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Housing Plan For Leisure Centre Site

Tuesday February 4 2014

AFFORDABLE housing is to be built where Athersley Leisure Centre once stood.

Planning officials have given the go-ahead for 27 houses off the Newstead Road site at Athersley North after an application by Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association.

The land was earmarked by Barnsley Council for use as housing more than two years ago after the leisure centre closed in 2011 amid budget cuts.

After its closure the centre became a beacon for vandals and was demolished for public safety reasons.

The development will consist of 21 two bed houses and six three bed houses, which would be a mix of terraced and semi-detached, all with gardens.

As part of the development a bus lay-by will be relocated so it is beyond where the new access point will be on Newstead Road.

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Reply Posted by Kate Guest on Tuesday February 4 2014 at 17:20
Why are they building more two bedroom ones than 3 bedroom ones, bloody hell families are gerrin bigger not smaller, surely 3 bedrooms will sell better than 2...

Reply Posted by lack ofcommon sense on Tuesday February 4 2014 at 17:26
They build more two bed than three because there was a shortage when of two bed houses when government brought bedroom tax in and started wrongly charging people for having one spare bedroom.

Reply Posted by Jo on Wednesday February 5 2014 at 06:30
Maybe should have revamped the centre, all these new family houses with nowhere for kids to go?.

Reply Posted by Get real on Wednesday February 5 2014 at 06:33
"Wrongly charging people for having one spare room"?
They should pay for the extra room, everyone one else in the real world does. I know, I will go and get a mortgage on a two bed house but will you make it a three bed home at no extra cost.

Reply Posted by Sam on Wednesday February 5 2014 at 11:58
Why do people always complain about people in council properties that have spare rooms, Can you not understand or are you to pigheaded to realise that Barnsley does not have any smaller properties or very few to downsize into. Get a grip people this was only introduced so people would have to pay extra , Knowing full well people coundn;t downsize. People were offered larger homes has I already stated that there is a shortage of smaller properties. I am all for people living in a home which has no spare rooms, But wake up and where are the smaller properties.. GET REAL above^^^ when you take out a mortgage you have a choice on what you can afford as to how big or small your property is. but some people in councils properties years ago had no choice and took which next available property came vacant..So stop and think you do gooders this is a con. I am all for moving into a smaller home but please find me one.

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday February 5 2014 at 12:14
let it go Sam. Some folk are just mean and cruel. the tax should be abolished. They arnt prviding the correct accomadation,what do they expect folk to do?

Reply Posted by Jack on Wednesday February 5 2014 at 11:37
There is a huge shortage of 1 bedroom homes throughout the whole borough. People in 2 or 3 bedroom homes waiting to downsize and paying bedroom tax. I know as I am in a 3 bedroomed house paying for 2 spare rooms.

Reply Posted by Fred on Thursday February 6 2014 at 00:42
Anon, Try getting a mortgage and buy your own home !!

Reply Posted by anon on Thursday February 6 2014 at 20:12
Fred,I've got a mortgage thanks. Still think its wrong. There seems to be a shortage on the very houses these people are supposed to move into. Where do you suggest they go? Its not been thought through,...or has it? Another Tax, where's Robin Hood when he,s needed? There may soon be a tax on farting soon, an emmision tax. Its getting ridiculous.

Reply Posted by Emma on Thursday February 6 2014 at 15:14
@Fred Not all people can afford or have the creditability to be able to have a mortgage. My parents haven't been able to and I'm finding it difficult myself to do it. You don't know other peoples personal situations, so do not judge. There's nothing wrong with renting a property you're still paying for it either way. I believe that the council should bring in help to buy schemes, then this could fund refurbishments & new builds through the town.

Reply Posted by Fred on Thursday February 6 2014 at 19:01

I agree with you, nothing at all wrong with renting. However if you rent,particularly if you claim housing benefit then you can only expect a certain size of house according to your needs and or your finances, after all the tax payer are footing the bill.
I could do with an extra bedroom or two especially if some one else is going to foot the bill !!!

Reply Posted by G on Friday February 7 2014 at 19:50

Reply Posted by Roger on Friday February 7 2014 at 20:32
This is all about the building of affordable homes, for sale and rent, it is not about bedroom tax. I am classified as having one spare bedroom and have paid the tax but don't expect every application for planning permission to be designed around my needs. If the houses are needed and in a suitable site with acceptable infrastructure then I'm sure planning will go ahead. Please remember affordable housing is NOT free housing it is something much needed throughout the country. My worry is where will the primary and secondary school places come from when all these new houses are filled with families.

Reply Posted by me on Sunday February 9 2014 at 16:30
What they gonna do about the park and bike track? Old library? Gonna take thr two little things the kids have away from them...

Reply Posted by Jamey on Sunday February 9 2014 at 16:45
Well I think they should forget about building new houses on the site, I believe that they should put a nice park on there for the kids to play on and a community centre. I live round the corner from this site and I have 4 kids all at a loss with nothing to do or no where to go when playing out. At least if there is a park for kids to run around they might there is a chance it might stop kids turning to crime and also help against obesity from sat at home on computers all day.

Reply Posted by YOLO on Sunday February 9 2014 at 17:55
Best option for that land, why spend money on something that's just going to get destroyed by the odd few who cannot behave and have to spoil it for others? Yes, affordable housing would sort out the housing problem within the borough and would come as a great relief for many who are struggling with the bedroom tax, or have currently got nowhere to live, or are roughing it at somebody else's property. Oh, plus that old medical centre that's been closed for ages now either needs knocking down or reusing again. would be a good enough space for a couple of houses or flats, great bus connection to wakefield and Barnsley, local shops just up the street such as pound stretchers and co-operative and local schools.

Reply Posted by dean on Monday October 6 2014 at 12:04
Why no bungalow's?

Reply Posted by Chloe on Friday March 10 2017 at 17:35
When will they be ready

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