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New Community Centre Gets Go Ahead

Friday January 31 2014

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

PLANS for a new community centre in Silkstone that will be paid for by locals have been approved by the council.

The scout hut on Silkstone Recreation Ground will be demolished to make way for a new community centre that will house the scouts, cubs, guides and brownies as well as the Marie Penrose School of Dance.

A number of other groups have already expressed an interest in using the new centre - which will have two activity rooms and a meeting room - including Zumba, judo, aerobics and a local history group.

Silkstone Parish Council will fund the building of the centre which will then be leased out to groups wishing to use it through a management committee.

The planning report said: "The scouts, guides, brownies, cubs and dance group have spent a number of years fundraising for the proposed new building. The existing facility is out dated and the demand for booking cannot be met with existing space."

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Reply Posted by Kirsty on Friday January 31 2014 at 18:02
Will believe it when I see it!

Reply Posted by The Promised Land on Friday January 31 2014 at 19:44
I know that certain people have put their heart & soul into ensuring Guides & Brownies have a home for the future. These children are our future & need a contemporary safe place to call their own. Amazing how they have to fundraise via adult volunteers yet we waste hundreds of thousands in this borough on ridiculous schemes that benefit no-one. Guiding & Scouting are the cheapest babysitting service anyone would care to mention! The un-paid volunteer leaders fight on a weekly basis to keep children involved, off the streets & help create our future good citizens. We should applaud & reward their tireless work they do, & may I mention, without renumeration (unlike other civic positions). Many of such groups are struggling to make ends meet but yet we as a borough sit, moan, whinge & wince when we hear that such groups need help to exist. Goups are at severe risk of closing because of the financial hum drum. Others claim the glory for reducing youth unemployment & crminality, can the volunteer army that make it happen go unsupported any longer?

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