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Unemployment Figures Rocket In Barnsley

Thursday February 16 2012

UNEMPLOYMENT rates in Barnsley have risen for the seventh consecutive month with over 3,000 locals now claiming benefits.

New statistics show that, in the space of five weeks, the number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance has risen by 291 (9.6 per cent.) It now means that there are 3,032 people claiming benefits whilst looking for work in Barnsley.

Jarvis explained, “Today is devastating news for hundreds of people in Barnsley. It means 7.9 per cent of our workforce who could work and who want to work, simply can’t work because the government have created a climate that is not conducive to jobs and growth.

“Many people were in short-term work over the Christmas period, but now find themselves back on the dole queue. We need targeted investment to attract jobs for the people of Barnsley.”

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Reply Posted by Alex on Saturday February 18 2012 at 03:22
 My Rant...

.The Job market is rubbish , when I left college around two years ago I applied all over the Barnsley area ( because I can't drive ). I wrote my own CV which was checked by my tutors and peers and they said it was one of the best they had seen. I was also doing voluntary work beforehand during my time at college. I sent out nearly 50 CV's' /applications to companies and businesses and out of all of those i ended up with about 2 interviews and declined of both positions due to lack customer experience.   I then heard that an agency was taking on for short contracts , managed to get a job there for a few months until i was sent a letter from Barnsley College. I was sent information regarding a job role for ex students with all distinction level 3 grade to run a learner voice scheme and a new student union for a sabbatical year. So I applied and amazingly i got the position due to my experience in volunteering and setting up schemes. So I got to work setting up a new learner voice scheme and students union scheme in which the same process is being used by the new sabbatical officer.In July nearing the end of my contract I was approached and asked if i would be interested in starting a volunteering , peer mentoring and Earn to Learn Scheme which are currently up and running at the moment.  While this is great and is something I love doing my contract runs out in July and I feel that will be me looking for a new job again.  So I have nearly been working at Barnsley college for about a year and half , and without myself doing some type of volunteering and getting experience and putting extra time in to earn that position I would probably be working at some horrible factory doing something I know that I can do so much more with the skills I have.   It makes me furious knowing employer's blacklist those without experience in a working environment and are not willing to train those people up. Where is anyone supposed to get that experience within specific duties , which leads me on to volunteering. Volunteering is one of the best ways to get experience within many a position but not all volunteering opportunities offer the same experiences'.  But they all offer this which employers look for.....  1. Working with other's / working as a team 2. Interacting with new people  3. Showing you have the time and patience to put in a few hours to  help out voluntary.  (Different Voluntary places offer different experiences which employers don't want to pay for if you where to start working for them e.g. in childcare  CRB Checks  First  aid awareness training  LGBT awareness training                    Every child matters Equality and diversity training  (Some of these which you might acquire by volunteering at a school, college or learning sector )

I can only hope that more people will listen to what i have to say because it will help.In this dark time of employment it not all about grades it about what you know, who you know and the exsperience you have relevent or irrelevent to the position you apply for.

Every little helps.

(The jobs centre's are mostly ( and thats mostly not all ) run by incompetent morons who couldent give two naughty words if you got a job or not. I have read C.V's job centres have put together for people that have just made me scratch my head and think OMG what is this rubbish , 3/4 of a side of A4 is not a C.V . It hardley enough to put down where i did my school work exsperience.

As a 19 year old male I can only hope everything turn out for the better, I hope to have many more years left to hopefully see the job market change and see a brighter future for us all. ( If not I can only say start learning to speak Arabic , Chinese and Japanese because those are the areas which are gaining the higher powers in the Econmic market.

All the best...

ipso Regulated