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Hospital 'Regulars' Warned To Consider Options

Friday January 24 2014

Barnsley Hospital Barnsley Hospital

MORE than 100 'regulars' to Barnsley Hospital's accident and emergency department have been warned to consider their actions.

David Peverelle, chief operating officer at the hospital, said 115 people visited the hospital ten times each in the last year.

He said: "These figures are clearly a cause for concern.

"Although some of these patients may be returning with major illnesses, others will be attending who could be treated more appropriately at another health care facility."

Statistics show in one week there were 444 emergency admissions - 154 people had to wait more than four hours to be admitted due to pressure on the department and 55 people had to wait between four and 12 hours on a trolley.

Mr Peverelle added: "We would like to remind patients that the department is for emergencies only.

"We ask that patients seriously consider if they could be treated more appropriately elsewhere, for example at their GP surgery or even their local pharmacy."

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Reply Posted by Dave on Friday January 24 2014 at 09:23
Could it be the mass rise in population in Barnsley having access to our NHS. The hospital is not getting any bigger but there are new faces in barnsley everyday !!!

Reply Posted by Nicola on Friday January 24 2014 at 09:31
The problem is the ability to be seen by medical professionals in other facilities. It is still extremely difficult to be seen by a dr when you need to, we need extended opening hours for dr surgeries, more appointments available on the day and a weekend surgery.

Reply Posted by observer on Friday January 24 2014 at 09:32
cant believe this?..if you watch tv progs, they always tell you if you cant get in at docs, go to a and e. you can actually see a pharmacist for advice. I don't like this wrning thing??. if people are ill. they are ill. simple. I would suggest it is a government driven thing to "tellus" and make us reduce the number of staff at bdgh. it doesn't matter how many times you visit if you are ill. perhaps they should ask people not to visit as much if the ailment they have is not major. and \or perhaps educate people. put leflets on the walls at bdgh stating what re critical and what are not?

Reply Posted by A realist on Friday January 24 2014 at 09:39
Everyone's points a rite to a degree but it doesn't help the fact there is loads of people that abuse the system

Reply Posted by Anon on Friday January 24 2014 at 09:47
It does matter how many times you visit!! I've not seen a tv programme telling people to go to A&e if you can't get in at doctors, tv and radio encourage the very opposite! Use GP, pharmacy etc before you even consider A&e!! It's about time they fined folk that call ambulances that don't need em as well! I also think they if waiting time in A&e bothers people then they shouldn't be there, if you r so ill waiting time wouldn't bother I in the slightest!

Reply Posted by king louis on Friday January 24 2014 at 09:50
it didn't say they were abusing the system it said they went to A&E more than others. Maybe they were ill?

Reply Posted by . on Friday January 24 2014 at 09:55
I was given a proper dressing down by them once for going. My lower back had started twinging on a Saturday morning so I took a paracetamol and laid down. By 7pm I literally couldn't move without being in complete agony. I rang NHS direct and they told me to go to a&e. I tried ringing my doctors for an out of hours apt and was told I'd have to wait until Monday and even then I'd have to ring Monday morning for the daily appointment lottery. When I got there I was made to feel like a proper idiot for going. I was genuinely in agony and had no idea what had happened to me but because I couldn't tell them what 'accident' I'd had they just told me to go home. I haven't been back since; not even when (having since been diagnosed with hypermobility) my hip came out of it's socket because I refuse to be treat like I'm somehow subpar. I apreciate it's a high pressure job and they are abused and mistreated but when people are scared and concerned a bit of tact wouldn't go amiss. Serious customer service training needed.

Reply Posted by Just statistics on Friday January 24 2014 at 10:03
I wonder how far these statistics delve? I have a family member who has hypochondria (it's a real condition) and genuinely believes they are dying on a regular basis. They very rarely leave the house and suffer panic attacks caused by the fear. They do attend a&e quite often but they have a mental health condition and are awaiting a referal for CB therapy and counselling which can be a 2 year wait. Whilst I do know this is a drain on time and resources, they are mentally ill and with the shocking waiting times for other services that could have been helping them in the meantime, they'll keep going back.
It seems that a&e is taking the flack for all the other NHS services failing to provide an effective and customer serving service.

Reply Posted by Vicki on Friday January 24 2014 at 10:09
Some of the receptionists at GP practices ought to wind their necks in for a start. They are not medical professionals yet seem to want to extract information out of you to determine whether you need an appointment or not. The Commissioners were more than aware when they removed the GP Walk-in centre what the consequences would be - a host of patients being unable to get past the GP receptionists leaving them with no alternative to go to A&E!
Sadly, as an NHS worker myself I should be more than aware of the consequences of an "unnecessary" A&E attendance, but after waiting over 12 weeks recently for a scan I was forced to attend A&E as I just couldnt suffer any longer!

Reply Posted by confused !!!!!! on Friday January 24 2014 at 10:41
i was trying to get an appointment at doctors coz of a water infection was told no aapointments 4 ova a week since then if i think i av an infection i go to a&e coz water infections cud go as far az kidney failure our u av to wait 4 appoinment longer wait 4 results then go bk 4 medication a&e ure sorted same day so if that is classed as abusing it i dont care i value my health i av kids to look after !!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by Vicki on Friday January 24 2014 at 10:50
Nurse I totally agree. I was up there myself on NYE with a broken ankle and three gentlemen were huddled in a corner obviously just up there to get warm. The staff are obligated to see these patients as they have presented at A&E, and these people take time. A liaison or welfare person would be ideal to deal with these types of people, but the resources just arent there. I think people also need to be mindful of also is that you cant see what's going on behind closed doors. When I've attended, I've always been happy to wait because it means that something more serious is happening inside the department. There could be multiple heart attacks, head injuries, sick children etc while people are sat in the waiting room moaning about their broken finger. There are two issues that need dealing with: Inappropriate attendances where people (like me) feel there is no alternative but to go to A&E, and those who need other services but the resource just isnt there. As for how long people have to wait, I think they should think about how "well" they are in comparison to someone who may be in the next cubicle.

Reply Posted by . on Friday January 24 2014 at 11:01
There used to be an out of hours dr's down kendray. I remember going there when I had really bad stomach cramps. It was excrutiating but I thought better to go to dr's than a&e. Turned out to be appendicitus and I ended up in hospital for it removing. If that service was still available then I think less people would bother with a&e.

Reply Posted by L on Friday January 24 2014 at 11:01
I was at hospital twice last week. The first time I had a bad reaction to some meds my gp gave me I could have gone to a&e but I rung 111 instead I was seen within an hour as I walked in to a&e I saw a couple that I saw in the same place when I walked out. Could they have rung 111 maybe! They would have been seen faster am sure. Second time I booked in to a&e sat down and was called stringy in. They were amazing with me kept me calm n we'll informed about my health and what I was having etc. I was there about 4 hours in that time I had bloods,ECG, CT scan and also had a bed made up on the ward for me. I think that maybe a lot of ppl that go to a&e could wait to see a gp or even call 111

Reply Posted by Nurse on Friday January 24 2014 at 11:09
Yeah they should have never closed the walk in centre as that would solve many peoples problems! Patients who are sat in the waiting room should be grateful there well enough to as it means there's someone in the department who's not as lucky as you!

Reply Posted by lucky? on Friday January 24 2014 at 12:26
i phoned the doctor to visit my home for my mother who was in severe pain,when the doctor came and asessed my mother he took me to one side and proceeded to give me an almighty bollocking,saying i was wasting doctors time and how busy they were.my mother died less than 4 hours later.then about 18 months ago i went to the doctors (different doctor) with an absess,the doc told me to take 3 kinds of antibiotics and keep an eye on it. 3 hours later i was in a+e being told i may not see the day out! some people panic yes, but most are genuine and wont go near the hospital/doctors unless they honestly believe they need to be there.my point is if we go along with what these people are telling us and do things right how many innocent people will die unessesary? just because of obvious cutbacks and incompitence

Reply Posted by lauren on Friday January 24 2014 at 14:33
@lucky, so sorry to here about your mother. My deepest condolences, cant you not sue him for mal pratice, wrongful diagnosis or something that sounds so wrong.

Reply Posted by TRUE RED on Saturday January 25 2014 at 15:40
I think the spokesperson ment people who keep going back with minor ailments flu or a graze does not constitute a medical emergency while they are treating minor ailments a more serious medical emergency has to wait. I don't think the spokesperson was trying to be egotistical in anyway. If you think it's serious go to the emergency department. if not o see your G.P

Reply Posted by Purple Haze on Saturday January 25 2014 at 18:36
If the doctors surgeries were 24 hours and open weekends then accident and emergency could stay just that. For example many people need antibiotics ( eg my partner got bitten by a dog on a Friday evening and it became infected) or for things such as water infections or chest infections. They cannot wait for several days for appointments or for the weekend to pass.
Drunks and druggies should be processed and sent to drunk tanks and monitored there. Homeless and cold people should be kicked out. Mental health patients should be processed separately too and sent to a different department. A special centre for the elderly that come from nursing homes ( which seem to make up most of a and a) would also make sense.
If Police and paramedics and nurses can work 24 hours it is time we insisted that GPs do it also. They get paid enough.

Reply Posted by Kfc on Saturday January 25 2014 at 20:04
They was a purpose 16 bed unit called Highfield Grange Resource Centre in Wombwell .

The purpose was to allow Elderley people to leave Hospitial early and go there for 2 weeks after leaving Hospitial to free up Hospitial beds.

The Council closed it and now it should have been demolished in October. Has the Council and the NHS could not agree on funding

Reply Posted by Donna on Saturday January 25 2014 at 18:59
Drunks...carnt be arsed to help them selfs....self pitty..yet everyone around you picking up..so sad..chance afta chance

Reply Posted by mummytaylor on Sunday January 26 2014 at 10:11
I have an illness that makes me have a relapse every other month and have no choice but to go to a&e but now I'm too scared to go as im made to feel bad for getting help,last time I was there I heard a nurse say I only come for the drugs and that hurt me so much which made me sign myself out when they asked me why I told them what I had heard.I went to Sheffield and have had major bowel operation,not everyone goes to a&e more than 10times a year to worst there time.

Reply Posted by .... on Sunday January 26 2014 at 10:57
This article is based on the recent national statistics that showed approx 80% of a and e visits were made by the same minority of people who were going 50 times in one year. A and e is for accidents (broken bones etc) or emergencies. ...ie life or death. It is categorically not an out of hours gp service. Whilst people continue to use it as such waiting hours will continue to be long and the extreme pressure put on the nhs to reach waiting time targets will continue to effect level of care...it is a viscous circle. By highlighting the people who are abusing the service they are in fact tackling the problem and attempting to break this cycle. Therefore if you want to improve the situation support a&e and only attend in an accident or an emergency.

Reply Posted by kip on Sunday January 26 2014 at 11:41
Hello,Hypochondria springs to mind in this debate,we all know someone who fits into this category.It enable's people to tick the right box when claiming sickness benefits.These are the people this directed at.Sad but true.

Reply Posted by Tom on Monday January 27 2014 at 13:42
Am I right in thinking a few of these 'regulars' are rough sleepers who are regularly being beaten on our streets for the crime of being homeless. The group with an average life expectancy of less than 50!

Reply Posted by claire on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 10:35
My boyfriend was rushed to a n e 4 times in 2week wih pains in his stomach after all these visits sumert waa done n he as had his appendix out n nw has to av more surgery done to b honest i dunt they knw wot there doing

Reply Posted by What then? on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 10:54
That's all well and good '....' But where do the people go who need medical assistance but they've not had an accident and it's not life or death?? I agree a&e is not for these people but there's nothing else in place. Worst decision closing the walk in centre. My GP's text me to cancel my apt that I've waited a week for and when I rang up at 8:45 Monday morning I was told all the prebookable apts for the week had already gone (they only open at 8:30) and I had to ring back Thursday morning in the hope that I might win an appointment. In the meantime whatever I needed to see someone about might have gotten worse. How is that even good practice?

Reply Posted by CS on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 10:57
This situation goes hand in hand with the "the world owes me a living" mentality that is plaguing this country. Most decent folk wouldn't dream of wasting A&E time by going with every minor pain and sniffle, yet day in day out you see the same sort of people there - the ones who put nothing into the system but take everything out. Last week a young "mother" (I use the term loosely) was there with her 3 screeching offspring. The youngest, a toddler, had a cough and was quite miserable and upset. As children are when they're ill. "Mother" was telling everybody who would listen that the child was being "moangy" and "why should she have to put up with it all day and night" and that it was "their job" to give her something to shut the child up or admit it into hospital because she had "two other bairns to looks after". Needless to say when the medical professionals advised her to take her children home and simply look after them, as a mother should, they were met with abuse and proclamations that they couldn't do their job right etc etc.

Much like people who phone the police for every woe of life, A&E should impose an attendance fee which is refunded if your visit was for a genuine reason.

Reply Posted by Ridiculous on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 11:14
This is utter ridiculous moaning about how many times people go and I'm not been funny but if they took the time instead of your fine go home then people wouldn't need to go as much I had the same "dressing down" before as I went three times in one week because neither them or the doctors have me a answer to what was wrong with my 2 month old little boy by the time they actually did anything ( the last time I went ) he spent weeks in hospital on oxygen on the critical list and it also took them until he was nearly two to tell me he had a heart problem there all moaning about how many times people go but what of people decide not to go just incase they fear been judged by these idiots and something serious happens? And what there not thinking is no matter what. You ring 111 for they tell you to go so maybe someone needs to look into that

Reply Posted by mummy on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 11:37
I avoid A&E and use my gp when possible, however a few months ago my daughter who is under two was very ill with a high temp and rash. I went to A&E because it was the weekebd and asked to see tge out if hours doctor. I was greated by a snotty receptionist who told me I needed to contact 111for tgem to make me a appointment, I was literally stood in the reception why couldnt she make me an appointment???? So I went outside holding my crying toddler to make the call. The man who I was transfered to for an appointment at the hospital was disgusted at our experience. I complained to tge receptiinist when we were leaving and all she said was 'you cud ave waited in A&E instead' (wasting valuable resources)
anyway our daughter only had a virus but customer service desperatly neess addressing!!

Reply Posted by jamie on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 11:53
I avoid a&e and doctors to be honest .
No point in trying to get a appointment at the doctors unless you can predict that you'll be ill a month in advance and the last time I went to a&e 7 years ago I clearly had a broken nose but the "doctor" who saw me said it wasn't .
I now need to pay if I want my nose resetting as I can only breath through one side and it has severely affected my sense of smell.
So my point is unless I'm dying I'm not going !!

Reply Posted by BP on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 18:25
There is a lady who lives across from my friend who called for an ambulance 14 times in one week. Legally they have to treat it like any other 999 call. This lady was taken to hospital on every occasion and checked over at hospital. It's people like this that clog up the system and make genuinely ill people have to wait to see a doctor. Fine persistent offenders..... But then again, they probably wouldn't care, wouldn't pay the fine and nothing would happen!

Reply Posted by someone on Tuesday January 28 2014 at 18:31
My husband ia diabetic and had an infection in his foot. Tried for 2 weeks to get into the doctors but no appointments. Went to a&e and were told he'd done the right thing, as he could have lost his toes / foot. The nurse said he would need follow up and that if the doctors refused to find him an appointment, to go back to a&e for treatment, and they would send a not so very nice letter to our gp. Sometimes, needs must. On the same visit, however, a lady was 2 in front of us in the queue to see the receptionist. When she'd been seen, the receptionist turned to her colleague and announced loudly, 'I wouldn't dare come to a&e with something like that'. Since when have receptionists gained medical training? They have no right to judge.

Reply Posted by Lou on Wednesday June 22 2016 at 22:22
I've been to hospital 12 times so far in 2016. I have a heart condition and have attempted suicide multiple times. Am I abusing the system? Could my problems have been treated elsewhere? Still adds up to 12 visits and thus I am a 'strain'. Sorry for being ill.