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Healthcare In Barnsley - What Would You Improve? A WAB Debate

Tuesday March 4 2014

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

BARNSLEY has secured an extra £13.2 million for its health budget - and it made us wonder: where do you think the cash should be spent? 

The local Clinical Commissioning Group has already indicated in plans to spend some of the cash on improving services for cancer, cardiovascular disease, long-term health conditions, mental health and maternity care in Barnsley, but where else would you like to see an improvement?

What do you think? Which areas would you like to see an improvement? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by rainbow on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 16:37
Spend it by encouraging people to be more active, fit people don't get ill as easy as sedentary people. Less food more exercise.!!

Reply Posted by anon on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 19:07
@rainbow has a point. Been in hospital myself recently. The one thing I learned is to not get fat. The nurses didn't help anyone on the ward to sit up or just change positions. Some of the patients had major surgery so needed a helping hand,but they didn't get one. I'm slim so going hoisting myself around was doable but painful. The heavy people didn't have the upper body strength. Yes,for many,its their own fault by overeating, but its still very sad. Longterm patients end up with bed sores.

Reply Posted by Tony on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 17:34
What a ridiculous statement. Diseases such as cancer affect men, women and children regardless whether they are overweight or not or indeed whether they exercise. Stop being judgemental and selfish.

Reply Posted by Mick on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 18:25
You're wrong Tony. Doctors don't advise people to be healthy because they want us to look good. Yes of course fit healthy people get serious illnesses, but unfit overweight people get them more.

Reply Posted by anorak on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 21:23
Rubbish. My Mum is fit and watches her weight and had cancer twice.....The fittest and healthiest can be struck down.

Reply Posted by anon on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 21:34
Its not rubbish at all anorak. Best wishes to your mum,but had she not been fit and a decent weight,she may not have pulled thru. Being active and havingvsome fitness along with not carrying extra weight will help most people with most ailments.
It's a lottery,but your chances of winning is higher if you are slim and active.

Reply Posted by anorak on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 22:21
Cancer still took my friend and colleague. He was fit and healthy and was very active. Cancer can strike anyone, thin or over weight. I am an advocate of keeping fit and eating right. I was out of action for a year due to Lordosis of the lower spine. I just don't think this thread should turn into a fat bashing one.

Reply Posted by Dr jones on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 22:35
Well said anorak@ with prats like anon stating " your chances of winning is higher if you are slim and active" I have never heard such crap in all my life.. Life is a lottery and I have lost many family due to cancer and there were fat. / thin, healthy, or couch potatoes. but sadly it can capture anybody..

Reply Posted by anon on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 22:47
I wasn't on about cancer Dr Jones. I was talking about health in general. If you read my post further up,you,all see my point. I wouldn't be insensitive about cancer,I too have had two scares. I'm sayingthe one thing I learned about a recent hospital stay is that the people who were heavy struggled with getting comfy in bed etc. I'm not fat bashing,just commenting on what I saw. I have a pal that's overweight and he freely admits his life is crap,he has lots of weight related ailments....his words not mine.

Reply Posted by Richard on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 17:44
Wow that nasty government are just awful giving so much horrid money to such a good cause! Vote Labour, they will really stop things like this from happening in future. It's a disgrace.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 19:30
100,000 + less doctors and nurses under the Tory / Lib Dum Coalition...

Reply Posted by cp on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 14:38
Richard why do you feel the need to turn every single story/debate into a labour bashing? your tory we get it but not everyone is so gloriously in love with Cameron.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 18:03
Sorry to disappoint you cp, but I'm not a Tory.

Unfortunately, most of the stories on here revolve around local politics, therefore the bashing as you put it, is aimed at the people and party in charge of the local decisions and local purse strings...and they are making an obvious mess of things.....which so happens to be Labour council.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Friday March 7 2014 at 10:50
Richard, I don't have to remind you just how much of a "good" job the Lib Dums did when they got into power in Sheffield do I?

They were "that" good they got their arses kicked straight into the gutter the next time local elections were on.

Reply Posted by Richard on Friday March 7 2014 at 11:21
Steveo, I thought Barnsley was the main topic here, should we talk about areas where Labour got their arses kicked?

Labour always claim to stick up for the working person, which is what their foundation was built upon. Truth is, they don't stick up for the working person, or even listen to the working person. They have abandoned the working person themselves.

Lib Dems are sticking up for the working person and building a fairer society, which is why they have created new jobs and apprenticeships and they have raised the tax threshold to ensure minimum wage earners pay ZERO TAX. That's a good thing. They have strived to get people into work and helping young families by offering FREE childcare at nurseries for under 3s. Again, that is a good thing.

EVERYBODY on here knows someone who has been affected positively by a policy that the Lib Dems have ensured happened.

The argument about student fees almost falls into insignificance, as its not paid back until salaries become significant enough to START paying it back. University is a CHOICE someone CHOOSES to make, therefore it shouldn't be down to anyone other than the individual to fund it. Its not down to the average 30 something (etc) earner with no children to pay taxes towards this CHOICE.

I'm sure you will start using your buzz words again (as it makes you feel special), but the facts are there.

I want positive change, and we aint gonna get it with the muppets in charge in Barnsley with Wallace the party leader.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Saturday March 8 2014 at 07:28
Richard, Richard, Richard you come on here absolutely Labour and constantly berate our Labour leaders for failing to prove their worth and give value for money to the local Labour voting populous..

You also tell me sometimes that you are up for a "healthy debate" but as soon as I mention the wrongdoings that the Lib Dums hath perpetrated against the people of Sheffield you clearly don't want to play ball.....

Yes, two wrongs don't make a right and I dare say we will both argue till we are blue in the face, but you have to give and take (just like I do) and admit that you are wrong on occasion (just like I do).

But whilst ever you are wearing the "yellow sunglasses" you will never admit that you have got it wrong and that is you and your Lid Dums downfall my pedigree chum.

I also read an interesting article on the beeb webshite the other day whereby your beloved Cleggy poos had a meeting with the other "yellow" comrades and old them to prepare for another five years in power as part of a coalition, correct me if I am wrong but I didn't think that The Monster Raving Loony Party actually fielded candidates these days?

As hell will freeze over before Labour will join the Lib Dums in a coalition government.

We BOTH agree that positive change is needed in our town, you for your middle class lib dem voters and me for the average man on the street.

The unfortunate thing is that the only common ground we have is our pathological hatred for the ruling Labour party that we have in power in our town....

Reply Posted by Mick on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 19:04
I think the priorities highlighted are already the main ones, but some money should be invested in GP practices which if all brought up to a good standard would take pressure from A&E where people turn up if they can't get an appointment when they want one. My parents GP offers same day appts to most patients & is proactive in monitoring people with long term conditions such as diabetes & high blood pressure. Mine on the other hand can take 3 or more days to get an appointment with a doctor and rely on patients asking for the nurse to do follow up checks on blood pressures & cholesterol etc.

Reply Posted by Tony on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 19:40
To mick and Anon: point taken. I have to admit you're right. It's just that some people are overweight because of circumstances/ events that happen in their life. While others just just don't care for themselves until it's too late.

Reply Posted by doris on Tuesday March 4 2014 at 23:20
Could have put the money to keeping highfield grange nursing home open. A lovely home where the elderly came to convaless and for respite. Sadly being bulldozed this week.

Reply Posted by sally on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 07:27
I THINK MORE THAN THAT IS NEEDED. GP practices need more funding . Homes for the elderly. Several council run homes have closed over the years they said then that the councils could no longer afford to run them so why not put money back into that and have these places back. ITS ALL cuts cuts and more cuts for the council. So how about it GOVERNMENT.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 09:00
Well the government grant the money, it's the council that mismanages that money. It's not a bottomless pit of cash, so a better council is required, one that doesn't waste money.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 09:07
@ Steveo, make your mind up! Are you now suggesting Labour have done right? Current govt are mopping up the mess left behind by the 13 years of Labour.

UKIP?? Forrage takes an MEP salary, yet only attended ONE out of 42 meetings! Bit lazy or uninterested don't you think?...so why take the extra salary? Is he the guy you want running the country?

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday March 6 2014 at 20:08
Nice try FAKE Richard, the REAL Richard knows exactly how I feel about UKIP so close but no CEEGAR.

Reply Posted by .... on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 09:59
I see the pathetic anti-labour campaign is still as futile and as irrelevant as yourself tory boy.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 10:13
@ .... Pathetic?? Is it? Have you studied the failings of the muppets running the council? Have you? Have you really?

Other than attack me personally, why don't you try bringing a useful debate to the table. Oh, that's where you fall over isn't it?

Ps, pay attention on this....I'm not a Tory. I've said it many many times, seems you have trouble with reading.

Reply Posted by .... on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 10:44
Pathetic as in achieving nothing most definitely yes.
Your attempt at debate is the usual anti council, labour repeated rubbish that's more to do with your own agenda.
You are a tory obviously, it's nice to actually hear from you rather than your bizarre pseudonyms.

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 11:13
That's right, Labour are pathetic and achieve nothing...nothing positive for the people anyway.

My agenda is nothing more than helping to create a better place for us all to live and produce good positive opportunity for the future of our kids and opening the eyes of the clearly blind Labour voters thinking they are being looked after by the muppets in charge of the council. What's wrong with that?

I am a Tory??? Why because I cannot agree with much that Labour say or do? Are you that narrow minded?

Its clear your agenda is to antagonise, as you do not read my posts, you just attack me personally.

Bizarre pseudonyms?? How odd, particularly coming from someone giving a name as just a bunch of full stops!

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday March 6 2014 at 20:11
"My agenda is nothing more than helping to create a better place for us all to live and produce good positive opportunity for the future of our kids"

NEVER going to happen whilst ever you vote Lib Dum Richard.

Clegg has show his ineptitude and is an even bigger joke than Farage.

Reply Posted by Observer on Wednesday March 5 2014 at 15:19
What a stupid question from wab. The mkney should be spent to help peopl with ilnesses. End of!!!!

Reply Posted by dedatodd on Friday March 7 2014 at 10:59
My twopeneth, the previous government, as far as I am concerned, wasted for too much money on introducing IT as the panacea for all that ails the NHS. It was in fact, IMO, a way of getting big business (private sector) into the NHS (public sector) and this from a 'labour' government. We are still paying for this 'failed' policy through contracts / court cases etc.
The money needs to be spent on front line staff, the strange thing is, these people are able to manage themselves (they are adults after all) and don't need more managers! Bureaucracy is killing the NHS

Reply Posted by Eric Bailey on Monday March 10 2014 at 07:58
The money should be spent on getting better trained Doctors and consultants at BDGH and also on better office staff. I know, I have had bad experiences from three different departments and office.

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