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'Significant' Cuts Contribute To Loss Of Jobs At Travel Firm

Monday December 2 2013

MANY jobs could be axed at the organisation supervising public transport services in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) said it was facing a 10 per cent cut of about £8million to its budget for next year.

It's thought a further 45 jobs could be lost, to add to the 61 who lost theirs in March.

Some evening, weekend and rural bus services could also be affected as a result of the budget reduction.

The organisation said the latest cuts were 'likely to be the most significant to date'.

It said the shortfall was a result of district councils facing their own budget cuts.

David Young, SYPTE's deputy interim director general, said consultation would take place with the unions before any final decision was made.

The organisation said the cuts need to be identified and implemented in time for April 1 of next year.

Mr Young said: "We have been continually working with operators, our district councils' partners and any interested private sector businesses to see how we can mitigate the effect of some these now inevitable cuts.

"But sadly it will be impossible to protect our customers from what will be a reduction in the services we provide."

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Reply Posted by Mick on Monday December 2 2013 at 21:24
There are savings they can make without affecting routes which only run infrequently that people in remote areas rely on. E.g the 66 service that runs every 10 minutes all day. In reality it ends up with 2 or even 3 buses following each other nose to tail and then having to sit at stops for ages to let the gaps build back up. Who would it hurt if it were every 15 minutes instead?

Reply Posted by rainbow on Wednesday December 4 2013 at 09:15
Spot on Mick, I've seen 66 buses queing up in the bus station, and although they go out of town every 10 minutes they can be twenty minutes apart by the time they get back when 3 of them will role up together.??

Reply Posted by mrpsoon on Friday December 6 2013 at 01:36
SYPTE have nothing to do with the day time frequency of the 66. They only fund the night time hourly journeys.

Frequencies reflect the amount of passengers using the service. The 1, 6, 11, 57/59 & 66 are every 10mins to match the level of demand for those services and they are commercially funded. ie the routes pay for themselves

The PTE only fund marginal services what very little people use like those to the outer villages around Penistone and services that run at night and sundays.

Buses only sit at stops for 1 reason is to wait time. you can't be having a bus leave stops early otherwise the frequency does not work even with a 10 minute frequency the bus has a timetable to keep.

Reply Posted by myself on Saturday December 7 2013 at 22:11
Some routes are funded for by your council tax.

Reply Posted by casey on Saturday December 7 2013 at 22:08
The buses to Penistone are 1 every hour. Yes they have the 20 that does parts of the route but not the most popular stops. If they cut this any more there are going to be many people struggling to travel. If anything the 21 for Penistone needs to go back to every half hour no cuts.

Reply Posted by bus user on Sunday December 8 2013 at 00:01
if we did away wih mi card the council could subdsdise these routes insteed of pay for kids to sit in the bus staion
also stop pensioners abusing there pass by traveling one or two stops dont they know its not free the council have to pick up the tab so they cant spend momey on non proffitable routes

Reply Posted by inmyopinion on Sunday December 8 2013 at 09:42
firstly stop picking on routes like the 66 you havn not got a clue, try travelling from one end to the other and monitor it and you will see what the problem is. Stop picking on pensioners only going a few stops, you will be old soon and lets see how far you can walk, yes maybe put a charge of 20p with there pass. what you should be looking at is all the people that have drug related problems getting Mobility passes. Stop the free city buses that go the same way as normal services, children should pay half fare like in West Yorkshire and include that for travel between South and West

Reply Posted by track on Sunday December 8 2013 at 09:47
immyopinion@ you are going over old ground..pensioners used to pay to travel with there pass.the free pensioner travel is funded and it is all over the country,this is to able pensioner to get out more.there can travel cross borders which I think is a good thing,,

Reply Posted by Gazza on Tuesday January 7 2014 at 14:15
Stop subsidising bus companies to run early morning/late night & Sunday services to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds courtesy of the tax payer and instead allow taxi companies to bid for these contracts.
Running a minibus is going to be a whole lot cheaper than running a forty foot bus that gobbles diesel!!!