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Barnsley Clown Floods Social Media Pages

Monday November 25 2013

A MAN dressed as a clown has been flooding our Facebook page for the last week.

It follows a nationwide craze which has seen people dressed as creepy clowns lurking around streets at night and staring into house windows.

Users on Facebook and Twitter posted that someone dressed as a clown was standing at bus stops in Barnsley holding balloons, outside people's homes and knocking on windows.

A 'Barnsley Clown' Facebook page was set up and has so far had nearly 3,000 'likes'.

According to internet reports, the clown in Barnsley has been seen on streets in Goldthorpe, Darfield, Wombwell, Lundwood and Ardsley.

The man claiming to be the 'Barnsley Clown' posted: "I'm not out to tap on people's windows or carry weapons.

"Rumours have started about the Barnsley Clown and some are getting out of hand. People who have seen me know I'm out for a laugh."

The clown sightings prompted a flurry of comments from Facebook users, prompting innumerable parents to urge the clown to stop as kids in the borough were becoming scared. 

Some slammed the clown's attempts at 'having a laugh' while others encouraged him to continue.

Lisa Millward Slater said: "If you like dressing up (which obviously you do) and entertaining people then why don't you grab yourself a cute bear costume or something similar and entertain the poorly kids on a children's ward at a hospital?

"This would be a much more constructive thing to do with all this spare time that you obviously have."

Sophie Elizabeth Johnson wrote: "Sorry but this clown thing is really annoying and it's upsetting children, I think you really need to think about it."

But other users saw the funny side. Ebony Bailey posted: "Can you come to Goldthorpe again tomorrow near Ben Bailey's estate and can you give me a balloon please?"

South Yorkshire Police confirmed it was aware of a number of reports circulating on social media of a clown being seen on the streets of South Yorkshire.

Det Ch Insp Mark Wilkie said: "There are plenty of clowns in Barnsley but we have not had any incidents reported relating to these types of clowns."

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Reply Posted by Hugh marks on Monday November 25 2013 at 10:42
If this " clown " so desperate for attention or to have " a laugh" why can he not dress is something less scary? Many people have a deep fear of clowns, its a recognised phobia & as such he is frightening innocent folk so he can feed his own ego & "have a laugh " may I suggest. Mr Barnsley Clown, that you dress as something more appropriate, many villages are sadly missing their village idiot? Its a position that would would suit you down to the ground! And before I am hit with responses saying I'm a miserable old man, I am 82 & I HAVE seen this " clown " it was dsrk & windy outside & Im nit afraid to tell you he terrified me, would you want your grandma & grandad terrified just " for a laugh"

Reply Posted by Hugh Jass on Monday November 25 2013 at 10:47
Time for people to lighten up I think - if you're scared of clowns, dont go looking for the guy. If you see him, cross the road. Some people have such overreactions to someone having a bit of fun that it's almost unreal. Perhaps they have nothing better to do? Free country, and all that?

Reply Posted by viki on Monday November 25 2013 at 10:56
Its not that us adult dont see the funny side. Its the fact that a lot of children are scared of this clown now my daughter came home from school upset and was beyond scared its not fare on them. Their imagination's run away with them at that point its stops being funny when youve got a child in your arms starting to panic before bed. I didn't tell my child obviously a parents told their child or their child has over heard their parents talking about it then its been spread round school and children have exaggerated what the clown does my daughter was told he goes round killing children. I'm having to explaine and calm her most nights now cheers!

Reply Posted by STEVE on Monday November 25 2013 at 10:57
I think it's funny, and should keep it up, if it scares you keep your curtains closed. Everyone likes a good creepy scare sometimes. :-)

Reply Posted by Hugh marks on Monday November 25 2013 at 10:57
Sir, I did not go looking for him what a rudiculous thing to say, HE. Stopped & stood at my gate at 9.55pm under the security light, & waited for someone to look out of the window to see what had triggeted the security light to come on, he intended to be seen he stood stock still he intended to frighten! & I believe if he was in our close which is known, in our area to be almost 100% elderly sheltered housing, it WAS his INTENTION to scare.

Reply Posted by Kilkenny the clown on Monday November 25 2013 at 11:07
Hello everybody it's me the clown,christine Kilkenny,sorry for scaring you people..only having fun as I don't get up to much,very lonely life with no friends!!!

Reply Posted by Hugh on Monday November 25 2013 at 11:18
Well if we believe you Christine Kilkenny & it is you I hope now you've read the results of your " fun" you feel slightly ashamed or at least embarrassed, if not do feel free to post what scares you, your grandparents & children so that we can have fun scaring YOU! Your ridiculous woman you really really do have an empty life don't you?

Reply Posted by Kilkenny the clown on Monday November 25 2013 at 11:41
lighten up my dear friend..if you don't like me.don;t look at me..no need to be rude..i wil be seeing you around!!

Reply Posted by Jo on Monday November 25 2013 at 11:24
I think this CLOWN needs to get a life. Kids these days like a Party clown at there birthday not this one as he will scare them to death. Think he needs to be booked into a mental home if you ask me

Reply Posted by Charnie on Monday November 25 2013 at 11:31
If this clown thing shows its face near me i wont think twice about puttin it on its arse. Whether you think its a laugh or not, its stupidity.
elderly people ar petrified, & so ar children, & a small portion of people in between those ages.
i seriously hope this clown gets lamped by someone for scarin the crap outta them!

Reply Posted by kilkenny the clown on Monday November 25 2013 at 11:43
Grow up you fool,a bit of fun never killed anyone..

Reply Posted by observer on Monday November 25 2013 at 11:54
i thought clowns at circuses were suppose to be funny and entertain kids??...must be me. why not hold a competition to try to guess the name of the clown. for the kids. with a prize. well..xmas is nearly here isnt it?...co co perhaps..lol..

Reply Posted by zoe on Monday November 25 2013 at 12:26
i wish all the rumours would stop my 8 yr old daughter was that frightened on friday morning that wen a neighbour banged at my door at 6am she sat and wet the bed cause she was scared the clown was at the door it unreal how silly rumours people think are funny scare children

Reply Posted by AHR on Monday November 25 2013 at 12:38
What's George Osbourne doing in Barnsley anyway ?

Reply Posted by ANON on Monday November 25 2013 at 14:38
ANYBODY could be HIDING IN A COSTUME. He/she is scaring some folk, while some may be amused, spare a thought for those afraid. Its not funny at all. Get yourself something more constructive to do.

Reply Posted by Mr M on Monday November 25 2013 at 15:46
I'm with Charnie, if he scared my daughter he'd be picking his teeth up

Reply Posted by jr on Monday November 25 2013 at 15:49
Just don't see any sense in it really - if it was done constructively to amuse children, in the right surroundings then that's ok, but it becomes more sinister when the marauding clown seems to be only around at night time. He/she may be the nicest person on earth underneath the get up and mean no harm to anyone - but when it affects others in a bad way, why do it???? It is not funny when people are afraid and to prey on that is not what I would call humour - just an attention seeking idiot who has no thought for others.

Reply Posted by DM on Monday November 25 2013 at 21:35
Think this person should be stopped, my kids are terrified after look children claimed to have been chased by one. This is not acceptable and it's not funny.
Should be arrestees for breach of the peace, causing fear, and distress to others. If South Yorkshire police don't do something soon I think local people will.

Reply Posted by GET A GRIP DM on Monday November 25 2013 at 21:41
There is worser people walking around to scare kids than a bloody clown...druggies,piss heads etc..

Reply Posted by Steve on Monday November 25 2013 at 22:36
Hahahahahaha they are some miserable sods round here. I think it's fun, and I agree with DM take a walk into town centre with your kids that's more of a scary place to be. Ps children under 16/18 shouldn't be on Facebook so where are they getting their info from? And if it's the playground then it's the other kids you should be getting on at or the parents for letting their kids on a site that is age restricted! That's my opinion!!

Reply Posted by sue on Monday November 25 2013 at 22:48
Its news to me this,but I must admit if I saw the clown in the dark,I would be on my toes. Brrrrrrr scary!

Reply Posted by observer on Tuesday November 26 2013 at 08:05
oooooooooooooeeeeeaarrr arrrrrr oooooooweeeeeooowooooo so lets all drink to the death of a clown...lol get a grip people of barnsley. its a bloody clown ffs.!!!!

Reply Posted by if on Tuesday November 26 2013 at 08:30
if your going to do this then why not do it during the day and not at night.

Reply Posted by Dawn on Tuesday November 26 2013 at 21:26
You have gone too far now Steve Houghton.

Reply Posted by sid on Tuesday November 26 2013 at 23:30
It might be just a clown, but if you saw him at night when you put your bins out, when its dark and quiet, you would Scarper! Its nightmarish, he ought to stop it now. The jokes over!

Reply Posted by Suzi on Thursday November 28 2013 at 08:19
How many kids are up at night on streets to see u?... I think u should go entertain the kids in hospital if u have so much free time cause if u stand outside my house at 9 o clock and scare my daughtwr whose terrified of clowns all her life ill batter u up and down street with your big shoes ....my house my property...I have a friend whose a entertainer and as been for yrs get an agent and make money...

Reply Posted by Santa on Monday January 27 2014 at 23:51
Kilkenny the clown I think its time that you stop clowning about its scaring people, an if u carry on u will get a lump of coal for christmas this year the same as last year

Reply Posted by Steven on Friday October 7 2016 at 10:36
Im **** scared a clown cahsed me last night outside libby clarks house lol

Reply Posted by Taaj on Friday October 7 2016 at 14:23
Last night i was outside Libby Clarks house in Darfield and there was a swarm of clowns chasing me.