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Charity Football Match Organised For Youngster

Monday November 11 2013

A TEN-YEAR-OLD boy who is receiving treatment for aggressive tumours has said he wants to give the money from a charity football match to a children's hospital.

Brandon Lee, of Bellbrook Avenue, Darfield, was diagnosed with rhabdmyosarcoma two years ago, which causes malignant tumours to develop in muscle tissue.

He had been feeling ill while on a family holiday in Majorca. When the disease was later diagnosed, it was found to have spread considerably.

Since that time Brandon has undergone radiotherapy and chemotherapy, a number of operations to remove the tumours, as well as part of a lung and the replacement of his diaphragm with a plastic prosthesis.

Dad Tommy, 40, said the family had been wracked by anxiety for the last two years but that, following the end of his treatment in March, Brandon was showing improvement and was back at Upperwood Academy this term after a two-year absence.

He said: "It's been a very stressful and emotional couple of years but they're saying it's a miracle he's done as well as he has and the fact there's no news is good news at the moment.

"They don't really know what's scar tissue, tumour or healthy tissue from the scans at the hospital, so we're by no means out of the woods, but it does give us hope.

"Brandon's put a lot of weight back on after being very sick and is feeling a lot better. He's a real little fighter and has taken the whole thing in his stride."

Brandon's brother Tom and friends Josh Swift, of Howard Street, and Jacob Windsor, of The Willows, all 17, decided to arrange a charity football match in support of Brandon, pitting Darfield JFC's under-17s team against members of Darfield AFC, dubbed 'The Geriatrics'.

The match will be held at Netherwood school on November 16, with kick-off at 12.30, and Chris Waddle has confirmed his attendance.

However, Tommy said Brandon had already decided that he wanted any proceeds to go to Sheffield Children's Hospital's oncology and M3 wards, where he has received treatment, rather than the family.

Jacob said he had been amazed at how quickly support for the match had grown.

He said: "It just started as an idea that we put out there and everyone got involved, putting in their own ideas, and we've had loads of people asking for sponsorship forms.

"It's not going to be a sad day, we want to raise as much money as possible for Brandon and have a great time while we're doing it."

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Reply Posted by martin on Wednesday November 13 2013 at 11:06
brandon his a brandon lad and a great guy and his brother tom love him so much that he do anything for brandon so he got this football match together and all the money raise will be going to sheffield horstpital where brandon have treatment for cancer brandon wants to give all the money to the cancer ward ford young kids stuffing them wards are so touching and the kids on them are so brave always smiling and happy even after the treat ment great kids brandon my newphew his a great little boy be strong

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