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Parents Warned Over School Parking

Tuesday January 28 2014

Coun Roy Miller Coun Roy Miller

PARENTS ignoring warning signs and parking outside the borough's schools have been branded as 'selfish and dangerous'.

A campaign has been launched this week to encourage parents to either walk their children to school or be more considerate of parking warnings and not park on zig-zag lines outside school gates.

Coun Roy Miller said: "Parking on zig-zag lines is selfish and dangerous, can cause accidents and is inexcusable.

“Anyone living within 10 minutes’ walk of the school will probably find it easier and quicker to walk rather than take the car.”

It comes after the children of St John Baptist CE School and Parkside Primary in Royston have created warning cards to issue to parents parking on Vicarage Lane.

The children will join police community support officers to patrol parking at the school gates and will issue warning cards to cars parked on zig-zag lines.

The scheme will be open to any primary school in the borough that wants to join in. 

Have you noticed any particular parking problems around local schools? Which ones prove most challenging?

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Reply Posted by debbie on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:12
you want to come and have a look at cherrydale school in cudworth and churchfield its getting out of hand.They wont be happy till a child as been knocked down then again they will still try and park at the school doors

Reply Posted by DAVE on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:16
The residents of kexbrough who drive to kexbrough primary or them who is in walking distance,why not walk save clogging ballfield lane up!!!

Reply Posted by 9 on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:18
Come and take a look at brierley cofe its stupid to say they all live in the village

Reply Posted by sid on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:31
I agree @9. I pick my grandson up often,I live at Cudworth so have to park at the school. When I first started picking him up,I used to park anywhere around the doctors area or around the old folks bungalows as we enjoyef the walk up the path at the side of the church. BUT I stopped using the path as there is so much dog crap it made me actually feel sick to my stomach. You had to walk all the way looking for the stuff as kids dont notice and will walk in it. It really is disgusting! Im afraid now I do park near to the school. I do try to park sensibly,but some of the parents? My god,its a pity they cant park up in the flipping playground. There is no answer to this problem, to be fair, I sometimes have to take my 2 year old grandchild with me,so its quite difficult then,but there is no way Im sliding down dogpoo valley anymore. Sorry, but the problem at this particular school isnt going to change. How can it.

Reply Posted by sid on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:39
While Im on, some dirty ignorant swine let thier dog crap actually at the small school gate at the end of the path! That just was the last straw for me. As far as I was concerned that was probobly some one walking thier dog that lived locally!

Reply Posted by gail on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:18
Pure laziness if there child got injured theyd play merry hell ,if you have to use the car park it a bit away and walk

Reply Posted by Ann on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:18
Same at Birdwell and its a very busy main road someone will be killed there soon

Reply Posted by rachel on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:20
The inconsiderate car drivers who double park blocking buses acces up ballfield lane at the start of school and the end,and the loonatics who fly up ballfield lane passing the school at silly speeds and most of them in their flash cars on their phones ,this is a daily problem!And for the people who nlive in walking distance but drive to the school is just lazy!!

Reply Posted by Tracey on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:23
I live on school st in mapplewell just around corner from mapplewell primary , the amount of cars that park up church st, braithwait st and school st is outrageous ! I have a disabled daughter and if my car isn't parked by 10 to 3 then i have to go on a 15 minute drive around till the cars have cleared !!! I've witnessed parents nearly at blows when cars are coming either way on school st and I've watched them sit in the middle of the street and turn their engines OFF till the other driver gives in ! It causes grid lock up across and down all 3 above mentioned streets ! None of the parents spare a thought for the residents that live there and as said earlier I have a disabled daughter and today had to sit right down at the bottom end of the st waiting to be able to park outside my property (that was after I'd drive round 3 times) the school should be ashamed of themselves not doing or even attempting to do anything about it ! Old age pensioners at 93 having to walk from the bottom of the road half way up purely because us as home owners that reside there simply carnt get parked up !! Next road rage i witness I'm going to video it and send it in to the head teacher lets hear her thoughts on it ! DISGRACEFUL !

Reply Posted by D on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 17:17
It's the same on greenside avenue too, I'm just glad they stopped the pick up point! parents were parked either side of road and then cars were queuing up the middle it was total gridlock

Reply Posted by me on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:29
I live within 10 min walk just about and I drive, not just being lazy ive a JOB that I have to drive 35 minutes to after taking kids to school enroute, id have no chance of getting there on time if I had to walk both ways. But agree people need to be more considerate when parking for both the safety of kids but also residents, always see people parked over driveways, is that something this scheme would sort or is it just the zig zags?

Reply Posted by you on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:35
10 mins walk @me? sounds a bit lazy to me that cocker! You mean its more convieniant.

Reply Posted by Me on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:44
No I mean't what I wrote, I would not get to work on time if I walked kids to school and then had to walk back home for car, then drive back past school back to work. Common sense not convenience.

Reply Posted by you on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:52
@me, set off out a bit earlier and enjoy the walk?
just a suggestion, sounds like the time taken to park may offset the time walking.
Not being nasty,but if its so bad,you could try it,maybe for the sake of someones kid getting hurt. Your spot could be used then by some one that needs it more such as a parent with pre school kids in tow.

Reply Posted by Tony on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 17:10
What you're really saying is that it's all the other DRIVERS that are being selfish not ME ME ME ME.

Reply Posted by me on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 17:16
Im sorry but how would that help? My kids are too young to be left wondering round school I have to wait for class to be open and thats generally 9! There only 3 & 5 I cant leave school any earlier.

Reply Posted by Tony on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 19:21
You take your kids a few minutes earlier, drive past the school and park a safe distance (perhaps 300yds) and walk them to school from there. You are at school at the same time. It will take you a few minutes to walk to your car which is safely parked away from the danger area.

There is NO EXCUSE for compromising the safety our kids, parking close to school is dangerous and avoidable.

Reply Posted by me on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 19:36
Your making assumptions about me Tony which are wrong, at which point did I say I parked on the doorstep for school in an unsafe manner?? - just cos I drive doesnt mean I have no regard for kids safety or know how to park! I park where it is safe and quieter on a side street, being a previous buggy user I dont block the path, not least so I can get the kids out the car safetly.

Reply Posted by @me on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 10:50
Don't bite, you'll only get yourself wound up. Most of the people commenting on here probably don't work or understand the concept of employment.

@You Learn to spell pal, 'convenient'. ;-)

Reply Posted by ha ha on Saturday February 1 2014 at 22:32
well said, most of them prob don't work and have all day to walk..,, my d\ughter drives to school and parks close she has a daughter with epilepsy and ADHD shes too big to carry if she has a fit, or if shes on one like most days shes a danger to herself... so being as close to school is her only way of getting her in school safely.. yet a resident once complained and when my daughter explained her daughter was disabled the resident said "so what" hence my daughter told her to XXXX off politely...

Reply Posted by HAHAHAHA on Saturday February 1 2014 at 23:23

Reply Posted by Tracey on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:33
Either way it stil needs pointing out ! And mapplewell do have a drop off point in school yard ! I'm seriously considering coning the front of my property so no one can park there !

Reply Posted by ha ha on Saturday February 1 2014 at 22:33
I think you will find unless there is traffic control outside your house you legally cant cone off the area

Reply Posted by Lauren on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:38
It's the same at my kids school in goldthorpe pure laziness parking on the yellow lines so they can shove their kids our my the car without having to walk nearly been run over a few times while they ran to the front ! And that's despite the warning letters from school !!

Reply Posted by mam on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:42
Todays Modern Parent: The parent who as to rush from work to pick up their children from school ,
The non residential parent that has to travel a distance because their child lives in another area.
I'm lucky because I live next door to my son's school and his dad's able to park in my drive whilst he collects his son rushing from work in Pontefract. What about a parent who doesn't live near school ? Nowhere to park and double yellow line everywhere close to school. May be we should also modernise society to go with the modern parent and think about creating car parks away from school but close enough to be able to collect their children.

Reply Posted by concerned parent on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:45
We have a drop off point at our school but some parents think they can park up and wait we now have security on at the top off the school and it seems to be working . At hometime cars were parking anywhere even the disabled car park but not now the security men only let so many cars in at a time and if caught on double yellow lines they get fined it seems to be working

Reply Posted by Tracey on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:46
I agree YOU lol wouldn't hurt to set off 10 mins earlier then ! But like YOU. Said it's just more convenient ! I'd love for the ones that don't live near a school to experience what it's like for us that do ! Ignorance Lazy and inconsiderate just about sums them up !

Reply Posted by me on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 17:10
I cant leave my kids at school any earlier!!?? There 3 n 5 I have to hand them to teacher at 9!

Reply Posted by 9 on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:48
I agree with you sid on the dog poo I walk up and down that path every day its not where there parking that's the problem its the fact they take no care in what there doing kids running all over the place standing talking in middle of round blocking houses of so people can't get in or out it will never get better just hope it gets safer

Reply Posted by sid on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:57
Horrible isnt it. I hope it gets safer too, and I agree that some of the parents are morons when it comes to parking.

Reply Posted by Kfc on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:50
This has to be a first for me but I must agree with Calamity Miller. He 100% right you can go to any school in Barnsley and it's the same.

It's also a great danger to the kids who walk to school in and out of these brain dead parents that park anywhere.

Well Said "ROY"

Reply Posted by gaynor on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:53
My son goes to Churchfield @ cudworth and the way parents park boils my bladder. Its pure bone idleness'. I also have a 17 mth old so it can be a bit of a tow getting from the car to school and back but i wouldn't be tempted to park in restricted areas because the risk it poses far out -weighs anything else. My little boy once almost got pulled under the wheels of a car that had parked outside the school building, right near where the lollipop lady is situated. A police officer had ticked off the driver and they sped off in temper but wheel spun on the slippery leaves. I always make sure my son walks on the inside of the pavement. Its selfish & lazy parking that costs lives outside britains schools but ppl would rather save their legs than a child's life

Reply Posted by h on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 16:57
i agree school parking is a issue but why doesnt miller get off his backside and go and look at some of these hot spots he likes to spout and take the glory but would sooner pass the book my mates daughter lives on shaw lane and came home 1 day to a car parked outside her house there was a lady putting a pram in boot and appoligised my mates daughter waited while shed done and pulled forward and parked while she was waiting she was on yellow line and camera car clocked her when she explained all miller said was if yer cant park outside yer house park somewhere else 90% of parked cars on shaw lane belong school staff inc headteacher

Reply Posted by Jon on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 17:07
My boys go to kexborough school, only vehicles ive seen on zig zags are rubbish trucks who for some reason empty bins at 8:55 (beyond stupid) and coaches for school trip - not safe either I had to stop someone who nearly got run over as coach set off. Parking on pavement, double parking, and parking over drives is big pronlem but most danger comes from busses going down the narrow road at schoolout time, several from darton college!

Reply Posted by Marl on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 17:18
Its crazy at cherrydale at cudworth,seems to be the same big headed im better than you in my 4x4 people that do it everyday

Reply Posted by boston on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 17:29
my 6 year old goes too holy trinity , i have too pick up as too far away too walk ! but if i could get on the school bus and take them too school and have a bus back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just a thought !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by Simon Walsh on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 17:37
If the park illegally outside schools have a tow truck parked outside too and a police officer. That will be a warning to these selfish morons.

Reply Posted by Jo on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 17:42
It's the world we live in I'm afraid. Most parents mum & dad work! I would never make it in to work if I had to walk the mile & half back to my house & pick up my car to then drive to work. Would the councillors/MP's prefer it if parents didn't work, making them able to walk their kids to & from school?? Our life is hectic. I would love nothing better than to be a stay at home mum, walking my kids to school every morning & walking them home at 3.30pm!! You can't have both I'm afraid. I totally agree that parents shouldn't park on double yellow lines or zig zag markings but don't tell them they can't park outside school to take their kids. The council have removed catchment areas so parents can pick & choose which school they send their kids to. It doesn't take a genius to work out that if they live out of the area then they're going to drive their kids to school.

Reply Posted by JT on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 18:04
Jo I bet you drive a 4x4 with one spoilt little over weight brat of a child.

"But don't tell them they carnt park outside school to take there kids"

Read your post Jo is a load of tosh

Reply Posted by Mary on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 17:56
It will take a child to be killed before anything is done, Birkwood school is bad they park on the crossing . On the curb so you carnt see on coming traffic . It's just laziness at the end of the day, think all school should have parking warden at the start of school and at end of school that can issue tickets.

Reply Posted by kath on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 17:59
i agree with this but im sorry theres also loads of people who have no choice but to take there kidd in car i think schools council and police shud make carparks and drop off and pick up points as haveing to park say 3 streets away from school then trying to cross a main rd is just as dangerous its going on long enough now make sum space

Reply Posted by wifey on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 18:14
St Helens school Hoyland. Cars take it in turn to do a u turn, pull up let their kid out and cross the road, then drive off ready for the next one. Try getting out of Brooke street or Headlands road at school time

Reply Posted by lmw on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 18:16
Well if there was car parks we wouldn't have a problem!

Reply Posted by Jo on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 18:31
For the people who made the comment about setting off earlier!!!!! School opens at 8.50am. I could set off walking at 6am & yes be very early but my children aren't allowed into school until 8.50am!!!!!!!!!! I still have the same problem of then at 8.50am having to run back home a mile & a half to get my car & set off to work!!!!! It is NOT POSSIBLE. No doubt said by someone who doesn't work!!!!!

Reply Posted by Jo on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 18:39
JT what a judgemental comment!!! I am a nurse with 2 very healthy children & need my car to go to work! 4x4!!!! How juvenile of you.

Reply Posted by JT. on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 22:15
You sure Jo or are just being a typical selfish person. Yes you are a nurse and we thank you. You are also a person that your comments are arse.

Reply Posted by Dean on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 18:47
They want to go outside Upperwood and Darfield it's shocking!! Not only park on the yellow zig zags but however they passed their test is unbelievable the way they park!! Nothing will get done unless there is a severe incident !!

Reply Posted by Collet on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 19:15
Any body who lives in Birdwell is in walking distance,the people who don't are people who have had to flit and can't get there kids in the local school where they have gone to live,some select Birdwell because it's a great school,some poor kids even though they are born and live in Birdwell,can't get a place. So I blame school selection committees they should pick kids who live in the village, then thers no need for cars to park outside schools.?

Reply Posted by Sue Armitage on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 19:43
I work full time, I,or my husband walks to school and home where ever possible, which is actually most days,every week, but can also empathise with parents having to use a car to travel to work straight from school. We only use the car when have to pick up from nursery also,as have to pick them up ten minutes apart and couldn't possibly do it without a car, no matter how early we set off. As for dropping them off, our school opens ten minutes before class starts and no sooner, so going earlier would only mean standing out side!

Reply Posted by Jo on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 19:47
I totally agree. There are yellow hatchings & zig zags outside my children's school & parents mostly adhere to this. Parking a short walk away isn't a problem & I have done this for 4years now. Councillors are saying they aren't allowing any parking outside schools. The parking problem will just get moved along the road that's all. Instead of outside school it will become a problem for the neighbouring streets. I am not indifferent to the cause but I think councils have added to the problem by letting parents choose any school & removing catchment areas. I think it would help if schools provided a free before & after school club. This way most of the problem would be spread out.

Reply Posted by JT on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 22:16
You pay taxes not a licence to look after your kids

Reply Posted by Angry on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 20:15
What about parking ON a hill, ON a bend, and then opening the car door as the car drives down the road !!!. how ever I missed this woman I don't know, it has to be stopped. Station rd from Sackup lane is so dangerous. the quicker the problem is solved the better it will be .

Reply Posted by Angie on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 20:58
The bottom of Sackup Lane is a accident waiting to happen ,cars parked on the left hand side of the junction so you cant see when pulling out.
All traffic stood because they cant get passed the cars parked up on Station road, it's a nightmare .

Reply Posted by Nic on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 21:00
Walk to school, you lazy fatties. No wonder your kids are obese. Plus I bet you all moan about price of fuel/pollution! Idiots.

Reply Posted by BS on Thursday January 30 2014 at 13:26
Get a job Nic

Reply Posted by Nic on Thursday January 30 2014 at 17:50
BS is what you speak pal. I have a job. Get from off your huge haunches and get walking! it's goog for us all

Reply Posted by Nic on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 21:10
Probably explains too, why our women are all as fat as our kids. 99% of the comments above are from fat lazy heifers. Sort yourselves out ladies, you're setting a shocking example for your kids.

Reply Posted by sarah on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 21:25
my son goes to holy trinity and all i can say is thank the lord he will be leaving soon. Some of the parents that drive there need a vet,when the security first started up at the top of the drive some were screaming at them swearing at them,all theyre trying to do is make it safer for kids to go to school. My youngest nearly got run over on the flipping path down the school drive, they want to drop off and pick up in the classrooms some of them.

Reply Posted by Shocked!! on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 21:52
Wow Nic lots of nasty words. You know absolutely nothing about the lives of the people who have made interesting & valid comments. People like you spoil this site with your childish jibes calling people fat etc. You sound very immature & judgemental & unfortunately Barnsley is full of people like you. Nothing interesting to say so you call people & their children names! Shame on you!!!

Reply Posted by gemma on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 22:09
please zigzag all ballfield lane to keep ball field lane free from cars so we can see if traffic is coming when crossing with our children,most of the cars are kexbrough residents...for me its idleness..lets have ballfield lane free from 8am until 5pm lets get the buses through,lets see traffic flowing,lets not put lives at risk!!

Reply Posted by me 2014 on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 22:37
My boy goes to well gate, I live 10 minutes away, I go in the car ,yes I am lazy not walking. But I also have twins and no way am I walking in horrible weather to get wet through, and stood out side school gates until they decide to open them, no shelters to stand under what so ever. I work but evenings , and I like routine, food shopping, etc. So I like to do it staight after school run whilst everywhere is quiet.

Reply Posted by Treacle on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 22:39
Birdwell schools parking problem is a disgrace!! I walk to school every morning on the PAVEMENT! I am fed up nearly every morning dragging my daughter by the hood out of the way because inconsiderate selfish parents mount the curb and use almost all the pavement to park outside of!. And not to mention cars speeding out of the entrance to the flats at the side of the photographers,using it as a car park! Despite numerous letters being sent out for parents not to do so!! Bloody do gooders! I am birdwell born and bred,and all my children have gone to that school, why are kids going there that are from a different village?? Really boils my blood!!

Reply Posted by JT on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 22:42
Stop blaming schools for not opening when you want them too.You choose to have children so stop asking schools to manage your kids. if your bus went a 9.50am you would not arrive at 9.55am.

You are a disgrace to your self and your kids it's bad management and shows what. Bad parent you are.

Reply Posted by Shocked on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 23:21
Well if you think being late for work is acceptable, maybe that's why you don't have a job! Oh and if you don't like living bear a school, move somewhere else!

Reply Posted by Jay on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 23:46
I moved after my kids started school and drive 2 mile to school then straight to work, I never park illegally or unsafe, cherry dale is a new school but parking wasn't considered at all when building it? it is difficult for parking but the worst culprits are the ones that park in front of the gates of down the drive to drop another adult off to take a child in, wtf? Why does he even need to park anywhere near and neither of them work? Letters have been sent out numerous times asking people not to go down the drive and they are constantly ignored, and funnily enough not by fat people in 4x4 but usually an audi and a bmw

Reply Posted by Pearl on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 00:38
Jesus. Parents dropping their kids off at the start of the school day can be a nightmare. Where I live you get Chelsea tractors dropping their kids off. If you are walking across a zebra crossing the drivers actually beep their horns at you. They must get their brats to school on time. I usually rap their windscreens and give little Henrietta and Henry the finger. Sod em. Mother is stressed cos she needs to get to Pilates. I always swear at em too. Well little Henry will end up on a trading floor in the City so it is best if he learns f*** and c*** early

Reply Posted by dd on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 09:25
schools. what about pedestrians. just look around how many pavements are impassable because of cars parked on them.

Reply Posted by tony on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 11:47
the council shud do sumat about hunningley lane primary school for parking there is over 20 foot of grass between the boundary wall and the road and about 500 yards long surely this grassed area could be cut back to provide a large layby area for parents parking wen picking kids up from this school after all this is a main road that is busy at all times especially with hgvs using it as their main route from the m1 at birdwell to carlton industrial estate

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 19:42
There's adequate parking 100 yards either side of the school entrance in side streets, too far for you to walk? Why should council tax money be spent to make life easier for the bone idle?

Reply Posted by Julie on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 12:15
Parking around school a major issue....however, the great and good council planners authorised to build our school with extremely bad access and in a very bad location!!!!....no excuses for parents parking tho! But on top of that the school doesn't stop loads of parents driving down to school to drop their little ones off, and the governors take the mickey like it's their own personal right! Doesn't help when the staff drive too fast on approach to car park either....we could all take more thought and care, we all live busy lives....at the end of the day it's the children who will pay the price

Reply Posted by emma on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 14:14
its same at every school i hate doing school runs i live 2 villages away so have to drive. my stepkids go to holy trinity n theres no lollypop lady so driving out of the school entrance poses a huge safety issue for kids crossing road i witness a young boy not looking where he was going and went straight into a car that was pulling into school

Reply Posted by Shelley on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 14:22
Who's idea was it to build most of schools on public or main roads anyway and pubs with most having car parks encouraging drink driving. Should be other way round really. More school buses as transport for kids would stop this as most bus stops are near by xx

Reply Posted by Jane on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 14:29
I'm a driver of large vehicles and often go along Ballfield lane at kexborough when the kids are coming out of school. The parking on this road outside the school is horrendous. Everybody seems to jostle for position. I'm afraid that this is just a serious accident waiting to happen.

Reply Posted by Suzy on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 14:29
My partner is a teacher at a academy, as we share a car & we live 12 miles away from work, I pick him up the parents are unbelievable I always say they could do we a revolving door because they try their kids off so near the school door its unreal and laughable because most of the kids getting dropped off are between 13 to 16 year old who im sure could walk, I was a behind a car after he had dropped this child off they only lived a block away his child had no walking problems, but they are always doing u turns in the middle of the road

Reply Posted by TAP on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 14:35
St Helens school monk Bretton is getting really dangerous they park anywhere we even suggested open football field car park 2 min walk if that also Burton Road primary I think you can say it's all over borough

Reply Posted by Gaynor on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 14:51
OMG some of these comments are ridiculous. Can tell there's alot of bored individuals on here. Its not so difficult really
>if you can walk to school.....Do!
>if you must drive then park safely (if you don't know what parking safely is then consult your highway code)
>If you see someone parking dangerously then TELL THEM!

Reply Posted by Cletus on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 15:20
Brierley CofE is ridiculous, takes me 20 mins to get from one end of my street to the other. Blind spots everywhere, kids crossing the road to get to the park, double parking on a narrow street - sounds like a bad recipe to me!

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 15:49
@cletus I agree,but its just how it is. I hate the school run,but its got to be done. There's nowhere to park there other than in the estate. I thought the old council offices land could be used as a carpark,but not many would use it, its too far from the school. I would use it,but many wouldn't! Mind you,the council would have to sort out the dirty dog poo path at the side. Its stomach wretching!

Reply Posted by sophie on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 15:29
I too live near mapplewell school and yes its crazy in the morning and at hometime. We plan our day around the school finish time to allow for the fact that I wont get parked, the residents on the street cause parking issues themselves but that's another story!! But I don't mind avoiding the rush half hour but it really upsets me when parents are rude and arrogant when we are around at the end of school. I was 8 month pregnant and on my way to the hospital and a parent refused to reverse into a space behind to allow us to get our car out to go to the labour suite....parking is an issue but so is attitude!

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday January 30 2014 at 13:57
I Regularly visit my mate on Greenside Ave and ALWAYS make sure I leave before 2.45 as the street is absolutely horrendous!
There are people (usually women) that get there for 2.30 just to ensure that they can get the parking spot smack next to the gate!

Reply Posted by A Nonnie Mouse on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 15:40
It is the council who employ the traffic wardens and enforce the parking laws. They should provide a letter which can be given out to each pupil by the teachers warning the parents that illegal parking will not be tolerated and they should then send round teams to move people on or to issue tickets enforcing the restrictions. That would soon sort the problem.
Yes the parent parking is causing the problem, however, the council is also adding to the problem by not enforcing the correct standards that they would like people to adhere to.
It's the same old thing I'm afraid, what gets measured gets done and all that, issue tickets and act on enforcements and suddenly the parking will improve... rocket science, I don't think so.

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 15:54
@a bonnie mouse. Do you do the school run? You can't generalise. I'm a grandparent and do the school run. I have to go to Brierley from Cudworth and that school is in the middle of an housing estate. There is nowhere to park other than on the estate itself. Where do you suggest I park to avoid a fine? If you haven't seen that particular problem just stop being so cocky. And obviously you haven't studied rocket science either!

Reply Posted by steve on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 15:52
I am a driving instructor and see some things, but i live in cudworth and drive past churchfield school quite a few times a day, the situation on snydale was made much worse when they bricked up the entrance on church street, when i noticed that parents where parking on the pavement outside the school entrance because the church street entrance was no longer available i rang and emailed the council and explained that although the church street entrance had been closed and bricked up, the yellow zig zag lines where still painted on the road and i asked for them to be removed to allow parking which would ease congestion on snydale rd and possibly prevent anyone getting injured, their reply was, although they understood the problem and my concerns the budget would not stretch to the removal of the yellow zig zags on church street, even though they are completely obsolete.So if Cllr Miller feels the need to address the situation i would be more than happy to ask again.

Reply Posted by Jo on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 16:23
JT as you feel quite free to abuse me I will also do the same. Clearly you are a non working parent that, by your terrible grammar & spelling gives nothing to this country. Calling parents who work, who by the way are keeping this country going bad parents & poorly managed!! We are not asking schools to look after our children just to ease the work & family life balance that you obviously don't have a problem with. You are ignorant & rude & working people should be supported not abused & or the bloody country & your benefits will end!! Wonder how vocal you will be then!! Calling me an arse!! 4x4 driver, a bad parent!!! You're a keyboard warrior with absolutely nothing if any benefit to add to this discussion. Your comments should be removed!!!!

Reply Posted by Nic on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 17:06
Get yellow-lines painted outside schools & enforce the no-parking rules for safety, with fines. Massive Hens, get off your huge behinds & walk with your lazy kids. If it's raining, wear waterproof coats/hats. What an example you're all making? Lazy, polluting & obstinate. Most school pupils live nearby, 1 mile isn't too far to walk, this can easily be achieved within 15 mins. Listen to you all with your excuses. 'Convenience' = I am fat & lazy, just like my kids will grow up to be. This' why your ar**s are so massive. The kind of women who'll DRIVE a relatively short distance to a GYM and then WALK on a TREADMILL. You couldn't make it up.

Reply Posted by Hmm on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 19:16
Do you even have kids? Busy does not equal lazy, and my 3yr old can not walk a mile in 15 minutes.

I believe I'm setting a pretty good example -My children learn that you have to work hard in life to earn a living, nothings handed on a plate. My children may ride in the car to school but they walk to grannys at home time, they have swimming lessons, play football and dance they eat healthy and are a normal weight as am I.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 19:07
there's a woman that lives about 20 yards from me and takes her kids to and from school everyday.

The school is less than 100 meters from where she lives....

Reply Posted by Nic on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 22:05
I can carry two 3-year-olds over a mile in 15 mins. If the ones that COULD walk, WALKED and the ones who live too far away to walk (above at least a mile), DROVE, there wouldn't be this problem at ANY school across the land! Until lazy, selfish, polluters get the message, things won't ever change. Until then, fine them all!

Reply Posted by !!!!! on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 22:27
Nic you obviously do not have kids or work! Your opinions are like an argument from an 8year old! No small child can walk miles before a long day at school & you would know if you were a parent!!

Reply Posted by Nic on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 22:42
'A Mile', Singular. 15 minutes, no stress. Do your kids never walk anywhere? Mine does, regularly. Try it

Reply Posted by Richard on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 22:52
Roy, they have to park somewhere....it could be that directly outside the schools is the only place there aren't any potholes or areas of roads that you've still not yet fixed!

Reply Posted by Henry Viii on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 23:02
Richard Stop it your Boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

Reply Posted by Knackerd on Wednesday January 29 2014 at 23:02
Holy Rood has to be one of the worst offenders. Even with a massive new car park next to the school, the lazy gets still park up the lane that leads to the cricket club.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday January 30 2014 at 13:59
Has also to be said that if the kids went to the school in their "catchment area" and the fact that parents get to pick and choose which school they want their bin lids to go to then that in itself causes massive problems.

Reply Posted by Penny on Thursday January 30 2014 at 14:12
That's a fair point, but I do think as parents we should have the right to choose our childrens schools, regardless of catchment area. The real problem is parents parking inconsiderately.

Reply Posted by Mummy of 3 on Thursday January 30 2014 at 15:37
My 2 eldest go to holy trinity and I'm sorry but the parking is a pathetic excuse they say the parents r driving dangerous but yet I have seen o numberours times that the teachers speed out! And I seriously think when they ruined a brilliant school to make anotha useless super school the should of built parking instead of aload of grass to make school look pretty but pointless!!! It's all a mess and the council have no idea what they are doing along with the school and the guy who employed the useless security on the gates!!

Reply Posted by Nic on Thursday January 30 2014 at 17:14
I have a job thanks. I'm just more organised, committed and far less lazy than some of you

Reply Posted by BS on Friday January 31 2014 at 13:27
And, you have failed your driving test on numerous occasions so you have to walk everywhere.

Reply Posted by Helen on Saturday February 1 2014 at 11:16
I drive to school pay my road tax and mot insurance. I will drive and park as I wish bye

Reply Posted by Nic on Saturday February 1 2014 at 11:12
Not at all. I have just about every category you can achieve, I just choose to walk when I can & drive when it's not practical. Which, if others adopted this same common sense approach, would solve all this parking stupidity. Eh voila!

Reply Posted by ian on Sunday February 2 2014 at 00:33
there are so many lazy parents on the school run its shocking,the streets near my sons school are absolutely choca with cars people driving from a couple of streets away to the school then walk out n stand talking for half hr outside the shop. id understand if they were rushing off to work but that's just pure lazy.this is why people resort to parking on the lines so they can take there kids in,to be honest I feel they should put more effort in to safety of crossings outside schools at are sons school they no longer have a lolly pop lady which to be honest is more to complain about then this, and there is no other type of crossing so you see kids just running across when they can. but the council don't care unless they are saving money.

Reply Posted by kendooker on Sunday February 2 2014 at 11:13
If council so bothered why dont they stop wasting tax payers money on crap statues and works of art and build drop off points at schools kirk balk at hoyland and carlton community college have one which makes it easy dropping kids off

Reply Posted by maria on Sunday February 2 2014 at 13:56
My kids are 16 and 17,when they were at primary and junior school (which was highview primary learning center) I walked to and from school to drop the children off and pick them up from school as I dont drive, and was a stay at home mum, even if someone who could drive offered to take me to school to take or pick the kids up I would refuse the offer, because of the parking situation, it was ok for me because I'd got no commitments,eg work, or anything else I had to do during the day that prevented me from doing that, not everyone is that lucky, I agree something needs doing about parking outside schools but to be told you have to walk your child to school isn't on, you park round the corner from school and the road is just as dangerous to cross, I don't have any answer to this problem, perhaps some incentive to encourage people who are able to walk their kids to school, a reward scheme.

Reply Posted by Mummy at mapplewell on Sunday February 2 2014 at 18:04
I am a parent who drives and parks near Mapplewell primary school, if we are unable to walk our children to school, for whatever reason, what else are we supposed to do? I try and park consideratly and arrive early to school to make sure I can a safe and considerate place.however the school was built after the houses, so blame the people who planned so badly the parking at so many schools. As for Roy miller he knows nothing, he gets to park in the staff car park and has no idea how hard it is to both live locally or try and park.

Reply Posted by Death Angel on Tuesday February 25 2014 at 18:30
I live about 150 yards from a Primary School and I do get annoyed if I can't park in front of my house because of School Children being dropped off. But at the end of the day they have as much right to park in front of my house as I do. The congestion caused by the people dropping their Children off actually slows drivers down and reduces the chance of a Child being killed by a speeding motorist. You are lucky if you can drive at 5 mph never mind the legal 30 mph limit. How many Children would survive a 30 mph collision? The congestion slow traffic down and could be saving lives.