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Tourism Boom Expected For Barnsley

Tuesday January 17 2012

THOUSANDS of big-spending Chinese tourists could be coming to Barnsley as a local group aims to create a new heritage trail.

The James Hudson Taylor group wants to put plaques around the town celebrating the life of James Hudson Taylor, a 19th century Christian missionary who is hailed as a spiritual leader by more than 70 million Christians in the Far East.

Some Chinese pilgrims have already visited Barnsley - a group of about 15 attended Salem church, Blucher Street, where there is already a plaque in his honour. They also visited Cheapside where he was born and the family ran a chemist's, where Boots stands - one even kissed the floor outside Boots, referring to it as their spiritual home.

John Foster, chairman of the Barnsley Work and Skills Board, said: "More than 50 per cent of the overseas tourists visiting Britain are Chinese and they are already visiting places like York and Howarth.

"They've got spending power and are visiting in massive numbers. There are more Christians in China and the Far East who owe their heritage to James Hudson-Taylor than there are people in Britain and Barnsley has this unique claim to attract them. It could be a place of religious interest like Canterbury or Lourdes."

Plaques are planned for Boots, a house at Paddock Close, Staincross, where his descendants lived, and another at the top of Old Mill Lane where they moved. There will also be a permanent exhibition at the new Experience Barnsley museum in the town hall.

Anyone who wants to support the group should contact JCDore@btinternet.com or ring 242975.

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Reply Posted by Guest on Tuesday January 17 2012 at 14:18
What a load of rubbish 'thousands of big spending chinese coming to Barnsley...'. Next thing you know someone will be trying to tell us that spending £millions on turning the town hall into a museum of crap while cutting essential services is a good thing for Barnsley.

Reply Posted by Maximize10 on Wednesday January 18 2012 at 09:39
I think it's a brilliant idea, and a boost for Barnsley which unfortunately doesn't have the best reputation! 

Reply Posted by john briscoe on Wednesday January 18 2012 at 10:04
We could sell them some coal but it would have to be imported stuff from Russia or China as ours stays in the ground since Maggie Thatcher shut all the UK industries down. However they could visit a call centre to see how a past mighty glass and coal town now get their part time minimum wages. 
as a footnote make the plaques out of plastic of our funny talking white van metal thieves will have them away

Reply Posted by Martin on Wednesday January 18 2012 at 10:06
Oh my god, Barnsley the new Lourdes, how much more comedy gold does it get? The tidal wave of mickey taking coming our way will be just SOOOOO embarassing!

Reply Posted by GuestyMcguest on Wednesday January 18 2012 at 13:19
Maybe if you did a bit of research instead of shooting your moith of you would know that the town hall museum isn't being paid for by Barnsley Council.

Reply Posted by GuestyMcguest on Wednesday January 18 2012 at 13:20
Yeah but John we could show them our quality coal, which is 10 times better than the brown stuff that those countries provide.

Reply Posted by GuestyMcguest on Wednesday January 18 2012 at 13:21
Anything that would involve people coming to Barnsley with full pockets and leaving with them empty will get my backing, apart from mugging and robbing that is,

Reply Posted by GuestyMcguest on Wednesday January 18 2012 at 15:40
you are.

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