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Funding For New Exercise Rehabilitation Scheme Secured

Wednesday March 19 2014

PUBLIC Health in Barnsley is hoping to plug the gap left when an exercise referral scheme was scrapped in April last year.

The shelved scheme saw patients with serious health problems referred by a GP to improve or maintain a person's health or fitness.

It was used by more than 6,300 people over four years but NHS Barnsley stopped the funding, worth £144,000 a year, last March.

Steve Turnbull, the assistant director of Public Health, said a new scheme has been developed.

The £89,587 funding for it has been agreed, initially for one year, by NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group, which is subject to a review with further funding being available in future.

Mr Turnbull said: "It's not a direct replacement for the exercise referral scheme but it works in a similar way and GPs can refer people.

"It will decide what is the best care for an individual based on their needs."

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Reply Posted by Andrew on Wednesday March 19 2014 at 15:12
Why on earth do something almost the same? The exercise on referral scheme was smashing its targets hands down and people saying they felt a lot better yet it was scrapped. It is an utter disgrace to re invent the wheel at extra cost to the taxpayer. Public health strikes again.

Reply Posted by Beeber on Wednesday March 19 2014 at 18:13
I think the idea was to re-invent a cheaper option rather than scrap it totally ie the £54'000 saving per year the article mentions.

Reply Posted by Andrew on Thursday March 20 2014 at 15:18
You pay cheaper you do not get the input, trust me I know what is being offered and it is much less patient centered than the old scheme is.The old scheme showed amazing results and as has been seen with other initiatives that have been introduced as a cheaper alternative they have failed and continue to fail despite money being thrown at it. It is not about being cheaper, it is value for money and showing results...and I think this is just another failure waiting to happen