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Report Shows Reds' Profitable Year

Monday February 10 2014

Oakwell Oakwell

BARNSLEY Football Club made a profit of almost £2million last season.

However, it's not all good news for fans as last week's audit revealed the reason for the profit was largely down to the sale of John Stones.

Without the further departures of Jacob Butterfield and Craig Davies, the Reds would have actually been almost £1million in debt.

The report - which said relegation from the Championship could cost £6million - also highlighted the club's reliance on 'beneficial owner' Patrick Cryne.

The businessman has loaned £3million to the club, and guaranteed an overdraft of £1,980,000.

Having made an operational loss of £865,340 in 2012/13, the club received almost £2.8million from the sale of players.

This left a profit of £1,919,327, compared to £30,246 in the previous season.

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Reply Posted by rainbow on Tuesday February 11 2014 at 14:20
I'm afraid the writings on the wall for small clubs like Barnsley, who's going to pay £20 to watch second rate football when you can watch the Premier league in the comfort of a public house or even at home.???