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Christmas Revellers Warned By Police

Monday December 9 2013

CHRISTMAS revellers are being urged to reduce their drinking - to avoid being locked up in a cell.

South Yorkshire Police launched its 'Start Thinking, Reduce Your Drinking' campaign in a bid to reduce the traditional increase in anti-social behaviour over the festive period.

It's hoped it will also lead to a decrease in violent crime, domestic abuse and underage drinking.

Officers will be carrying out extra patrols in hotspots known for drunken behaviour and handing out fixed penalty notices.

They will also be on the lookout for pubs, clubs and shops serving alcohol to underage customers.

Businesses which fail twice will face closure.

Superintendent Shaun Morley, South Yorkshire Police's lead officer on alcohol issues, said: "Unfortunately some people take their celebrations to an extreme, putting extra pressure on public services over the holiday period.

"We’re asking the public to help us by knowing their limits, drinking sensibly and not putting themselves in a vulnerable position through excessive consumption of alcohol.

"We see too many cases where a person has had one too many and ended up being arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

"This has resulted in them being convicted which has a huge impact on their lives, because of one drunken night."

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Reply Posted by saf on Monday December 9 2013 at 11:32
Serving people that already intoxicated with more alcohol is an offense, why not clamp down on that? If this didn't happen in every pub in town there wouldn't be any issues regarding drunks. But its easier to prosecute the individual drunks than the cause, which is pubs serving drunks.

Reply Posted by observer on Monday December 9 2013 at 12:23
"warning"? who the hell do the police think they are?? saf, you have a point. if licensing hours were as they were before being relaxed, a publican would tell you sorry sir, you have had enough. apart from the closing times in the afternoon too. which gave you a break from afternoon drinking, more often than not if you went for a drink in the afternoon you couldnt be bothered to go back out at night. piublicans dont care these days. this is because of of the costs of running a pub. and the sheer neglect of the people who actually own the pub. so you cant really blame the landlord for not wanting to sell as much beer as he can in a short period to boost funds. however, if you go into most pubs early evening, theres a young dolly bird offering shots. sometimes free. sometimes a quid.you have the kids drinking these "shots". then later in the evening the same kids are in the gutter with their hair full of vomit and not feeling too good.alcopops..i would like someone to disclose whether these drinks are safe?. this is chemical drink.in this i mean a govt source.. and then after all this. people can buy as much alcohol in the supermarkets cheaper. so..whats to say people arent bulking up on beer, or whatever?. before they leave home and head for the pubs in town. they dont have landlord policing at home. someone telling them youve had enough. no more today sir. the point im trying to make here in a long winded way is. dont blame the pubs. you can drink yerself to death at home.

Reply Posted by saf on Monday December 9 2013 at 12:51
I agree the young un's have "pre-drinks" at home before they hit town, what I was trying to say is its easy to stand in peel square spot a drunk and dish out fines or lock up drunks but if they hit town pissed they shouldn't be getting served.there's enough folk in town on a Saturday night to stand being able to turn away someone who's had enough, and if they
don't then fine the pub as well as the drunk. A drunk gets fined n does same thing week after week, a pub would not carry on serving drunks if it were getting fined or threatened with closure.

Reply Posted by saf on Monday December 9 2013 at 12:56
P.s. The police and most of public don't care or are unaffected if folk drink themselves to death at home.if it doesn't cause a nuisance in public police don't care.

Reply Posted by me on Monday December 9 2013 at 13:15
I work in a pub in town centre and we don't have stupid drink offers like a quid a shot and we DO refuse service to people who have had too much...don't blame the pubs when people should be more responsible, I know when I'v had enough and go home, never been refused service for being too drunk and never plan on being

Reply Posted by anon on Monday December 9 2013 at 13:21
i was out in town at the weekend and a young male called me a dirty slag and threatened that he was going to rape me and pushed me down to the ground so i screamed at which point he ran off and i ran to police, it was just down from the pubs. what did the police do ? NOTHING. infact one officer in particular did not believe me and when i told them to check cctv she said they were but that one officer in particular was treating me like dirt as if i was lying. At which point i stated i just wanted to go home and i was assured officers would keep an eye on me whilst i stood in the taxi rank and waited. and guess what, not a single officer was in site. Police dont tackle the problems because they dont deal with problems appropriately

Reply Posted by just me on Monday December 9 2013 at 13:24
Here here. Pubs shouldnt be blamed for people being irresponsible, act a ****, get arrested, simples

Reply Posted by Purple Haze on Monday December 9 2013 at 22:10
@ observor - the police are the people who clean up all the mess and do a crappy job that others wont. They are also doing a job as set down in law, to protect and serve. Why should they enter pubs when it is the landlords responsibility to stop serving? the Police are busy enough on the streets without hanging around in pubs, your comments are plain stupid.
@saf - who do you think deals with dead bodies at home? The tooth fairy????? yet another silly and ill thought out comment.
@anon - what offence took place there then? If you were assaulted you could not give a statement if drunk and I bet you were. Did you go to the Police Station the next day to report it and give a statement and agree to attend court if necessary? No of course not.
The police are going to be doing their jobs which is to protect innocent people from feeling threatened and disgusted by idiots who drink too much. the more tickets the better. Name and shame in the Chronicle I say. Grown adults acting like teenagers. Next week the same people moaning will be complaining that the town center is a disgrace and that the Police need to move on all the drunks etc.

Reply Posted by Tom on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 02:04
The police get lots of applications for new positions and are cutting back on hiring.

They could easily cut wages and still have plenty of applicants for officers.

They could probably drive costs down to minimum wage with chronic unemployment we have.

Your assertion that they do a crappy job that nobody else would is false, many would do it for less, especially with the relatively generous working terms and conditions, particularly with respect to pensions.

Reply Posted by Purple Haze on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 21:41
You pay peanuts you get monkeys......
Most people on here who you seem to think could do it for cheap are incapable of writing, reading or reasoned argument. Most could not pass a fitness test and could not understand the legal side of it. Plus many think they could do it but would not be able to hack it due to being cowards, lazy or thick.

Reply Posted by Wendy on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 07:09
Well Said @ purple haze. Police have had hours cut or even been made redundant not through their own fault, that is down to the Government as per, They have alot to deal with, with houses being burgled rapes muggings etc, so why on earth should they have to deal with people that CANT take their drink? n want to fight everyone? Its surprising how many drunks find Dutch courage after a few beers!!!
@ Purple faze, why do u have to call people names? get a grip!!!!

Reply Posted by Purple haze not faze on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 21:44
@Wendy- because it is a free society and I wish to. What would you suggest I grip by the way? I say it how I see it just like the rest of the idiots on here. Yet you are not telling them what to do. Why is that?

Reply Posted by observer on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 10:11
purple haze. you been smoking something?..it would seem...if you read my posts. i am most annoyed at the police "warning revellers"..are you happy to have the big brother attitude aimed towards society?..i for one am not. and kilkenny...mmm sounds good..lol.

Reply Posted by Purple haze on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 21:46
@Observer - yes i am happy to have big brother and no I do not smoke anything.
I wish that more warnings were given out to people who seem to be unable to control themselves, have no morals, no common sense and are utterly childish and selfish.

Reply Posted by purple faze not daze or haze on Tuesday December 10 2013 at 21:49
Typical bull from the famous WAB NERD purple haze.

Reply Posted by purple maze on Wednesday December 11 2013 at 03:41
@purple haze NOBODY CARES! Your the No1 WAB troll!

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday December 11 2013 at 08:38
Purple Haze - the police get paid very well. Please tell me of another job that pays so well for such little training. Their pensions are very very generous. As for the fitness test.......I know of at least one policeman that is obese.

Reply Posted by Sean on Saturday December 14 2013 at 23:45
We all drink under age lol who pay there wages,I was going in too pubs & nite clubs at 14 iam in my 40s now my be they do not want too do there jobs lol

Reply Posted by Danny on Sunday December 15 2013 at 11:33
I love when people start slating the police saying they get paid too much and their pensions blah blah. Do people not realise THEY pay for their pensions. Nearly 14% of their wage is taken out and put into their pension pot. And what's "relatively little training"? My mates in the Police and he's forever having to go on training days for different things. He's also forever being forced to work on his days off, forced to work longer hours, forced to cancel plans because he can't get the time off because there aren't enough of them to cover a shift anyway. And there was a word I used on purpose there, "FORCED". How many of these people who would do it for minimum wage would do it in the full knowledge that once you're in the Police your life isn't your own and you have NO access to the employment rights the rest of us take for granted? Nobody would, that's the answer.
I wouldn't do it for double what they're on and that's because I see what they put up with myself. I'm not just some ignorant keyboard warrior who hasn't got a clue but spouts my opinion anyway.
And because anon knows ONE obese police officer that means the other hundreds of thousands of then must be unfit. I knew ONE bloke who hits his wife. Must mean we all do it right????

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