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Barnsley Lady Looking Forward To 100th Birthday Dance

Tuesday January 21 2014

KEEEEEP dancing! Ida Harris certainly takes Strictly Come Dancing's message to heart - the 99-year-old dances twice a week!

So when she celebrates her 100th birthday next month with family and friends, Ida intends on taking quite a few twirls around the dance floor.

The sprightly ex-nurse admits she's not as fast on her feet as she may once have been.

She's taken a few tumbles at home in recent months and is reluctantly using a walking stick to get around.

But once she arrives at her regular tea dances in Wilthorpe and Notton, Ida dispenses with the stick.

"Actually as long as you have a dance partner to hold on to you don't need a stick at all," she laughs.

"I love dancing, I believe it keeps me fit and feeling young and I will keep going as long as possible - just like Sir Bruce says on the television."

Ida was in her 40s when she met her late husband Bert. They lived in Upper Sheffield Road and were regular ramblers and dancers.

"Bert was a lovely dancer, I could have stayed in his arms forever when he danced me around the room," said Ida.

When Bert died in the mid 1960s, Ida moved to her present home in Edgehill Road, Staincross Common.

"I'm still independent, although as a concession to my age I do pay people to do my gardening, shopping and cleaning," she said.

"I'm lucky to have been fit and active all my life.

"It's lovely to still be able to dance because it really does give me so much pleasure."

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Reply Posted by susan on Tuesday January 21 2014 at 16:40
aww ida. what alovely thing to say..you could have stayed in Berts arms forever when you danced around the room.
God bless you. Thta made my heart flutter.

Reply Posted by Garry on Tuesday January 21 2014 at 20:19
What a lady I bet the heart and soul of the party credit to you Ida have a lovely birthday

Reply Posted by kilkenny on Wednesday January 22 2014 at 01:02
A lovely article. I hope she has a lovely 100th birthday. Keep dancing girl.

@Susan - your heart fluttered on hearing the comment about Bert? - Mine did too. I cried a little too.

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