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Mobile Speed Camera Alert

Friday December 6 2013

MOBILE speed cameras will operate on the following roads from Monday.

A61 Park Road, Barnsley
A628 Barnsley Road, Penistone
A628 Barnsley Road, Silkstone
A628 Cundy Cross to Shafton Two Gates
A629 three-kilometre stretch, Wortley
A633 Rotherham Road, Athersley South
A633 Rotherham Road, Monk Bretton
B6096 two-kilometre stretch, Wombwell to Snape Hill B6411 Houghton Road, Thurnscoe
Brierley Road, Grimethorpe
Pogmoor Road, Barnsley
A6022 Rowms Lane, Swinton
A633 Sandygate, Wath-upon-Dearne
Melton Green, West Melton.

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Reply Posted by Luke Batley on Sunday December 8 2013 at 16:55
Aw for **** sake mobile CCTV cameras! ******* can't speed

Reply Posted by Jubbz on Sunday December 8 2013 at 19:40
Well they have got Xmas do to pay for

Reply Posted by the lad on Sunday December 8 2013 at 19:58
bowt time they caught criminals thats makein hundreds instead of punnishing motorist all time thats tryin to earn a liveing

Reply Posted by tosh on Sunday December 8 2013 at 20:05
Maybe the Police are saving your life, stopping you wrapping youself around a tree. Oh and by the way, if your arsehole driving killed any of my kin I won't be around to shake your hand and forgive you.

Reply Posted by sid on Sunday December 8 2013 at 20:09
Good post tosh

Reply Posted by jim on Sunday December 8 2013 at 20:15
What will the police do? a bit daft wrapping up a tree at xmas..

Reply Posted by Tony on Sunday December 8 2013 at 21:10
If you get burgled they dont even come out. But get ready if you park on a double yellow line, there will be a full blown investigation.
Glorified traffic wardens.

Reply Posted by ME on Sunday December 8 2013 at 21:42
Same old again, there not coppers in mobile camera vans there civillians so there not stopping any coppers doing there job. Any thing that can save lives surely can't be a bad thing. @ Tosh well said.

Reply Posted by ME on Sunday December 8 2013 at 21:44
@ Tony coppers can't do anyone for parking on double yellows, handed that over to council and traffic wardens years ago.

Reply Posted by paul on Sunday December 8 2013 at 21:46
We was robbed via the internet we gave the police names and addresses url address the job lot and they was not bothered.. its all about getting the right key performance indicators and targets. Drivers are the easy target. We have a speed camara near our street on a hill going down.. your car naturally speeds up resulting in you having to watch your speedo rather than the road in fear of breaking the 30 mph speed limit. Surely this is dangerous as a net effect of speed camaras. And now im started.. the police offering a £1k reward to get people to report any drink driver its not acceptable. I donot condone speeding or drink driving but its getting ridiculas.. i agree with the comments they should be catching the real criminals..

Reply Posted by Mandy Davies on Sunday December 8 2013 at 21:56
Coppers CAN get you for parking on double yellow lines. I got fined February of this year when I parked on double yellows on high street in Wombwell when I went to buy a wheelchair for my daughter, who at the time struggled to walk. I appealed against it and under my circumstances it was thrown out of court

Reply Posted by TheGuardian on Sunday December 8 2013 at 22:03
Here's a novel idea: Don't speed throughout villages & accident blackspots and you don't get fined! I've been driving for a while & never been caught speeding. If you have Cruise Control, use it, you can't go wrong!

Reply Posted by Not happy on Sunday December 8 2013 at 22:57
My car was robbed last week 400 pounds down. Not worth claiming on insureance because I will be even more out of pocket. Police not interested but at least I know you are out trying to get more money into your coffers for the Christmas party. Priorities ! Reorganise them.

Reply Posted by kevin evans on Monday December 9 2013 at 07:59
Last time i heard its coppers who want overtime that sits in these vans . I work out in hull a lot they have cops parked on footpaths YES footpaths on motorbikes wi a trypod at side and a cam on top wi all recording gear in his top box and a foot path is not a
place marked for police only. So get ready they will be here b4 long

Reply Posted by dave on Monday December 9 2013 at 09:05
If your not speeding whats the problem

Reply Posted by Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know on Monday December 9 2013 at 09:07
Some strange posts on this article, simple answer, IF Morons with attitude didn't use the roads like race tracks, there would be no need for the cameras

Reply Posted by piggy bank on Monday December 9 2013 at 09:17
Why don't they get a propper job that you have to work hard for not stand or sit with a camera we are paying there wage to toss it off for hours. Real crime is too hard for them there brains are gone past sleep mode they need to get walking streets day and night catch some criminals in action

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Monday December 9 2013 at 12:21
Piggy Bank - wrong wrong wrong. You're not paying their wages at all !!! The money raised from the fines pays for the civillian staff 'manning' the vans. If no-one was speeding then the orgainsation would have to look into how this service was funded. The chances are they couldn't fund it and so there would be no mobile enforcement with the vans.

Reply Posted by Me on Monday December 9 2013 at 09:35
They're like a bad smell..... Always there when they're not wanted! When you need help, they're nowhere to be seen! Civilians or not, they're still out to rob people! Villains in uniform!

Reply Posted by Damo on Monday December 9 2013 at 09:46
They park up at 12 on a night when there is not a sole on the road to catch people what's the point if there is none to hurt but yourself pointless

Reply Posted by tanner on Monday December 9 2013 at 10:02
Now lifes hide behind a white van on rotherham road near scorahs chippy going up hill to tesco

Reply Posted by kevin minott on Monday December 9 2013 at 10:19
nice one will spread the word

Reply Posted by Em on Monday December 9 2013 at 10:44
They arent just the average everyday police officer. And so they should be out catching people speeding! My grandad was killed last year by a man speeding, horrrifc injuries was dead at the scene went to court and he walked away a free man! #KillSpeedNotMan

Reply Posted by no 1 likes them but they work on Monday December 9 2013 at 10:50
I have been dun befor for speed by a mobile camera .. but I only have my self to blame as I broke the speed limit . No body made me speed . They work because now knowing they may be a camera round that corner I always make sure I stick to the limits .... and its simple double yellows mean no parking so people that park on them and then conplain when they get fined are just slack

Reply Posted by garth on Monday December 9 2013 at 14:46
drink drivin is attempt murder for scumbags what think its fine hope its not you they hit or one of little ens in your family!

Reply Posted by AHR on Monday December 9 2013 at 16:38
I just don't get it, the police tell you where the traps are, but if you flash someone to tell them they're approaching one you get a fine.

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