?

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday March 6 2014 at 23:18
You said the "P" word and you ARE racist!

Rich, even YOU should know when I am being "TIC" the "P" word thingy comes from our nations politically correct, namby pamby idiotic obsession with not daring to speak out against people from another country, yup immigrants...

There I said it....

Reply Posted by LOL on Saturday March 8 2014 at 13:21
Collet - benefits don't come through the letterbox anymore - I get my JSA paid into my bank account every other week.

Reply Posted by Craig on Saturday March 8 2014 at 22:45
What has litter picking got to do with education? Richard, you are a stuck record you really are!! How do you see with those blue-tinted glasses on - are things better under this government ??

Reply Posted by Craig on Saturday March 8 2014 at 22:49
Aren't the rises in most council tax bills the result of brutal cuts to local government funding ? Sorry , cuts to Labour controlled councils!

Reply Posted by anon on Saturday March 8 2014 at 22:56
As the cuts are harsh and men are losing jobs on the council why is there a rates increase? I thought costs were cut to avoid increases. Were is the extra money going if there are less wages to pay?

Reply Posted by Kfc on Sunday March 9 2014 at 16:37
The answer is simple.firstly it's not people catching buses getting taxis and coming in there cars to drop litter in your area.

My area is terrible too. It's the people that live in thier OWN communities that cause this vile act. If people don't treat the streets with respect then I dread to think the squalor they live in at home.

You go to many areas around the country and you will not see a bit of litter laying about. It's not the Councils responabilty to pick other people rubbish up.

It's for each and individual member of that community to take personell responsibility for the town or estate they live in.

Education Education and more Education needed for all ages of our communities.

Another point all dogs should be DNA sampled then when dog crap is dumped in public areas the authorities can take action.

It works in other countries very succesfully and it's cheaper than clearing the mess up.

Then we can start with humans the week later.

Reply Posted by craig on Sunday March 9 2014 at 23:12
The cuts are in their millions - cutting wages does not cover this

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Monday March 10 2014 at 11:15
The Tories - Putting the N in CUTS.

ipso Regulated