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Businesses Opposite Library Looking Forward To Boost

Thursday December 19 2013

BUSINESSES opposite Barnsley Central Library say they will be sad to see it go but hope its demolition will give the promised boost to the economy of Shambles Street.

Barnsley Council says the library will be replaced temporarily at Wellington House, and will eventually have a new home when the town centre is redeveloped in the coming years.

Plans of what the temporary library will look like were published on the council's website last week.

Consultation on the plans is underway but more than 6,000 people have already signed a petition calling for the library to stay where it is.

Robert Eaton, of the Russell Eaton salon, said Barnsley is in urgent need of redevelopment and believes the short-term disruption will be worth it for the long-term benefit of the town.

"I see why people who use the library are so opposed to it. It's well-used and I can see their point.

"But if you look at Leeds and the affect of the development that's gone on there, it has had a huge impact.

"Barnsley is in need of regeneration probably more than anywhere else."

Stan Bulmer, of Stan Plus Stan Photography, says the demolition of the abandoned shop units opposite his studio 'can't come soon enough'.

"About 60 per cent of our customers come from outside Barnsley. We're bringing people into the town and this street is the main entrance.

"Those shops have been a bit of an eyesore."

Laura Beaumont, of Nutopia Hair and Beauty, said: "It's sad the library has to go, but hopefully it will attract a bit more interest in this end of the town."

But Andrew Bostwick, of insurance broker Bostwick and Sayers, would rather see the area redeveloped for retail rather than a college.

"From a business point of view I don't think a sixth form college will do anything to 'bring us into the town centre'. I'd rather have seen it developed for retail.

"I'd rather the library stay. We do get customers coming in to us who've been to the library."

A council spokesman said the proposed college building would match the quality of environment and resources of the new secondary schools across Barnsley.

The spokesman said the college and the long-term plans for an all-new library would enhance the town centre, but timing is critical.

He added: "If the college doesn’t move quickly on the Shambles Street site then the town centre is likely to lose out on millions of pounds of investment.

"All comments gathered will help the council to further understand what people have to say about the implications the move will have on them."

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Reply Posted by Dale on Thursday December 19 2013 at 17:20
Glad to see it going , which brain dead person approved the plans to put the library at the top of an incline , a lot of elderly people can't make it up there , and talk about demolition closed down rail crossing coming in to town , hi dreams up these plans idiots

Reply Posted by Teddy on Friday December 20 2013 at 07:17
Would like to c retail development as well, but there's plenty of empty shops as it is unfortunately :-(

Reply Posted by Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know on Friday December 20 2013 at 08:57
Empty shops = Greedy Council demanding huge business rates, rather than encouraging people to try new ideas with shops.

Reply Posted by GRIM on Friday December 20 2013 at 09:07
There are many new shops that have opened in town this year. Might not be major chain stores, but these are brilliant local business people and shop owners.
With the arrival of a new college site will also come new small businesses, sandwich shops, etc, which cater for the students. This is a good thing.

In regards to the protesters, they have never once mentioned the fact that many people are put off by the current site because it is at the top of a hill and many elderly people find it hard to get to. There are pro and cons for both the current site and Wellington House.
I am library user and have been since the early 90s. I go at least twice a week, and will continue to do so wherever it goes
I also certainly welcome a new college site. We are 2nd from the bottom of school league tables, lets not allow this to happen with our colleges and let's make it world class. We have a lost generation in this town with poor skills and many with little experience of work. Let's help them. It is now a legal reuqirement to be in work, training or education up until 18 years of age. This new space is much needed.

Reply Posted by rainbow on Friday December 20 2013 at 14:09
Why does anyone want to shop in Barnsley unless you want to visit the Charity Shop centre of England, getting into Town has become a nightmare, traffic lights everywhere, Stairfoot roundabout, 6 sets of traffic lights between Worsbrough and Morrisons alone make it easier to go to Cortonwood plus no parking fee.??

Reply Posted by Lucy on Friday December 20 2013 at 14:42
DALE- Clearly not a library user no?

Reply Posted by Maz on Saturday December 21 2013 at 16:00
Dale you should make use of the library and read more, it will improve your English. As for the elderly, at present we have a bus stop outside the library, where will the nearest one be to the proposed site?

Reply Posted by Mike on Saturday December 21 2013 at 16:29
Shambles street has certainly lived up to its name over the last decade, a derelict shambles as a gate way to a derelict shambles of a town centre run by a shambolic bunch of socialists who have run out of ideas.

Reply Posted by Paul on Sunday December 22 2013 at 20:40
Nearly 9000 people av signed a petition to save the library , democracy has left the building , just hope the 9000 ppl take there frustration out on voting day ,, an get the Labour Party out of barnsley ..

Reply Posted by rainbow on Monday December 23 2013 at 09:06
Why doesn't the council knock down the old South Yorks HQ building down at the side of the open market. That building is a proper eye-sore and has been stood vacant for years.???

Reply Posted by GRIM on Monday December 23 2013 at 18:10
There is a bus stop but it only serves those coming in from darton, kingstone, higham.

Reply Posted by GERALD SWALLOW on Monday December 23 2013 at 18:12

Reply Posted by GERALD SWALLOW on Monday December 23 2013 at 18:13

Reply Posted by LOL on Monday December 23 2013 at 19:55

Reply Posted by hszmzneosb on Saturday March 8 2014 at 05:00