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Library Petition Handed Over To Council Leader

Tuesday December 24 2013

A PETITION with 13,000 signatures against the proposed demolition of Barnsley Central Library was handed over to the leader of the council on Monday.

Campaigners believe it's the largest petition ever collected in the town.

The proposal is for the Shambles Street library and adjacent shops and offices to be demolished to make for a new sixth form centre for Barnsley College.

The library would be temporarily relocated to Wellington House until a new one is built in the town centre.

However, campaigner Dave Gibson is concerned the proposed demolition is a foregone conclusion, despite the petition.

He said: "One of things everybody has felt is it's a done deal.

"As I handed over the petition I was wondering to myself if they will listen or carry on with what appears to be a pre-determined plan."

The handover comes after approval last week for the library to move into Wellington House, should it be demolished, and redundancy consultation letters being sent to a number of cleaners at the library.

The cleaning staff received notices due to Wellington House being smaller and already having its own cleaners, meaning all those from the library would not be required.

The campaigners said this was evidence a decision had 'already been made' and the ongoing consultation process on the library's future was 'being ignored'.

However, a council spokesman said letters had been sent out only to make sure contractual notice periods were stuck to if the move went ahead.

He said the redundancy process could easily be halted if it didn't.

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Reply Posted by rainbow on Thursday December 26 2013 at 04:40
I doubt it will make any difference to Sir Steve's plans, workmen are already in Wellington House getting it ready to become the new library.???

Reply Posted by Kfc on Thursday December 26 2013 at 07:28
I wondered how many of the 13000 signatures voted labour at the last local elections.

Reply Posted by maire on Friday December 27 2013 at 19:17
wellington do not have there own cleaners there will be take there cleaners with them from the library.

Reply Posted by Kate on Friday December 27 2013 at 21:37
@kfc this is nothing to do with political views it's about trying to stop the demolition of our purpose built library

Reply Posted by Kfc on Friday December 27 2013 at 22:06
If it's not fit for purpose for the future and does not fall into the councils immediate plans then it with go.

We don't live in a town where people's options and opinions are taken into account.

Labour Councillors and our Labour Leader has no regard for Tom Dick or Harry.

You can petition as much as you like its a done deal.

Again I ask how many voted this Labour Councillors in.

If things don't change things will stay as they are.

And the muppets at the Town Hall role about in it.

Reply Posted by Ohhai on Friday December 27 2013 at 22:09
Kate..*old purpose built library. One that's passed it's time, looking warn and is an eye sore. Getting moved temporarily into a decent location ready for the build of a new one that will be better. I don't get what the problem is with this at all. It's not closing down for good it's getting moved and to be eventually located into a new building. What's the problem?!

Reply Posted by Colin M on Saturday December 28 2013 at 08:40
If they ignore a petition of 13,000 people it shows how out touch they are with the people that elected them and therefore shouldn't be in their job. Spend the money on refurbishing the building and building the sixth form college near the other one or make the young ones walk. Some could do with the little exercise.

Reply Posted by dave the rave on Saturday December 28 2013 at 09:39
Houghton will er used it to leet his fore wi ya muppets.
Knock it darn its farl.

Reply Posted by Lucy on Sunday December 29 2013 at 09:38
Kfc- It may well be a done deal, but at least it makes things difficult for them,they might realise in future that they can't just ignore the views of thousands of people. And to be honest, if a Jack Russell was the labour leader in Barnsley, people would vote for it, even though Labour have done NOTHING for this town at all. People are stuck in their ways, it's not the old mining town it once was. I would rather eat my own hand than vote Labour. And where is Dan Jarvis in all this?? he's been conveniently quiet for once!

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Monday December 30 2013 at 11:40
TOTALLY agree Lucy.

Reply Posted by Kfc on Sunday December 29 2013 at 10:55
@Lucy his is the point I making The labour elected Councillors have one been silenced by theTown Hall Generals.

A local councillor has lost all credibility in the communities and are not even consulted on issues of great public interests.

The decision are made by the Senior cabinet and the rest are just there to rubber stamp there decisions.

Any one with can see whats happened just look at the closing of Wombwell Baths Highfield Grange Resource centre.

These are only services I can see in my area. Every person in Barnsley in there own areas have a story to tell.

The UK politics have changed the people have no say and more frighting the local elected Councillors have gone down the road off this Con- Dems reckless way of streaming rolling over the Communities views or ideas.

Every Labour Councillor in Barnsley are privately laughing behind the electorates back. Two faced and I forgot once elected a JOB FOR LIFE.

Reply Posted by Lucy on Sunday December 29 2013 at 12:02
I concur. This is why it is so important to put up a fight. Lets hope people remember when it's time to vote.

Reply Posted by milzi on Sunday December 29 2013 at 14:10
Knock it down why have a library anything I need to know I go online its easy libraries are a thing of the past burn books just saying

Reply Posted by Kfc on Sunday December 29 2013 at 14:20
@ milzi There is more to a library than books. It used as Community Centre, where people meet up to socialise. Not every one chooses to go to the pub.

It's where young and old can learn in a space of peace and quiet and have there tools at hand to helps. It also allows community events to me held.

Library's are about education for all. they provide a public service and paid for by the publics money.

These survives should never be compromised irrespective which. Political party is the ruling party of that town or City.

I know there are not shutting Barnsley Library but one thing is for sure. if they could they would.

Reply Posted by amanda on Sunday December 29 2013 at 16:50
if anything needs pulling down in barnsley its the market we need a new up to date 1 to bring more visitors .cos all we have in town is secondhand shops poundlands & pubs make a new market if people need libary what about the local ones in there own areas all other town & cities have kids clothes shops all shops we get are crap

Reply Posted by Dawn on Monday December 30 2013 at 02:57
Its a flipping eyesore and any one that says otherwise needs to go to spec savers x and I agree the market is disgusting too Barnsley needs to move with the times. Town Hall is lovely now lets see more of this x

Reply Posted by Mick on Monday December 30 2013 at 20:02
It's an old building, costs a fortune to run and for the size of it, not much useful information comes out of there. But I agree with Dawn, it does look nice.

Reply Posted by milzi on Friday January 3 2014 at 13:16
I stand by what I said earlier there's a library less than 100 meters away in Barnsley college everyone has the internet these days if not I urge you to invest Barnsley does need new shops etc we don't need a fountain and that eyesore thing they built at side of it which someone is going to climb one night drunken and fall and sue Barnsley for but back to the main reason the library is run down hardly anyone uses it. It costs a fortune for a handful of people to use when they can go college surly