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Residents Puzzled Over 'Stolen' Park

Thursday February 9 2012

Barnsley Town Hall Barnsley Town Hall

CUDWORTH residents say that are baffled over a 'stolen' park after council workmen took the play equipment and fencing.

Puzzled residents came on to our Facebook wall earlier to ask if anyone knew what had happened to the play area on Darfield Road.

Emma Jenkins posted: "Help! The council have stolen our park - it appears to be missing its play equipment and fencing."

The council said that pieces of old equipment that are no longer up to standard have been taken down, along with some of the old fencing. Parks Services are looking to fund some new items.

Did you use the park? When did you notice the missing items?

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Reply Posted by Jayneswift on Thursday February 9 2012 at 18:46
I've been walking by the park for a few weeks now and never noticed the slide had gone until last week.As for the Park services looking to fund some new items they said that a few years back when they removed the toddler park on Crown avenue.It's disgusting there is no where down near Crown estate for the children to play.

Reply Posted by Barnsley Father on Friday February 10 2012 at 11:39
The council complain of anti-social behaivior but are they suprised taking everything to keep the kids entertained and places to make friends but eaven forbid the council should care about the little ppl as long as they get their taxes and fat wage packets they couldn't care less Barnsley council haha more like Barnsley corruption 

Reply Posted by Doddsjacqueline on Friday February 10 2012 at 18:15
Get real. I used to take my grandson to the park in Crown ave until the older kids started leaving broken glass and shards of glass on the play equipment. I also can't remember the last time I saw the park on Darfield Road being used for anything else other than illegal drinking by gangs of youths.  It is sad but it's the times we live in

Reply Posted by Katsmith on Monday February 13 2012 at 10:05
I live and have lived on Darfield Rd all my life and yes I do admit that the park did get used for anti social behaviour and was used by people taking drugs. But the past few years this asnt been the case. A few years ago we had a small park on crown avenue for the younger children the council removed this and we were told that it would be replaced but to this day it asnt and the land is just a waste and looks a mess. I understand that the bits of park thats been removed were tatty and probly a heath and safety risk my daughter is 3 years old and we use the park every summer and she loved it. But why have the council taken the fence away there is still a bit of park left thats my daughters age so I cant even take her up to play on it becuase of the dogs that get walked on the field it only takes a second for a dog to snap it just isnt safe. I will believe that the council are replacing this when I see it.