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Library Campaigners Set To Circle Town Hall

Wednesday January 29 2014

Barnsley Central Library Barnsley Central Library

LIBRARY campaigners will form a human chain around Barnsley Town Hall this morning.

The Hands Off Our Library group have called it a 'critical' week in their campaign, as Barnsley Council's ruling cabinet meets to hear the results of the library consultation and decide the fate of the Shambles Street building.

Dave Gibson, a campaigner in the group, said: "We're still hopeful councillors will listen to the voice of the people of Barnsley.

"We call on all those who can to join us so councillors can be in no doubt that we're as angry as ever."

If it's agreed by councillors it will mean the much-loved library will close on March 21 and reopen at Wellington House on May 15.

The final decision will be made by full council on Thursday, February 6.

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Reply Posted by Dawn Charlesworth on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 11:15
They need to get a life and let the council get on with modernising this 1970s looking slum! I presume none of them work, they are NOT the ''voice of Barnsley''!
Knock it down let's have a nice new modern look to that shabby old pre-fab used by refugees to send emails.

Reply Posted by Lisa on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 15:16
Dawn Charlesworth- I was there. I have a job and a very good life. I suggest you visit the library and get yourself educated!

Reply Posted by lauren on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 15:59
Drove past as I was on my way to college with tv crew there. Don't see the point in the protest but each to their own.

Reply Posted by tonty on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 16:53
libarys are a thing of the past never seen more than 10 people in a libary all at once the internet is more or less as good as a libary u can do just as much on the internet as what people use a libary for but internet a lot faster too

Reply Posted by Ged on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 17:25
The point is trying to persuade the council to include the library in the plan. A temporary library is hardly planning. The council has stated that Wellington St is unsuitable, so if the library has to move, a plan for its future is surely not too much to ask.

Reply Posted by sheepbollockeyes on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 17:43
its full of perverts and people high on m kat. knock it down

Reply Posted by Paul mc on Thursday January 30 2014 at 00:00
I agree with dawn charlesworth,they are not the voice of Barnsley,most people I speak to would rather see it demolished and replaced with a modern and vibrant college building, probably the same voice of Barnsley that wanted to keep the car park at the side of the town hall.

Reply Posted by rainbow on Thursday January 30 2014 at 15:26
Most the people who seem to want the library pulled down are the very people who should most need the library judging by their standard of english and apparent lack of intelligence.

Reply Posted by nerd above^^^^ on Thursday January 30 2014 at 15:34
Most people want the library demolishing has it is an outdated eyesore. Lets move with the times, or are you the one who wants to live in the past? because Barnsley is an eyesore and the quicker money is invested and BARNSLEY moved forward the better for everybody.. MOVE ON

Reply Posted by KFC on Thursday January 30 2014 at 15:47
@WAb why do you keep removing my posts when I'm making constructive debate regarding the Library closing and The Town Hall.

I have noticed over the last week or so many WABERS are having there posts removed.

The gagging Law has gone through the second reading this week.

If you don't want me to posts fine then I'm happy to leave.

This is censorship.

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