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Meet The Town's First New Year Baby!

Monday January 6 2014

MEET Miley-Rae Ogden, the first baby born in 2014 in Barnsley!

Mum Chantelle Ratcliffe, 22, of Townlands Close, Wombwell, had been due to give birth on Christmas Eve.

On New Year's Eve morning when she was a week late, a midwife called and gave her some help to get baby on the way.

But Miley-Rae was determined to be born in 2014 and finally made an appearance just after 1am!

Dad Jake said: "The midwife said she'd probably come later that day, possibly the day after, but we never even thought about her being born on New Year's Day.

"Turns out she was the first in Barnsley."

Chantelle has another daughter, Peyton, who will be two later this month.