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Police Patrols Increase After Bike Thefts Rocket

Wednesday January 22 2014

POLICE are stepping up patrols after more than 100 bikes and motorbikes were stolen in Barnsley in the last month.

The thefts - which add up to thousands of pounds in value - have prompted South Yorkshire Police Chief Inspector Andy Hodgkinson to urge people to do more to make their sheds and garages secure.

He said: "We’ll be doing lots of proactive policing so there will be officers out and about.

"We also want the public to play their part by making sure that bikes are secured - even if they're in an outbuilding."

Two motorbikes were taken from a shed at St Michael's Avenue, Monk Bretton, another from Crown Street, Hoyland, while a mini-motorbike was stolen from Burham Way, Darfield on Monday evening.

Four pedal cycles and a scooter were taken from Rose Avenue, Darfield, a mountain bike was stolen from St Anne’s Drive, Monk Bretton, and two mountain bikes went from Springfield Road, Hoyland.

"We want to hear from anyone with information about these or the other crimes," Ch Insp Hodgkinson added.

"We're especially keen to learn who's handling these vehicles, where they're going and receiving any information that might lead to an arrest."

Anyone who can help should ring South Yorkshire Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Reply Posted by Tina on Wednesday January 22 2014 at 10:13
It was my partner and sons bikes which got taken from st micheals avenue,got two very unhappy people, hope they catch the thieving scum bags got it on CCTV so fingers crossed

Reply Posted by bananas on Wednesday January 22 2014 at 11:38
I hope they catch the scumbags, but duz the courts do owt to them.?. no they don't. guillotine me thinks.

Reply Posted by Hollie on Wednesday January 22 2014 at 11:49
we had one stolen from out drive we had evidence and even seen them riding it and the police did nothing! they are useless

Reply Posted by sally on Wednesday January 22 2014 at 12:35
I would have knocked the person off the bike. Bet police would soon be banging my door down. They would certainly get the evidence and prosecute me for assault. When effectively I would be retrieving my property. Feel sorry for you love. GOOD LUCK.

Reply Posted by rob on Wednesday January 22 2014 at 14:32
I got 5 blokes trying to get at my bike last year all of them caught on camera.The cops did nothing so when i find them they are going walkies up on the moors

Reply Posted by julie on Thursday January 23 2014 at 09:05
my nephews bike got stolen too from round back too but left my nieces cos it was no value to them thieving gets owt for a fix shame on them

Reply Posted by MAD!!!! on Thursday January 23 2014 at 09:18
My partners bike was stolen a few years back, they took it from the garage which was locked and the bike also had 2 locks on it. They came in through the roof and then took out the bolts from the inside of the door to open it. We called police, they didn't even come out to look or print it, just gave us a crime number and that was the last we heard from them. A long time after we were told who had stolen it...well known car and bike theives from Sheffield Road area. Also got told it was sold for just a few hundred pounds when it was worth thousands! Makes my blood boil...should go back to the old days and chop off thieving gits hands!!!

Reply Posted by MAD!!! on Thursday January 23 2014 at 09:45
Also just wanted to say...Keep an eye out on your property for chalk marks if you have pets...a work college and her mothers property were both marked yesterday. These marks mean they have good quality saleable pets (for anyone who doesn't already know the signs) and are a marked for the thieves just to come along and steal your beloved pets.

Reply Posted by rosemarie on Thursday January 23 2014 at 12:48
My nephews was stolen and we found it in the garden of the person that stole it.we informed the police .... They arrange for recovery of it ehen we wanted to take it home....had to pay 150 to have it released back to us plus the costs of repair!!! No prints no charge leaving us no opition but to pay!!! Do not let the police recover it .by all means if you find your bikes call police but dont let them take it. .you will be out of pocket and the thieving scum get away with it.!!!

Reply Posted by Garry on Sunday January 26 2014 at 16:38
Had my gsxr stolen from my Buisness in a Barnsley last June only 1 in the country copper couldn't give a **** lost my only prize posesion really gutted

Reply Posted by emma on Tuesday February 4 2014 at 22:05
please keep an eye out for 2 bikes that were taken from my garden on hope street today. At 9.30 I caught a man in his 60's wearing a tan leather jacket going through my outhouse. At 2pm our bikes were stolen. My partner got out the back gate just in time to see them ride off on them. A neighbour saw them been rode around the corner onto Victoria cresent and loaded into a white van partial reg w47.....They were 2 young skinny lads one with dark hair wearing a hoody. They took a 17" specialized ladies bike in white with white handlebars and the post for my daughters seat. Also a mongoose bike which had been sprayed entirely grey with no stickers and white forks. Im not ready to give up looking for these bikes. If anyone sees them please get in touch

Reply Posted by Latricia Bourdages on Saturday August 2 2014 at 05:11
I was trying to find this when i very first obtained here right now, anyway Im wonderful to be at this point