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Library's Campaign Gathers Momentum

Tuesday December 10 2013

THE campaign to stop Barnsley Central Library from demolition to make way for a new sixth form is gaining in momentum, according to organisers.

At a meeting last Thursday campaigners agreed a number of what they hope will be high-profile protests to take place throughout December with the aim of encouraging the maximum number of people to take part in the library consultation process.

Dave Gibson, one of the campaigners, said: "We have decided to continue our petition until December 29 and hand it in to Sir Steve Houghton the next day.

"We have got about 8,000 signatures so far but we want to reach at least 11,370, which will represent ten times more signing than voted against demolition in our referendum.

"Campaigners are going around their streets door-to-door as well as asking local shops to display the petition. We believe that may well make it the biggest petition in Barnsley's history."

Are you in favour of the demolition? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by the community on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 12:32
They should stop bullying people into signing it. The town would be better and shambles street mess sorted out. There would still be a library - probably more accessible and I bet half of those would prefer that in the end. some people just like to moan.

Reply Posted by Possible Library Users on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 12:54
Moving the Library could increase user numbers. Its a long haul up the hill for lots of people. Wellington House is more accessable especially via the Alambra Centre. But carparking needs adding especially disabled parking.

Reply Posted by dean on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 13:28
leave the libray where it is , this whole exercise of knocking it down to put another one in its place is just a plain waste of TAX PAYERS money .

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 13:38
Dean, the exercise could actually save tax payers money. The land is sold to the college, so money comes into the Council, there's one less building for BMBC to maintain so money saved there and to add to it the area gets spruced up. The building is too big for its purpose and being at the top of a hill from two directions is in the wrong part of town. Get it knocked down!

Reply Posted by Bill on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 14:29
You've got to love old Dave, has he been taking democracy tips from Robert Mugabe?

First he makes up a referendum of which no one other than his protester friends knew about, then proceeds to tell us all that he will have 11k of people against the demolition of the "purpose built in the 70's long before the digital age library" which is in the "ideally located top of a hill on a busy main road opposite end of town to public transport" before January.

Popular opinion seems to be that the majority feel like they are being pressured into signing. I've been in town and the petition people are hanging round like those bibbed up charity muggers and e-cig peddlers.

Dave Gibson needs to get a life. He rarely ever sees the bigger picture only that he can get a couple of protests out of it. Regular WAB

I wonder if he will use the library if

1. In ten years time if the council listen to the protestors and decide to leave it as is and get progressively more run down.

2. the council go ahead with the decision and put up a new library based in the town centre using some fund from a european pot or fund somewhere or just build a new on as part of the redeelopment which is better than what we currently have.

Now I'm not a fan of BMBC and believe the Townhall is ran by numptys, however I see this as a good bit of business - furthermore in a statement released recently I believe the library will stay open as the council said exactly that all 17 libraries across the borough have been secured.

Grow up please.

Reply Posted by craftygranny on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 14:49
I think it's an eyesore the whole lot needs knocking down up there . A liBarry actually closer to Alhambra centre makes far more sense. They promised to build a bigger better library so let them do it.

Reply Posted by Wedge on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 17:33
Burn it down then get money for insurance then build another and it saves paying for its demolition

Reply Posted by Amy on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 19:20
Why on earth do we need another sixth form collage, surly we have enough. It's not as though there are jobs for people when they have done collage. Should just leave it as a library.

Reply Posted by bill on Wednesday December 11 2013 at 08:32
We don't need a collage, we need a college cos the old one is knackered.

Reply Posted by Anon on Thursday December 12 2013 at 19:08
We clearly need a new college building seen as you're illiterate and can't spell.

Reply Posted by rainbow on Wednesday December 11 2013 at 12:16
I reckon Bill and Hoyland Red must work for Barnsley Council, probably members of the Steve Houghton brown nose gang.!!!

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Wednesday December 11 2013 at 12:44
Rainbow - You're wrong. I don't work for Barnsley Council, however surely even you can see that the logic being put forward for saving the building (not the library because that will still exist) is just non-sense. It's too big for it's purpose and in the wrong place. I use it and can see that. Do you use it?

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Thursday December 12 2013 at 16:37
Doesn't happen often but totally agree HR.
It is indeed in the wrong place and an eyesore and I would be in total agreement in them knocking it down and replacing it with a modern looking college building.

However, it begs the question "do we REALLY need a new Library?" Ignore "Digital books" at your peril.
The book puritans said the digital books wouldn't work but now account for 66% of book sales in the UK last year.

I just hope that BMBC moves with the times and realise that physical books will be very scarce in twenty years or so.

That's my opinion anyway.

Reply Posted by Bill on Friday December 13 2013 at 12:20
Ha Ha Ha yeah course I work for BMBC I'm sir steves biggest fan. On the contrary I want his labour council out next election - I dunno who I want in but I know the one we have is guilty of maladministration.

The new sixth form however is a good bit of business as a good deal of the money to redevelop the area is coming from the EU. No one else is offereing to do anything about it. It's about the only decent thing I've seen BMBC do in ages. Whats more the project won't be ran by Roy Miller so is much more likely to be done on time and budget as well

This is typical of the aggressive stance that the protesters have adopted throughout this. I.e. If you don't agree with us you are a against us and a council boot licker"

i'll say again - Grow up.

Reply Posted by dedatodd on Wednesday December 11 2013 at 13:50
A purpose built library closer to the interchange would be a much better idea - what about the DMC centre does that have room?
To be honest I don't use the library but family members do. I worry that the new library will not happened due to Austerity cuts, so the interim library becomes the new library and as such not fit for purpose.
Maybe house the new library within the 6th form college?

Reply Posted by Andrew on Thursday December 12 2013 at 19:13
I normally disagree with Barnsley council decisions to knock stuff down but for once I agree. The library would be moved on a temporary basis to a more central location. When a lot of the buses came up Shambles Street people out the area found it easy to get of at the stop outside....then they altered the buses and more older people said they found it difficult to walk up to it.
The old sixth form is not for purpose so an investment in our youth is a great idea, build a new library in the center of town or convert Wellington House to a permanent location and take the car park next to it for visitor use.

Reply Posted by Stu on Thursday December 12 2013 at 20:26
I got pestered in Morrisons going in and out and got a sarcastic mumble when I refused to sign. In any case the whole lot of signatures will be useless because the council will not accept any petition without an address so they have been wasting their time by not following the correct procedure. My opinion of the building is that it should be knocled down along with the whole of the same row in Shambles St. It was all an eyesore when it was originally constructed

Reply Posted by steve on Thursday December 12 2013 at 20:46
I have been involved in a number of public projects and it's often the case with finance that you either "use it, or lose it". It's highly likely that if the funding to relocate the library and build a new college building isn't taken, it will just be given to another project somewhere in the country.

As much as this doesn't always seem the best way to allocate money, the people of Barnsley need to realise that this is generally how it works. The council and college can't just take the money and decide to spend it elsewhere just because the people of Barnsley don't like the idea.

Yes, there's not a lot wrong with the current library but this project is just another small piece in a bigger plan for the town which should transform the centre within the next ten years or so and be beneficial to all. All this resistance does is cost the tax payer more money through delays!

Reply Posted by T on Saturday December 14 2013 at 16:23
If it's going to benefit the town then I'm all for it but I must admit I HATE all these modern buildings taking over the town :( I know they're an eyesore but the older smaller buildings are one of many reasons why I love living in Barnsley (originally from west Yorkshire)

Reply Posted by Jay on Saturday December 14 2013 at 17:32
What is the problem they have they are not going to close it
I have a son with Autisum I don't fine the building very inclusive for people with additional needs
In our case my son doesn't like the Flicker from fluorescent lights & can course him to have a melt down
The last time this happen in there some came up to me & a go at me
If there is more natural light in there this would be less likely to happen
It just shows that this building ISNT fit for purpose