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Police Officers To Receive Awards For City Reach Rescue

Tuesday January 7 2014

City Reach City Reach

DRAMA unfolded at the top of the unfinished City Reach tower block when two police officers fought to save a woman who had collapsed and stopped breathing on the sixth floor.

PC Paul Davies and PCSO Alison Lake were told the woman had taken heroin.

When the two officers reached the sixth floor - inches away from a sheer drop - they found a man sitting on a mattress holding the head of the unconscious woman.

He was screaming: "She's all I have and she's not breathing."

They found a bruise and fresh blood on the woman's right arm and a syringe on the floor.

Now the pair are both to receive Royal Humane Society certificates for saving the woman.

They also won the personal praise of Royal Humane Society secretary Dick Wilkinson as he announced the awards at its London headquarters.

"It was a harrowing incident in which they undoubtedly saved the woman’s life," he said.

"They richly deserve the awards they're to receive."

The drama happened on the afternoon of July 3, 2013, when police were alerted that someone had heard a man shouting in distress from inside the building, off John Street, opposite Morrisons.

Mr Wilkinson added: "They had difficulty getting him away from the woman and they were in the stairwell, with a drop to the ground just inches away from where the woman was lying.

"When they persuaded the man away, they discovered that the woman’s face and lips were purple and there were no vital signs.

"The two officers took it in turns to administer cardiac pulmonary resuscitation until the woman gasped for breath.

"She continued shallow breathing and had a weak pulse. Paramedics arrived after 20 minutes and she was taken to hospital.

"But for the efforts of these two officers she would almost certainly have died."

No date has yet been fixed for presentation of the awards, but it's expected to take place in the near future.