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Town's First Clothing Bank Set Up

Wednesday February 19 2014

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

BARNSLEY'S first clothes bank has been set up to help poverty-stricken families.

Clothed With Compassion - which offers clothes for adults and children - has been organised by husband and wife Michael and Alison Allen and the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

From its Sackville Street base, clothes are handed out to people who have been referred to the scheme by organisations such as Sure Start, the Romero Project and food banks in the borough.

Alison, 60, said: "People are really feeling it with welfare and benefit changes. They're spending extra because they're having to pay out more."

Michael, 62, was encouraged to start the project having witnessed children at food banks who were growing out of their clothes.

Dan Jarvis, MP for Barnsley Central, said it's a 'shocking symbol' of the difficult times the town's residents are facing.

"I talk to lots of people across the town and they all say these are the toughest times for a generation," he added. "The opening of the clothes bank is further proof of this."

* Donations can be made to Michael at Gateway Church on Thursdays between 11am and 1pm.

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Reply Posted by Leah on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 14:11
How can I donate xx

Reply Posted by bananas on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 14:18
get clothes 4 free. more money to spend on booze. easy init..

Reply Posted by sharon on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 14:24
I wish people would stop assuming that all people struggling to feed and clothe their families are doing so whilst 'spending on booze'.
You ignore the problems and people say we should help people in need. You help people in need and you're accused of giving them the opportunity to drink and smoke more. Ypu just can't win. What a desperately sad society we live in.

I have a baby boy who is fast outgrowing the lovely clothes I have been fortunate enough to buy and have had given. I would gladly donate them and my own clothes I no longer need to help people in the commumity who aren't as lucky. What a lovely idea and I'm sure the people receiving them will do so most gratefully

Reply Posted by Alison on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 22:22
well said Sharon
send me an email and we can arrange something. Thank you for caring

Reply Posted by Lovely idea on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 14:27
I think it's a brilliant idea. Bananas not everyone who is hit hard is an alcoholic or drug addict! Where can we donate?

Reply Posted by tracy on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 14:42
Look am on jsa...i dont drink...so i wll be going to the clothing bank..do u knw wen it will be opeing ...ive got £72 awk to live on ...

Reply Posted by Alison on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 22:20
Tracy send me an email and we can arrange a time for you.

Reply Posted by sarah on Friday February 28 2014 at 18:07
hi there i have one child and i am needing help with clothes for him as he has only 3 outfits and he is growing out of them so fast he is 2 years old and i myself will just deal with what i have as i have 2 pairs of pants and 4 tops


Reply Posted by Jayne on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 15:06
I have some men's clothes I would like to donate. When is this happening

Reply Posted by Emma on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 15:22
I will have some baby girls clothes to donate very soon (age 3-6 month) would like to think they are going to some one less fortunate. Not everyone hit hard drinks and smokes.

Reply Posted by sharon on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 15:59
Ive got some id like to donate anyone know how?

Reply Posted by Susan jones on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 16:02
I've got loads of clothes to donate. Adults children's and babies. How do I do that?

Reply Posted by Joy on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 16:40
I will donate some clothes also. I don't know how anybody manages on £72 per week. It's ridiculous x

Reply Posted by bananas on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 16:51
bring em to the courthouse..

Reply Posted by Blue egg on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 18:30
So sad that there is a need for food banks, cheap shops in Goldthorpe and now clothes banks. Such a shame that charity shops have become so expensive and no longer do the job they were set up to do. Such a shame that people would rather have secondhand clothes and still smoke.....
When I was a miners kid we were given clothes during the strike and and the shame was a huge cloud hanging over Barnsley. Now we are clapping our hand and saying how wonderful it all is. lack of pride if you ask me.

Reply Posted by Astrid on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 18:32
Please can we have an alternative time / day to donate? Out of office hours. It would be really great.

Reply Posted by Fed up on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 19:52
I'm a working parent - I work 60 hours a week, never see my kids, pay a fortune in private rent and childcare and would be lucky to have £75 to spend on us all, some weeks. I have a tooth that's crumbling because I can't afford dental treatment as I earn too much - Yet still spend more per month in bills, rent, childcare than I make. I supplement my wage by selling old clothes etc. on eBay and Facebook selling groups. I don't belittle anybody receiving help, but people need to look less at what somebody brings in and more at what comes in, vs what goes out per month. There are a lot of people struggling that qualify for no help and are keeping the economy going. Smoking is a lifestyle choice and a bad one at that, as we all know it seriously affects your health and the Heath of those around you. If everybody stopped smoking the NHS would have a lot more money to spend on operations etc. It may not be a popular thing to say, but smoking is an addiction and smokers will never agree that it's selfish as they are addicts to this socially acceptable and very socially expensive habit. I don't drink, smoke, go on holiday etc. as I simply can't afford it. It's galling therefore to hear people whinge that they should be allowed to smoke and still tap into charity, when there are plenty of people that don't, who will never be able to access funding to help them. Smokers are on the whole unable to equate their addiction as being anything to do with any other member society, but when I go to hospital I want the taxes I pay to be available to provide me with the medical care I need (after alll I've paid in a lot) not have it spent on providing totally avoidable medical care on people that damage their own health, by taking up a habit they know will harm them. Defend all you like, but there is no justification for it - No matter how loud and angrily people may say it. In terms of the issue in the story, why should charity be extended to people that plead poverty, yet squander money they don't have on lifestyle choices? It's a contentious, yet very valid question. Nobody should deny children clothes, but who is doing the denying? Surely the parents that put a lifestyle choice (addiction) above their own kids? And yes there are those do it, yet they will shout and scream that they are good parents (and yes they are in every other respect) yet still not comprehend that EVERY packet of cigarettes smoked denies their child something, even if it is only extra time with that parent, if they die from a smoking-related illness. Even though every smoker seems to have an Uncle/Auntie/Mum/Dad/Sister's Cousin that smoked 30,000 cigarettes before breakfast and lived to the ripe old age if 110!

Reply Posted by BORIS on Thursday February 20 2014 at 11:04
You need to chill and have a CIG calm down

Reply Posted by fed up@ on Thursday February 20 2014 at 11:54
fed up - what do you think would happen if everybody stopped smoking?

I will tell you - job loses and the country suffering with the loss of billions of taxes earned through the sale of cigs..wake up lady.

Reply Posted by true red on Thursday February 20 2014 at 17:35
is your alias Mrs Bumble

Reply Posted by Andy on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 20:57
My daughter is struggling but we help to buy our grand kids clothes n shoes more so coz there dad does not want to contribute any money and dodges is responsibility

Reply Posted by amy on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 22:21
Fed up im a smoker and my kids do not go with out anything if they need anything then they get it not all smokers put fags b4 there kids

Reply Posted by smokers!! on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 22:38
Smokers!!, thats another thing that boils my blood, FREE help and advice from the NHS, FREE nicotine replacement patches and quit kits, and FREE gym membership, how the hell does that work?, nobody forces anyone to smoke, if someone chooses to smoke a cancer stick let em do it and die happy, but oh no!, can't do that cos its costimg the NHS millions in cancer treatment.

Reply Posted by lauren on Wednesday February 19 2014 at 22:51
It's to encourage people to stop, providing help for smokers, alcoholics, and drug users I think is great. The only thing I disagree with is giving smacks heads clean needles, ano it's to stop them from sharing needles but to me it encourages them to do it more. These stop smoking clinics, well it says it all in its name.

Reply Posted by Ezzy on Thursday February 20 2014 at 09:05
@Fed up...... Very well said...I'm sooooo fed up myself!!!!

Reply Posted by Kate on Thursday February 20 2014 at 10:48
I see the usual backward people have come out on this thread. How can you make an assumption that all people on benefits smoke and drink? Are you so mean-spirited that you begrudge people a few pieces of clothes?

FedUp - Maybe it is time to get a better job? Rents in Barnsley are ludicriously cheap. I can't understand how you can be struggling if you are working 60 plus hours a week. Try moving to London, you would be paying upwards of £250 per WEEK for a one-bedroom flat.

Reply Posted by Kate on Thursday February 20 2014 at 11:00
@FedUP - I have a tooth that's crumbling because I can't afford dental treatment as I earn too much

I think you mean that you earn too much to receive FREE dental care. I would make that a priority. Maybe ditch the Sky subscription?

Reply Posted by lauren on Thursday February 20 2014 at 12:00
Ayy deary me, think it's a great idea, like a lady said above she's lucky enough to be able to buy herself and her child nice and by donating her and her son that would benefit others than she happy to donate, and so myself my partner and my two will be donating our clothes, anything to help struggling families.

Reply Posted by lauren on Thursday February 20 2014 at 12:01
Ment to say clothes

Reply Posted by Anon on Thursday February 20 2014 at 16:07
Maybe fed up is so much in debt they have to work 60hrs a week. Spend more time with ur kids and less on child care and u.l be able to afford your tooth fixing

Reply Posted by endof on Thursday February 20 2014 at 18:07
So my post has been removed. Thankyou very much WAB. Seemingly asking for comments regarding your posts is acceptable unless you have constructive criticism....Whatever happened to free speech?...WAB are BMBC's mouthpiece! and we all know what an inept bunch they are. Total amateurish waste of time...Don't bother to comment here people unless you agree with everything WAB posts about, otherwise like me, your comments will be deleted. It makes me sick!...Lets see how long it takes then to delete this comment shall we. ..And i still say that these charities albeit kindly are just perpetuating the layabout mentality that is rife in Barnsley, so there!

Reply Posted by WAB on Thursday February 20 2014 at 19:59
Hi end of, we only remove comments that breach our policies ie contain profanity, is offensive or defamatory. I hope thar explains matters and ask that you respect that while we appreciate people have varied opinions, we have to monitor the site to protect ourselves. There are some things we cannot allow. Debate is welcome, but we just ask people to think before they type ESPECIALLY when they do not leave a valid name or email address which gives us no recompense if needed about from tracking the IP.

Reply Posted by Jack on Saturday February 22 2014 at 21:48
@WAB That is utter rubbish. I have never ever used profanity or slagged anyone off, yet I regularly get posts deleted. endof is quite correct in what he says. I expact to get this post deleted now for telling the truth. As for a valid email address, it is impossible to post without it and yes Jack is my real name. This post is NOT offensive or defamatory.

Reply Posted by endof on Thursday February 20 2014 at 21:53
Explanation accepted WAB. However i do not accept that my comments were profane, offensive or defamatory. Furthermore, I always think very carefully before i type, and i am not the only person to use a moniker. Most sensible people do. Thanks for your prompt reply. Enjoy your evening.

Reply Posted by WAB on Thursday February 20 2014 at 22:12
Thanks end of, you have a great night too. Hope to see you on WAB debates again and Thankyou for your understanding.

Reply Posted by Grace on Saturday February 22 2014 at 18:08
Where can I donate, I have children's clothes I can give. It must be so hard for people to live off that amount if money.

Reply Posted by Gem on Saturday February 22 2014 at 18:10
How do I donate clothes?

Reply Posted by dene on Saturday February 22 2014 at 18:23
bring back the days when there was jumble sales, as pointed out the charity shops have got to dear mite as well go to primarks next time i am in town i will drop some thing off ,,,

Reply Posted by Eronsdelight on Saturday February 22 2014 at 18:26
Can you donate at weekends? I have boys winter coats and men's suits that you could have

Reply Posted by Kerry on Saturday February 22 2014 at 18:32
Just thought id add- neither on benefits or smoke or drink before anyone jumps on...
If smoking cost the nhs and government that much they would simply ban altogether.... The reason they DONT.. The government generates too much tax from cigarets and alcohol.. They generate far more money than it cost to treat anyone...
How about jumping on chris moyles ban wagon... Dodging 1 million in tax... Thats just 1 celeb bet there are a stack more... But no who does everyone blame again!!!

Reply Posted by Heyhey on Saturday February 22 2014 at 18:41
I am on income support and I get £57.50 per week to live on and I have two kids I don't smoke or drink ect and I do just fine and with (not a lot) but a bit of money to spare, I think people should put their kids first if they need clothes ect u should buy em even if its off of the market or friends ect! And nobody slate me for being a 'scrounger' and to get a job, my partner works and i stay at home with the kids but returning to college in september

Reply Posted by dawn on Saturday February 22 2014 at 18:56
This thread as gone off tangent. I think its a great idea that needs praising. Its a sign of the times now that some people need handouts whether its food or clothing.
Well done for setting this up.

Reply Posted by Jay on Saturday February 22 2014 at 19:02
Heyhey if your partner works why are you on income support ???????

Reply Posted by Jay on Saturday February 22 2014 at 19:06
Well done for this there's a lot of family's that need it weather they smoke drink drugs not kids falt. !!!!!

Reply Posted by disturb the weather on Saturday February 22 2014 at 21:00
is that rainy weather jay? or snowy weather?

Reply Posted by jeez !! on Saturday February 22 2014 at 19:16
This is a fantastic idea so long as used for people that genuinely need it.
there are people that at sometime in there life find themselves on there arses due to circumstances most of the time beyond there control.
this could be anyone of us and its nice to know that if this were the case there would be help out there.
However there are unfortunately people out there that would exploit peoples kindness for there own gain.
there are people out there that work however end up with less after bills rent etc than people on welfare however do so for self respect.
These people are often forgot about when doing such scheme's of which is unfair.
and some people (not all) do milk the system unfortunately and ferget jsa is for people actively seeking jobs when they have no intention of working.
sick is for people whom are genuinely sick. not just a added bonus to boost money got.
and all benefits are there to ensure that people are able to cloth. feed themselves pay bills and put a roof over there heads.
not to provide fags and days out boozing in town.
id love to get my money given sit outside pub on dole day fag in one hand beer in other.
then complain day after I was skint n didn't get enough money to live on n pay bills. whilst other worked to pay for me..
(THIS IS NOT EVERYONE) but the minority that do do it spoil it and everyone unfortunately gets tared with same brush.

Reply Posted by granny on Saturday February 22 2014 at 23:09
When i was kid my mother used to take us for free clothes run by the WRVS on hudderfield rd

Reply Posted by Sue on Tuesday February 25 2014 at 00:30
Really good idea,. Has said charity shops are too expensive nowadays.
Not everyone smokes, drinks and drugs. But there's always "ignorant" people slating them. Did you know that approximately 80% of people who get housing benefit are working. So when you're slating people on benefits it also includes working.
There's nothing wrong with people "helping" each other.

Reply Posted by bananas on Tuesday February 25 2014 at 11:16
it would be a good idea to drop the unwanted clothes off 4 us in the new chambers bar when it gets done out. nice pint nice pub, new gear. good day.

Reply Posted by Rebecca on Tuesday September 16 2014 at 19:39
It this service still open I have loads of clothes to donate. Where and when can I do it?

Reply Posted by It's Nice to be Nice on Tuesday September 16 2014 at 21:00
@ organisers I have. Small van and would be willing to collect for you a couple of hours a week for free and I'm happy to to pay my own fuel.

If you have organised collection address address I would be happy to give my time in " These sign of the times"

You can contact me on robdought@btinternet.com.

Reply Posted by Sarah on Monday November 9 2015 at 22:02
Is this service still available? I have some children's clothing I would like to donate.

Reply Posted by Paul on Monday December 12 2016 at 15:19
I have quite a few bags of men & women's clothes to donate is there somewhere I can drop them off out of working hours?