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Mum Wins Proud Of Barnsley Award

Monday November 25 2013

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

A SELFLESS mum has won a Proud of Barnsley award for fundraising for her daughter, Ebonie Webb.

Six-year-old Ebonie was diagnosed with a brain tumour at just six months old. Mum Leanne Drummond, 32, of Honeywell, has been fundraising ever since for her little girl.

Along with Ebonie's dad Mick, the pair had been hoping the money raised over the years would send their ill daughter to America for treatment.

However, that's been put on hold.

The couple have recently learnt that Ebonie's tumour had grown and spread to her spine, leaving her unable to travel and needing urgent surgery and chemotherapy.

The tumour had spread to the most complex part of the brain, which could eventually mean Ebonie's eyesight is lost.

After winning her Proud of Barnsley award as Carer of the Year, Leanne said: "I'm shocked - I didn't expect to win.

"Ebonie will be really chuffed. She said to me the other day that she hoped I win because 'I look after her the best'."

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Reply Posted by well wish on Monday November 25 2013 at 19:20
what a lovely heartwarming story, well done Ebonie's mum a well deserved pat on the back for your hard work

Reply Posted by . on Tuesday November 26 2013 at 12:35
That poor girl, that's horrendous what she's been put through and even worse that her mum has had to raise money for treatment when we live in the uk. All treatment should be funded anyway. My dad had to raise money for my brother too, luckily the treatment became available here too

Reply Posted by Dave on Tuesday November 26 2013 at 12:44
The dad of this little girl comes in my shop. Never once have I seen him be negative. Top marks to a loving dad in times of struggle. Both of them deserve some sort of recognition and hopefully some luck to get their little girl on the mend. Best of luck to all three of them.

Reply Posted by Heart warming on Saturday November 30 2013 at 21:02
The treatment isn't available in the uk that's why the fundraising started, good luck ebonie