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Debate On Police Helicopter Steps Up

Monday February 13 2012

A LIVE debate being hosted by South Yorkshire Police Authority is getting underway now to discuss proposals to move the police helicopter's base.

It is the first of two online discussions which are looking into the government proposals to relocate South Yorkshire Police’s helicopter which, objectors say, is likely to more than triple response times.

South Yorkshire has been the only authority in the UK to object to plans to nationalise the police’s helicopter service - if it moved there are fears the response time could go up to 22 minutes from six minutes.

In the last year, the police helicopter has completed 533 tasks in Barnsley and made 24 direct arrests. It has helped to apprehend a further 26 criminals and located four people missing from home. It has found ten stolen vehicles and recovered over £65,000 of stolen property and drugs.

The debate is happening now at http://www.southyorks.gov.uk/SYJSHome/PoliceHome/PoliceHelicopter.aspx and another will take place on Wednesday at 6pm.

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Reply Posted by kathryn on Monday February 13 2012 at 13:32
i think getting rid of the police helicopter is a stupid idea as it helps in so many cases i personally feel safer when i hear it

Reply Posted by Diggerblade on Wednesday February 15 2012 at 19:54
The helicopter is often in the area of Aston, Rotherham where I live and has helped avoid and solve a number of crimes in the area.  It will be tragic if the one based in Sheffield is lost.   All the residents in the Aston area are grateful when we are aware of its presence as we know everything is being done to alleviate crime in this area.  It would be impractical from a speed point of view for it to be based elsewhere in the county of Yorkshire.  South Yorkshire is where it should remain based!

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