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Bicycle Thefts On Rise

Wednesday January 8 2014

THERE has been a spate of bicycle thefts across Barnsley, police have warned.

There were 75 bikes reported stolen to police in the 30 days leading up to Christmas, and a number of children's bikes were stolen during the Christmas week.

Ella Rich, ten, of Cudworth, had her new bike stolen after receiving it as a Christmas present.

Chief inspector Andy Hodgkinson said: "We have had quite a spate of bikes being stolen unfortunately, which is unusual because we have seen huge reductions in burglary and crime in general in Barnsley this year."

He said officers will stop and challenge anyone riding bikes after dark.

"We will be asking people to account for their movements and ownership of bikes in the hours of darkness."

He said bikes, often stolen ones, were regularly used by criminals to get around while committing other crimes.

"We have managed to get some funding to start working with the schools, starting in Kendray, where people can have their bike identity stamped.

"We would really encourage people to take extra precautions wherever possible. If bikes are in sheds or outbuildings, get them secured with heavy duty locks, and if the bikes can be locked down inside, to the floor or something that's fixed, all the better.

"We'd urge anyone with information about who is stealing these bikes, or where they're disposing of them, to call police on 101."

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Reply Posted by me on Wednesday January 8 2014 at 14:00
people want to go up to the scrapyard up briely first thing in the mornings and check all the gypo vans and other pickups there always bikes on there trucks and you can tell some are to good to be scrap,just saying

Reply Posted by larry on Wednesday January 8 2014 at 14:39
im not sticking up for the gypos or scrapyards but there is lots of cycles on for sale on these item for sale sights are any of them stolen for a quick quid on these sights

Reply Posted by me on Wednesday January 8 2014 at 16:09
why not nick a bike, if they get caught they get their hands smacked. until they start chopping there fingers off nothing will change.

Reply Posted by Warrior on Wednesday January 8 2014 at 19:31
It's not actually Sherlock Holmes crime. So many bikes before Christmas stolen. It's the sign of the times.

Having said that you can drive around any estate and find bikes just laid in gardens for the taking.

It gives no one the right to steel the property. But put it in context.

If the courts can not deal with shoplifters and smack Rats. Then bike thief twill be way down the Polices priorities all smoke no guns.

Reply Posted by TheBeater on Thursday January 9 2014 at 10:36
My son has his brand new cycle stolen from a garage in Princess Street. He worked his socks off for that. They are nothing better than pubic lice on society! They care for nothing, including their own families! BRING BACK THE BIRCH.

Reply Posted by Fawkes on Thursday January 9 2014 at 11:50
Thieving scum.

Reply Posted by Soft state on Friday January 10 2014 at 21:11
Harsher punishments to these scum bags that think they can have what they want
Time to wire the shed up to the mains I think

Reply Posted by Warrior on Friday January 10 2014 at 21:58
The whole justice system is not got for purpose. I've always said this the top 10 % of the rich people very rarely have contact with the public.

They have big houses. Private Education and private Health Care and everyday law and order does not effect them or there families or friends.

Therefore why spend Money. time and effect sorting out the lower class off society.

Reply Posted by Kfc on Saturday January 11 2014 at 18:59
Well done biker. That's the way forward.

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