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Thirty Empty Homes Set To Be Brought Back Into Use

Friday November 29 2013

THIRTY empty homes will be brought back into use to increase the supply of affordable housing in Barnsley.

Up to £2million from Berneslai Homes’ 2013/14 surplus budget will be used to support the council’s ongoing empty homes programme.

If agreed by cabinet on December 4, other housing-related activity to increase the supply of affordable homes will commence.

The 30 properties will be let as council housing, helping to meet the borough’s affordable housing need.

Cllr Roy Miller, cabinet spokesperson, said: "These schemes will help to ensure that best use is made of the existing housing stock in the borough as well as assisting with an element of new-build activity to meet a range of housing needs.

"Taken together, they will contribute to the delivery of the council’s economic strategy and the emergent housing strategy."

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Reply Posted by LOL on Thursday November 28 2013 at 13:12

Reply Posted by Steve on Friday November 29 2013 at 11:23
It's for people who need housing. If they're in the EU then they have as much right as us to be in this country. Don't like it?? Move somewhere else outside the EU. Simples

Reply Posted by sid on Friday November 29 2013 at 11:45
That's true Steve. But it doesn't make it right! Walk in and get housing benefits straight away? No, its not right. There are folk who have lived here all their lives and can't get benefits.

Reply Posted by stan on Friday November 29 2013 at 11:35
Steve where do you get the idea they have as much right as us to be in the UK. I and a lot more like me have paid taxes towards our own British people having a good living. Why should anyone think they have a RIGHTS to a home. and welfare, I bet you could not do that in the countrys where they are coming from

Reply Posted by Fawkes on Friday November 29 2013 at 11:36
This country is full SIMPLES !

Reply Posted by Richard on Friday November 29 2013 at 12:15
Benefits benefits benefits, that's all I see people whining about on here. Anyone would think that's all folk get out of bed for is to get benefits. People are rightfully coming here from EU, which is what we are all subscribed to (wanting to work) and all folk on here want to do is complain they are taking away our free lunch! Nothing stopping us going into EU countries and getting work there if we so choose.

Why do so many people feel its a right to claim benefits (when quite probably) they have put nothing into the system themselves? Is this the best people aim for in Barnsley? How very sad.

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Friday November 29 2013 at 19:09
I think you will find that if a UK citizen was to go to ANY EU country cap in hand wanting a house and benefits then they have absolutely jump through hoops to get ANYTHING.

Germany has by far the most bureaucratic system whereby an EU citizen has to go to at least seven different agencies to claim unemployment benefits and at least another 3 or four to get even get on the housing waiting list.

Same goes for France, bureaucratic nightmare.

(see a pattern emerging here? After all the Franco / German alliance namely the EU decided YEARS ago that the immigrants would be dumped on the uk)

Portugal - 6 months full benefits and that is it you are on your own, BUT have to have paid in for at least a year.

UK, Any EU immigrant of a member state coming to the uk can claim benefits as soon as they step off the boat / plane.

Funnily enough the Tories looked into putting a "timescale" on when an immigrant could receive benefits, 12 months after paying taxes if I remember, but the EU poo pooed that idea, Hardly surprisingly.

The Franco /German alliance / EU complained vociferously that the UK not paying immigrants benefits from day one was "racist" but they DONT do it in their own countries.

Reply Posted by A on Friday November 29 2013 at 12:23
If they are doing up these houses, they should only be let to people who will pay rent on them so that some money can be put back into council. Or they should be to buy, not to give to anyone on benefits. Its not fair that they get a free house as well as money to live on and cheap council tax

Reply Posted by bananas on Friday November 29 2013 at 12:51
I cant move stevie, my job and my family is in Barnsley owd lad. and I love paying my taxes.

Reply Posted by diane conway on Friday November 29 2013 at 13:02
They wont be for the British people. Ive been on waiting list 6 years and carnt get one,and befor anyone says anything ive been working since the age of sixteen and am still working at fifty three. So im not a scrounger

Reply Posted by sarah on Friday November 29 2013 at 13:55
the reason they come here is because they wouldnt get what they do in any other eu country and australia would have them back on the next plane. No other eu country would allow us to have what we have here either,we go abroad on holiday we need medical care we pay for it because thats how its done,they go there they have to pay for everything thats why they come here owt for nowt. At my sons school there are around 15 polish families that have never worked dont and wont speak english have new cars and houses,please dont start with the racist crap my other halfs family is polish and funnily enough live in poland!

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Sunday December 1 2013 at 11:24
Fully agree Sarah, the only reason they are here is because they can earn a lot more money than they do in their home countries.

The sooner people wake up and smell the coffee the better.

Reply Posted by observer on Friday November 29 2013 at 14:45
steve. you are a prick.no it is not right. it is not morally right. it is not fair on the public of barnsley. and the british public. these people come here for one reason only. it has been aforementioned. IT IS NOT RIGHT. simpuls.

Reply Posted by observer on Friday November 29 2013 at 14:46
well said sarah. that is so true.

Reply Posted by Warrior on Friday November 29 2013 at 14:46
New to WAB my friend said if you want some free entertainment read the crap that some people write.

I have to say Richard you are the nearest thing to David Cameron I have heard.

You are either the worlds most boring man. Or the biggest wind up merchant I have ever come across. You must sit there all day bashing your bishop.

Reply Posted by Richard on Friday November 29 2013 at 15:16
@ Warrior, you couldn't possibly have met everyone in the whole world to determine where I rank. There wouldn't be enough time. Silly person.

Reply Posted by sally on Friday November 29 2013 at 16:30
my grandad was polish lived and worked here fifty year never claimed benefits ever there not all the same same plenty of english on bebefits never worked a day in there lives

Reply Posted by stan on Friday November 29 2013 at 16:30
Warrior are you sure its not wanker because thats just what you sound like

Reply Posted by Warrior on Friday November 29 2013 at 16:44
@stan shut up you retard. Your posts are not worth toilet paper use. I bet you are Curtain Twitcher.

Reply Posted by bertie on Friday November 29 2013 at 18:50
sally ur right but at the time ur granddad came to this country we never had all this what's going on now they respected our country and our country folks years ago I lived among quite a few polish and must say we all got on really well today the one's coming in have no respect for us we have quite a few polish living up our road now and it is living hell i recently had a letter and visit from the rubbish police n yes before any stupid remarks that is there title i was warned about excess rubbish and was told if it happens again i would be expecting a fine of between £60 -£1,000 sorry i said but that rubbish is not mine after opening the bags find the contents to be polish food dirty sanitary ware dirty nappies ect it just happens i live at the bottom of our street n all congregate there throwing the empty vodka bottles n breaking them in my yard stood with weapons waiting for people coming out the pub over the road taunting the customers while stood having a fag sorry but if the want respect the need to give it
the new housing should go to the people of our own after all we do live here and why should they come first when we have a housing list of our own

Reply Posted by kfc on Friday November 29 2013 at 19:11
bertie be a good eu citizen. These people have enough to put up with don't make there lives hell. Show some compassion

Reply Posted by sarah on Friday November 29 2013 at 19:31
Bertie you are spot on my father in law came here in 1945 after fighting in the war for us he called these here now svetens the ones that nobody wants because theyre nothing but trouble the old poles are ashamed of these here now they were a once proud nation people respected them as they were hard workers mixed with the community drank their neighbours under the table now theyre out for what they can get sod everyone else

Reply Posted by STEVEO on Sunday December 1 2013 at 11:26
Sventan Poles isn't it sarah?

Reply Posted by Jane on Monday December 2 2013 at 09:37
Affordable homes???? Think the council mean social housing
It would be more fair for the council to buy houses from owners of their own property who are struggling to sell, giving them the chance to move up the housing ladder, and then rent that house to social tenants.
Why should people on benefits, move straight into a brand new house, where people who have worked all their life have to pay for it, yet their neighbours can have same house as them, and get it paid for in benefits.
Section 106 agreement must stop
It causes misery and does not make a good mixed community
Council or social housing providers like Guinness don t care about the aftermath they leave behind!!!!!

Reply Posted by Dane on Monday December 2 2013 at 13:49
Doesn't matter which country your from if you haven't paid in, why should you be given a brand new house? It should be cheap affordable housing for someone who works and is struggling to put food on the table. But as said above this will go to someone who is here for the benefits, just read the papers and stop being so blinkered

Reply Posted by Andy on Monday December 2 2013 at 13:54
Has the council confirmed theses are for the foreign influx

Reply Posted by sid on Monday December 2 2013 at 13:57
Spot on Dane. Its common sense, why is there an argument? I see myself as a very fair person,and I also like to think I would stand up for the underdog. Close the doors to the UK now, let's have time for our schools/hospitals etc to recover and then maybe in 10yrs see how things go.

Reply Posted by @steve on Wednesday December 4 2013 at 21:14
People like really piss me off. I'm all for people having a better life even if it means moving to another country but why should they get the right to council houses straight away and benefits cause I will assure of this come January the crime rate in this country will more than likely double. And not just that if we went to other country's we won't get the same treatment what they will get here. I worked since leaving school and paid taxes all my working life but when I apply for a council house I can't have one cause I don't qualify so I've had to go out and find a private rented property and pay £450 a month it's a joke

Reply Posted by HardWorker on Thursday December 5 2013 at 01:28
Absolute bunch of sheep!!! LOL says "for all the new arrivals" and you all swallow it. How can all these foreigners (a) come here for the benefits & (b) take all the jobs and houses? They come to work and have a better life, this government will never do anything to stop the truly idle class having access to cheap unorganised labour. The multi-millionaire employers who use and discard these workers at a whim are the same people who have registered adresses in tax havens, pay virtually zero company and personal tax but bribe and bankroll the very politicians who are supposed to be working for us, the taxpayers of the UK. Without the EU there would be no zero hour contracts where the minimum wage has become the maximum wage and we wouldn't have 70% of employees elligible for working tax credits. It is, and always has been, a rich man's club and our rich men are very happy to be in it.

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