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Fines To Be Issued To Hoax 999 Callers

Friday January 3 2014

A MAN dialled 999 claiming he had been attacked and when officers responded he asked for a lift to a railway station, South Yorkshire Police have revealed.

The force said another person had called the emergency number to tell police he had been to the pub and 'was now in the supermarket'.

The calls were among more than 5,000 received between December 20-29.

The force said of the 5,471 calls made to the emergency number over the Christmas period, about 70 per cent were not a true emergency.

It said a smaller proportion of those were nuisance calls from people being abusive, wanting a chat or making a false report of crime.

Tracy Potter, operations manager at South Yorkshire Police, said: "Sadly, calls such as this are not uncommon.

"They're wasting police time and, at worst, they could divert officers away from other genuine incidents, which could have grave consequences."

Ms Potter said hoax callers faced a £90 fixed penalty for wasting police time.

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Reply Posted by ~Sarah~ on Friday January 3 2014 at 12:38
I know its wrong, People with Real emergencies are struggling because of these and they deserve more than a £90 fine!
But on the other hand if I was a policeman and someone called saying they were going to the supermarket, I'd find a sense of humor and have a laugh with them. Just me that does find this slightly amusing?

Reply Posted by Bob on Saturday January 4 2014 at 14:29
But would you find it funny if someone broke into your house to attack you and you couldn't get through on 999 because someone was having a laugh and a joke with the police over silly stuff?

Reply Posted by mel spencer on Friday January 3 2014 at 13:24
I think that Paramedics and Ambulance Crews do the most fantastic job and the last thing they need is hoax calls, piss takers. I bet the majority make these calls cos they think it hilarious, dickheads, grow up u neva know when u or yr family will really need the help of a 999 call.

Attn all drivers/road users:
Common Sense: if u see or hear the Ambulance or fast response car then move over n let it pass. Pple that ignore a blue light or siren are just damn ignorant and shdn't be allowed on the pissing road.

Reply Posted by just a thought on Friday January 3 2014 at 18:23
i was just wondering sarah if u wud find it amusing still if u ure , house or maybe family were being robbed , killed ECT & police or any other emergancy service were 2 buy to help u cud were be allowed to find it amusing then eh ???????????? grow up ppl like u encourage them to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by just a thought on Friday January 3 2014 at 18:24
sorry about spelling ppl not with it today lol

Reply Posted by kfc on Friday January 3 2014 at 19:04
When your at home waiting for a ambulance. When your love one is fighting for there life the is no Sense of Humour involved.

Next time Sarah a ambulance or emergency vehicles passes you with Blue lights flashing. It could be going to one of your love ones.

I would not fine them I'd have a page in the Chronicle every week for these dickheads to receive the attention they desire.

Reply Posted by Tom on Saturday January 4 2014 at 03:57
I doubt fining people would do much to reduce nuisance calls, and could actually put people off of phoning up to report incidents which may/may not be worthy of a response. Far better to employ a couple of people to answer calls when we have millions looking for employment in order to ensure that all calls are answered.

I also doubt whether it makes any sense financially to direct precious resources into issuing and enforcing fines, when there are much more important things to be done.

I rang 999 a few weeks back to report a man in the street, semi-conscious, with some blood coming from his head, he appeared to be drunk, but he might have been diabetic/having a stroke/disorientated as a result of a head injury etc. I was unable to stay with the man, as I had to meet somebody, so I ran to meet my friend, before running back to wait with the man whilst the ambulance arrived.

I was skint that week, I couldn't afford to phone my friend to re-arrange our meeting place, if I thought I might face a fine for reporting the man in the street because he had say, wandered off, then I'm not sure I could have afforded to risk ringing the emergency services for help.

Reply Posted by Mystery on Monday January 6 2014 at 14:13
Tom as stated the fines aren't aimed at false alarms with good intent its those which are malicious waste of time callouts. Its just a shame that only the police can hand out fines for it when I'm sure the fire service and ambulance service suffer just as much if not more than the police. Those two services are directly responsible for saving peoples lives. Time wasted on answering false 999 calls drags them away from real incidents which 99% of the time involve direct threat to life.

Reply Posted by Warrior on Saturday January 4 2014 at 14:34
Tom that the biggest load of bollocks any one's ever written on WAB. Read the post again. and well done for being a goodsmaritian. I would have done the same.

Tom the fines are not aimed at you.

Reply Posted by Kfc on Saturday January 4 2014 at 17:08
Warrior that's a bit harsh the guys just helped somebody. Most people would just walk past. I'm alright Jack comes to mind

Reply Posted by observer on Sunday January 5 2014 at 15:10
i have to agree with sarah. where the hell did a sense of humour go?. at end of day, the govt are wanting to reduce the amount of bizzies we have. i would suggest that is the real complaint. as they will forever moan. we dont have th resources. theres always 1000 bloody officers on the scene when theres a post office break in. or a bank hold up?, where do they come from?...get a grip. its a bit of fun.

Reply Posted by Mystery on Monday January 6 2014 at 14:15
999 is a limited line service. Time spent by a 999 operator means that that operator is also not able to answer another genuine need for help. That's what everyone else is on Sarahs stupid comments. 999 is not a comedy club, its a rapid response service to potential life threatening situations.

Reply Posted by derek on Monday January 6 2014 at 20:16
observer, y r you such a pillock? nobody find's it fun. when someone jumps on ur head would you find that fun when no 999 to respond ?

Reply Posted by Jon on Sunday January 5 2014 at 16:36
So observer, because the police respond well to real and serious crime we should be able to ring them for lifts?
Does the same logic count for the fire service? Loads of them turn up to house fires so there's no reason they can't help me move house right?
I saw 4 ambulances at an accident the other day so can I ring them to pick my take away up?

Reply Posted by dawn on Sunday January 5 2014 at 16:37
No Sarah its not funny. Ppl havent lost their sense of humour. Its about making sure police are doing whatsoever needed and not wasting time. People get annoyed wiyh prank calls to their home number....with no dangerous effects..doing a prank call to any emergency service is extremely dangerous. Fire engine going to a building thats not on fire,and not veing available to go to a house that is burning and so on and so forth.
Its a waste of time energy and resources.
Fines should be enforced and when it hits a certain amount of fines and the caller isnt either paying the fines or giving up the hoax calls then they should be reprimanded n community service or such like should be enforced . There will always be pillocks that hoax calls but a deterrant is needed.

Reply Posted by Purple haze on Sunday January 5 2014 at 17:36
So Police have to have a sense of humour as well as putting up with numpties, being spat at or on, being sworn at, being assaulted and having to work crap hours and all bank holidays and having to do legal paperwork, training on their days off - I could go on but most of you believe they do nothing except go for their butties in cars with flashing lights........
In reality they do a damned hard job that most people elect not to do for a rubbish wage which has been frozen for last few years, their pension raided and so forth.
Idiots that waste Police time should not be fined they should have to attend court to explain their selfish and childish actions.

Reply Posted by derek on Monday January 6 2014 at 20:12
well said mel. couldn't have put it better myself. 5 yrs in prison might stop hoax call's .All emergency services do a fantastic job.

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