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Shop-Lifters Rogue Gallery Circulated

Wednesday January 18 2012

A ROGUES gallery of prolific shoplifters has been circulated around the town centre to crack down on light-fingered thieves.

The three-month campaign started just before Christmas and has already issued £80 fines to first offenders, made others write letters of apology - and even sent someone to court for stealing a £1.20 hair-grip from Primark.

Inspector Julie Mitchell, who has volunteered to run the shoplifting campaign, said: "We've had people taking things like cosmetics, jewellery - even someone who nicked their lunch and a drink.

"We are working with security staff in the town and they have been given photographs of prolific shop lifters who they have got to be on the lookout for. We're also working with shops to give advice on how to prevent shoplifting by displaying things better."

The lowest value items stolen so far have been the hair grips from Primark - taken by a 20-year-old man. The highest value items were some Ipad cases stolen from Carphone Warehouse.

Insp Mitchell said the punishment shoplifters get depends on whether they have been in trouble before. "The £80 fixed penalty notices are a really efficient deterrent for dealing with it in some cases - but repeat offenders do get charged to court."

Julie is now the 'shoplifting champion' for the town centre and will be helping businesses continue the crackdown.

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Reply Posted by GuestyMcguest on Wednesday January 18 2012 at 13:13
get em in the public domain and online as well. I was watching that shoplifting program the other day, every household in Britain spends the equivalent of £200 a year extra on the highstreet due to the effects shop lifting has on the economy

Reply Posted by steve d on Wednesday January 18 2012 at 17:20
I saw 5 chavs (in their twenties) walk into asda, split up, circle around a couple of aisles looking as obvious as anything for about five minutes then walk quickly back out holding their jackets at the bottom. Security guard was watching his cctv screens but you're not telling me that sometimes you don't need cctv to know when someone is on the rob.


Reply Posted by Akamykilner on Thursday January 19 2012 at 11:57
I went into bodycare in lambra early last yr picked up sum hair spary n put it down cos que wa huge they sent security t follow me up t shoe zone t search me for hair spray n i told em I put it down i dint av 1 bag on me t put it in went bk down t body care n showed em where id put it i never got a sorry or jack shit ive never eva stole in my life n never eva plan t go into that shop again Ye ppl may do it but they were watchin the wrong person that day ive seen loads takin outta that shop when i use t go in n how they dont feel guilty for it il never no i did for a crime i didn't do

Reply Posted by John Wood on Thursday January 19 2012 at 12:47
Too soft in this country...  no deterrent at all.
about time we had some judges with a backbone, and give some stiff sentences.